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Worthington Industry

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The Worthington steel company founded 1955, essentially invented the steel processing industry as it exit today. The company, head quartered in Columbus, Ohio, operated 53 plants in 11 country and boasted 7.500 employees. John H. McConnell founded the company in 1955.

An established leader with more than 1.000 customers. Worthington steel served a broad range of markets, including automotive, lawn and garden, construction, hard were, furniture, and office equipment, electric control, leisure and recreation, appliances and farm implement. The company offered the widest range of services in the industry, from slitting and blanking to hydrogen annealing, hot dipped galvanizing and nickel plating.

The Administrative systems of Worthington company are considered under the following sections : values, organization structure, human resources polities and reward systems.


Evaluate the management system at Worthington industries from the standpoint of how they help the company to outperform its competitors.


The Worthington steel company have four key success factors and have Worthington industries’ Philosophy to help to outperform from they competitor, as follows :

1. Value

The company have developed the company’ values and as result the Worthington was very customers focused. Workers produced high-quality products and gave attentive services. Worthington’s sales people worked not just to meet but to exceed customers’ need.

2. Organizations Structure

The company considered its organization structure to be flat for profit-sharing plan with four basic levels: production, administrative, professional and executive. Plan managers enjoyed considerable autonomy, operating their facilities as individual profit center.

3. Human resources polities

In this company, managers weren’t the only key decision makers but production workers on the employee councils also participated in various managerial decisions. Relationships between councils and managers were cordial. They enjoyed working with them as team members. Employee in turn, responded with trust and openness.

4. Reward Systems

Employee were rewarded for good performance through competitive salaries and Worthington’s profit-sharing plan. The size of pool they shared with administrators and professionals hinged on both the company’s performance and that of individual plants. Employees recognized that the better Worthington and its plants did, the more money they made.

The other hand, Worthington industries’ Philosophy made the company focus with their goals congruence because in their philosophy give them direction for implementation strategies. Worthington industries’ Philosophy as follows:

• Earnings

• Our golden rule

• People

• Customer

• Supplier

• Organization

• Communication

• Citizenship

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