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Wisdom and Action Scenerio

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Wisdom and Action Scenario
The known facts of this case is that the director asked for donations in order to hire a new employee to lessen the workload of the volunteers, Much to her surprise three foundations of the seven she applied to, gave donations of ten thousand dollars each, three times what she needed, and when she called the foundations to ask them what they wanted done with the money two of them wanted it to go to the initial purpose. The potential stakeholders in this scenario are the agency, foundations who donated the director, and the employee who will be hired. In this situation there would be both good and bad outcomes for these stakeholders. The good outcomes are this money could do some good and help grow the agency which is good for the director, the agency itself, and the employees. The bad outcomes are that the director could have violated some laws when dealing with this money if it were used for anything other than what was specified and could get not only get herself in trouble but, also could get the agency in trouble as well.

For input, advice and consultation, I would call the foundations and see if they want us to use the money for another purpose; from there I would discuss it with other leaders in the agency. My conscience would be telling me that this situation is touchy. You obtained more money than what was needed and without breaking the law or ruining relationships with these foundations I would have to do what I think is right. The forces that need to be considered are those that deal with the law. In any agency the law should be followed 100 percent of the time in order not to act in an unethical manner. If the director does exactly what the foundations say to do with the money no problems should arise, if she makes the decision to do whatever she wants with the money then here, she may break laws, ruin the public’s outlook of the agency, and act in an unethical manner. The civic obligation for the good of the organization and the good of the community deals with honesty to the community and protecting the image of the agency as a reputable part of the community. In human services it is necessary to stand up for your values and follow them at all times. It is also important to stand up and live up to own ethics but, also the ethics of the agency.

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