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Working with and Leading People

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A growing trend in organizations is to create teams to accomplish business objectives. However, forming teams without sound business reasons may be detrimental. Creating a teamed workforce should be a reflection of a strategic business decision. “Teams are a means to an end, not an end in themselves” (HR Magazine, May 1999). Further, developing a team environment is not without risk or expense; it takes time, careful planning, extensive training, and patience. “As managers loosen the reins of day-to-day control, they must ensure that SMTs [self-managed teams] have clear sets of behavioral competencies and performance standards, such as financial targets. …These expectations …determine the height of the bar and define the conditions for self-accountability …such parameters actually give teams more freedom to take risks” (Management Review, June 1998). The project manager has been appointed to oversee the company’s in-store operations to launch the new organic food shop chain. The project manager has been asked to come up with a selection plan for suitable candidates and how to build a winning team to successfully accomplish the project. The discussion will follow several tasks: * Identify the characteristics of candidates needed for your team. * Suggest suitable methods for selection.

* Describe your roles in the selection process.
* Identify the legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the selection process. * Identify the mix of knowledge, skills and experience necessary from the team members to accomplish the project. * Analyze the dynamics within the team which stimulate and promote team spiritand help motivate and provide support to its members. * Identify the clear expectations of relationships between team members. * Explain how the team encourages its member to develop roles during team assignments. * Analyze empowerment theory and the important to its members to develope their own ways of working independently and to rely on their own capabilities within preset boundaries.

•Assess the benefits of team working for Toshiba AMA Inc (3.1)

All teams are groups of individuals but not all groups of individuals necessarily demonstrate the cohesiveness of a team. Teams outperform individuals because teams generate a special energy. This energy develops as team members work together fusing their personal energies and talents to deliver tangible performance results.

There are a number of benefits for teamwork, among them are:

Distributing the workload
Reinforcing individual capabilities
Creating participation and involvement
Making better decisions
Feeling like we play a part in the work being done
Generating a diversity of ideas, etc.
Teams have become the latest management obsession. They’re the corporate equivalent of a Visa card: they’re everywhere you want to be. Managers, school principals everywhere in the world are striving to set up efficient teamwork procedures in their establishments. Trouble is that despite their ubiquity and their omnipresence, teams rarely achieve breakthrough results. Instead, they sink to the level of the weakest performer and keep digging. The fault lies not with the team or its members, but with those who took a group of individuals, charged them with improbable goals, staffed them with uninspired leadership and expected them to function as a team.

Contrast that to an organized, well-oiled, and disciplined team, one in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Such groups allow members to achieve results far beyond their individual abilities. The irony is that when the needs of the group take priority, the needs of the individual actually are enhanced.

High performance teams do not result from spontaneous combustion. They are grown, nurtured and exercised. It takes a lot of hard work and skill to blend the different personalities, abilities, and agendas into a cohesive unit willing to work for a common goal. Behind every great team is a strong and visionary leader. A leader whose job is not to control, but to teach, encourage, and organize when necessary. This is the kind of leader that you, as a teacher, are going to form.


Toshiba’s workers can divide the work in a flexible way to complete the section and also enhance the individual capabilities of each member.Working group activities also help the employees and Toshiba’s leaders make correct decision.

•Demonstrate working in a team as a leader and member towards specific goals, dealing with any conflict or difficult situations (3.2)

Team leader has to know division task of each member in team, who creates team’s plant, coordinator and mix of people performing task and tram maintenance roles. Beside, team leader analyzes the frequency and type of individual members’ contributions to group discussions and interactions. If the same people tend to dominate discussion whatever is discussed, the team has a problem in its communication process (Working with and leading people, 2004) Team leaders can promote opportunities for their team and themselves to receive training, support and development opportunities on equalities issues. We can use team meeting to discuss equalities issues including the development, progress and monitoring of the operational team equality action plan (Working with and leading people, 2004). In the project, the leader (the project manager) also has to choose for them a suitable leadership style. In the team, leader is a person who gives the final decision, however, the project manager decides to discuss and listen to team members’ idea. If team members have good listeners, they can feel more comfortable when showing ideas and they will work better in a work place where has a good leader who always prepared willing to listen to them.

Team members’ attitudes – excitement and enthusiasm are valuable commodities and can be encouraged through praise and appreciation. The team should be always looking for ideas that are fresh, fun and effective. Having found such ideas, studying and copying the methods of their realization can lead to the development of new ones (Working with and leading people, 2004) When we make teamwork, especial project team, we should select people from different departments in the Company, thus, the members in the team can accent the knowledge each others and sharing organizational culture is very important. Finally, team members must be positive thinkers and fiercely independent and collaborative. Based on their general knowledge’s and learnt skills, the effectiveness would increase when knowledge, skills and experience are mixed. Hence, they should mix three of facet to work more effectively, organization culture, position attitude and cooperative spirit. Building a high performance team requires that each team member recognize their personal strengths. Functioning as a team on the workplace can be this kind of a synergistic effect on your work team’s performance. Dynamic team will also give a positive, esteem-building impact on its team members and on the people around them (Ezinearticles)

* Review the effectiveness of the team in achieving the goals (3.3) A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach, for which they hold themselves mutually accountable (KATZENBACH, Smith, 2004).Team is mix between members about knowledge, skills and experience to perform the same goals. A person wants to joint in a team; he/she has to satisfy team’s requirements. He/she must have adequate levels of complementary skills; they have to know goals of the team they will go to; finally, he/she has to have positive attitude and cooperative spirit. Team member requirement is also the team requirement and members in team An organization that does not learn continuously and is not able to continuously list, develop, share, mobilize, cultivate, put into practice, review, and spread knowledge will not be able to compete effectively. Team members should have skills, which can support each other to achieve common goal.

Alternative the understanding deeply about their field, team members have to get the good social knowledge such as a Market researcher have to know about the market conditions and the Vietnam economy, goods price in the current market. Moreover, English, a national languages would be an important requirement because they must comprehend the entire English document and to prepare the English report for project managers. Thus, they can support each other in launching the new organic food shop chain into the market. Teamwork increases the work’s effect and makes people have excitement when working together. According to BPP Professional Education, a team will work the most effectively when it has five to nine people to and no delegates and no one hesitates to act out of fear that what they are about to do is not in their area of responsibility. Diversity of skills and opinions is one of the keys to a successful team.

The project manager has some basic requirements: •Members in the group would have such kind of skill such as: oral skills, writing and reading skill, IT skills, and team work skills. •Knowledge and experience (at least 2 years) in marketing, especially agriculture area. When we make teamwork, especial project team, we should select people from different departments in the Company, thus, the members in the team can accent the knowledge each others and sharing organizational culture is very important. Finally, team members must be positive thinkers and fiercely independent and collaborative. Based on their general knowledge’s and learnt skills, the effectiveness would increase when knowledge, skills and experience are mixed. Hence, they should mix three of facet to work more effectively, organization culture, position attitude and cooperative spirit.

* Explain the factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance (4.1) Monitoring is the ongoing review, conducted by the multi-sectoral team, of prevention and response interventions to determine whether they are developing according to plan and budgetary requirements and whether any adjustments may be needed so they achieve their intended goals. Effective monitoring includes a co-ordinated reporting system.

Assessment is an analysis of the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the multi-sectoral team’s prevention and response strategies. Evaluation systematically assesses the protection impact of the policies, programmes, practices, partnerships and procedures on refugee women, men, boys and girls. Evaluation criteria can include the sustainability of prevention and response activities, co-ordination and consistency, and the effectiveness of monitoring and reporting systems.

Factors :
• the importance of being clear yourself about the purpose of monitoring and assessment and communicating this effectively to those involved.

Continuous improvement
• the importance of monitoring and assessing the ongoing performance of teams and individuals
• different purposes of work monitoring and assessment
• how to make fair and objective assessments
• how to monitor and assess the performance of teams and individuals
• the standards against which work is to be assessed
• the information needed to assess the performance of teams and individuals.

Information handling
• how the necessary information should be gathered and validated.

Involvement and motivation
• the importance of providing opportunities to team members to monitor and assess their own work, and how to enable this.

.Providing support
• the types of personal circumstances which may impact on individual performance.
Monitoring and assessment of work performance in Toshiba

Toshiba does quarterly surveys with randomly selected employees, and every two years, it does a survey with all employees, giving it better insight into what motivates employees and their current levels of satisfaction. “Based on this feedback,” says Mindell, “we are constantly adjusting our programs to motivate and retain top performers.”

While tracking key retention numbers is essential, the strategies Toshiba creates in response is no different for leaders than it is for other top performers. “Toshiba’s thought is that we want to retain all top performers regardless of level,”

•Plan and deliver the assessment of the development needs of individuals (4.2)
Training needs
The first is Plant – creative, imaginative, unorthodox. It means that the members contribute ideas, views to solve difficult problems. Company training required knowledge and skills for workers. Need the right person for each job.

The second is Resource investigator – extrovert, enthusiastic, communicative. It means each of team members can explore opportunities and develop contact.

The third is Coordinator – mature, confident, a good chairperson. Each member should have goals and a clear decision. The leaders also need to create measurable goals and staff

The fourth is Shaper – challenging, dynamic, thrives on pressure. Employees should learn to have the drive and courage to overcome obstacles. Companies should be encouraged to reward employees. Because that is the appropriate method for promoting positive employee maximum production

The fifth is Monitor evaluator – sober, strategic and discerning. Team members see all options, judges accurately. The member is responsible for listening, built with individual members. The company should create a professional working environment

The seventh is Implementer – reliable, disciplined, conservative, and efficient.The company should help team members to have time and financial resource for completing their goals. The eighth is Completer – anxious, painstaking, and conscientious. The company will provide requirements for each team. If you do not accomplish this goal, they will be punished except as salary, bonus. The final is Specialist – single-minded, self-starting, and dedicated. It provides knowledge and skills in rare supply. Because this kind of person is quite good in a specific areas so the company should have more courses and external tuition to help them has enlarge their know ledge to complete their works.

Identifying development needs: learning styles and processes; supporting individual learning and encouraging lifelong learning; planning, recording, monitoring and evaluating; group development processes and behavior

Performance monitoring and assessment: measuring effective performance; providing feedback; appraisal processes; benchmarking performance processes; mentoring and counseling; methods of correcting under – performance; legislation, codes of practice and procedures relating to disciplinary, code of practice and procedures relating to disciplinary situations; discriminatory practices and behavours.

4.3 Evaluate the success of the assessment process
The assessment and evaluation process begins by helping participants identify the goals and objectives (cognitive, attitudinal, and behavioral) of a class or a project. After identification, goals are refined and operationally defined to make them measurable

Making Recommendations and Disseminating Findings
The assessment and evaluation staff can make recommendations based on interpretation of the results. Since our activities are conducted at the request of a faculty member or investigator, the information gathered belongs to that person. It is the investigator’s choice as to whether to convey information to oversight authorities internal or external to the Institute or to publicize findings. Assessment results are not used in any way for faculty or staff evaluation.

Assessment and evaluation staff can assist and/or collaborate with faculty members and investigators in the preparation and presentation of written reports, conference presentations, posters, and manuscripts for publication. The degree of involvement can range from simple suggestions to co-authorship. With the permission of the instructors and investigators, TLL can disseminate results about educational and technological innovations both within and outside the Institute written reports, journal articles, and oral presentations.

Choosing assessment criteria
So how does manager choose what criteria to base assessment on? Most large organisations have a system in place, with pre- printed assessment forms setting out all the relevant criteria and the range of possible judgement

a) Job analysis: Job analysis is the formal process of identifying the content of a job in terms activities involved and attributes needed to perform the work and identifies major job requirements b) Job descriptions: A job description is a list that a person might use for general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of a position. It may often include to whom the position reports, specifications such as the qualifications or skills needed by the person in the job, or a salary range. Job descriptions are usually narrative,[1] but some may instead comprise a simple list of competencies; for instance, strategic human resource planning methodologies may be used to develop a competency architecture for an organization, from which job descriptions are built as a shortlist of competencies.

An organization consists of departments, a department is including teams, a team is the combination of members. In order to build a winning team for the company in common or for a specific project is difficult. The project manager’s (the project manager) is the one who should have experience and clearly identify qualifications and characteristic needed for candidates. Then, the project manager should choose the right person. Each process in building a winning team is very important, so the project manager should have knowledge in HR and Organization Behavior to manage things as good as possible. In any circumstances any human factor is important because most people are also the factors that contribute to business failure or prosperity. Always listen to employees is one of the best management of leadership.


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