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21st Century: The Century of New Technologies

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If you could create anything that would positively benefit society, what would it be and why? Please elaborate. The twenty first century is called “The century of new technologies”. The reason for this is that every single day the greatest brains of the planet are creating new ideas or technologies, which are determined to facilitate the life of the humanity. It is believed that in order to establish the new ideas, an individual must possess a wide fantasy that arises by reading the newspapers, magazines or watching the scientific TV channels like “Discovery” channel. These days automobiles are being one of the most significant problem-causers. This is mainly caused by the exhaust gases they emit. Therefore, the automotive industry is shifting to produce hybrid cars automobiles traveling on the cheap, harmless and ubiquitous energy – that is the electrical one, and looking like the ordinary cars. As a result, today, the Japanese hybrids have become the world’s top selling hybrid cars. This type of cars has got plenty of advantages such as being cheap and harmless to the environment, and having beautiful looks.

Since the traffic problem is becoming more and more vital, it represents a serious challenge not only to the authorities in charge of city infrastructure management, but also to engineers as well. Every morning I face the issue of rush-hour when my dad drives me to the Lyceum. Plenty of cars, buses, trams endlessly move back and forth, making nervous drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Once, sitting in a car on the way to the Lyceum an idea came to my mind that creating the cars, sizes of which can be controlled by the driver would be a sound contribution into diminishing the traffic length and keep the purity of the air at once. Moreover, these hybrids’ size can also be expanded so as to pass through the snowy mountains, taiga, etc.; this can be very useful when a family is driving on a long journey. In addition, I feel that it is time to develop cars run by the solar or wind energy further, since they can be even more beneficial than the hybrids due to the fact that many regions of the world have almost constant access to the Sun, and there are some parts of the world which would benefit from using the cars on wind energy rather than the solar one.

Besides the fact that this type of cars is efficient, it is also ecologically pure, i.e. does not damage our planet. In conclusion, I do believe that my ideas will make at least a little contribution to the technological development of the humanity, with the overall aim oriented towards benefiting the society, provided that they are implemented into practice. It goes without saying that in pursuing this aim possessing of sound knowledge in engineering is of vital importance. Furthermore, studying at Nagoya University, I can obtain a great deal of knowledge towards the development of automobile industry of the world, particularly, of Uzbekistan.

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