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Why Smoking Is Good

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“Put that cigarette out!” How many times have you heard that? No smoking laws are against our constitutional rights. There are many pamphlets and warnings out there telling you not to smoke. But why? Have you ever thought of that? It is your choice if you want to smoke and many new studies have shown that certain chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco are good for you! The harmful things and cigarettes are not harmful in small amounts. I believe that cigarettes and the people who smoke them have gotten a bad reputation.

Many anti-smoking company’s spew many statements that have no facts behind it. They are giving you faulty information. 400,000 people are killed annually by smoking. This is false. It was computer generated by a program called SAMMEC by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This figure is is nothing but an estimate, they blatantly ignore all the rules of epidemiology, and inflating the effects of smoking. This program SEMMEC is also behind the large scary numbers of 3-5 million children will die of smoking! This program does not count in all the other factors that said smoker does. If a man lives a sedentary life style, with heart problems, but chooses to smoke then dies. This program counts his death purely on smoking, not on any of his other health risks that put him in more risk of average smokers.

The CDC and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also give you false scientific facts about cigarettes. They trick you by using words that normal people won’t understand and that so called “experts” can use to fool you further. Using federal money big companies produce pseudo-statistics, which laypeople cant comprehend. Companies like the CDC and EPA produce faulty science faster than true scientists can tell you it’s false. A man by the name of Theodore Sterling looked into a report that the CDC said that not smoking caused 270,000 deaths. By two simple corrections he made to the CDC’s work, he showed that the number could be cut in half!

Many people and agencies claim that they don’t want smoking so it benefits the public health. In reality they shelter many facts from the public so they can use public media to make public smoking appear disgusting and unacceptable. They shade the truth so these companies can say that smoking
is horrible thus making it more inconvenient for smokers to get their nicotine.

You hear all around you that second hand smoke is worse than the actual cigarette itself. In 1993 the EPA said that secondhand smoke has cancer-causing products in it. This is false. They came to this conclusion on faulty studies and mishandled statistics. They were dragged in on the band wagon that smoking is unhealthy and horrible for us. They have not found a significant relationship between ETS and lung cancer cause by secondhand smoke. The EPA failed to mention a study done in November 1992 that stated there was no significant link between ETS and lung cancer.

The banning of smoking in public places is against our individual rights as an American citizen. The right to smoke is similar to our rights to carry firearms, believe in religion, and dress how we want. It is like telling someone they cannot wear blue jeans into a certain establishment because this color is a danger to other people. There is no proof of this, just like smoking. If th anti-smoking community really wanted to protect all they claim they do, they should ban smoking in all establishments. This included private homes, and cars. Doesn’t that sound absurd? So shouldn’t the idea and action of banning it in public places violate and be a breach of liberty? Go against our constitutional rights?

I will give the anti-smoking community the fact that a main ingredient in tobacco, nicotine is addictive. Many smokers become addictive to nicotine due to the fact it releases endorphins in your brain that make you feel happiness and joy. A lot of the smokers get addicted to the habit of smoking more than the actual ingredients in the cigarette itself.

In conclusion smoking a cigarette is not that bad! There are not many health side effects that you can proof. Many of the “facts” out there are more scare statists than real statistics. So before you go up to a smoker and start shouting your pamphlet knowledge at them, really think. Do you know that this information is true, or just more over exaggerated propaganda? So before you go out, please know the facts. Smoking is not bad.

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