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Why my Vote is for Barrack Obama as the Next US President

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The 2008 US presidential elections is without any doubt the most fascinating and captivating of all elections in recent times.  The election campaigns have generated massive interest not only in the United States but around the world as well.  The televised presidential debates have been watched by millions all over the world and in-depth media coverage has allowed viewers to have a close up look at the campaigns.  Apart from the extensive media coverage, this year’s presidential campaign is historic.

This is the first time a major party has nominated an African American as the party presidential nominee.  Barrack Obama has become an iconic figure partly because of this significant achievement.  In addition to that, Senator Barrack Obama has come up with policies that are attractive and aimed at bringing change and prosperity to America.  This paper will provide concrete reasons as to why Barrack Obama is the right candidate to be elected president in November.

            One of the main issues at the center stage of the American political discourse is the war on Iraq. The war has become a major talking point in the presidential campaigns.  Senator Obama opposed the invasion of Iraq from the beginning. He was opposed to the war though many members of his own party voted in favor of the war. Senator Obama was opposed to the war because he did not believe that it was a necessary thing to do at the moment.  The priority in his opinion should have been Afghanistan where Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and the Taliban operate. He has said in his campaign, “On the most important national security question since the Cold War, I am the only candidate who opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning,” (Gonyea, par 7)

            In retrospect, the decision by Obama to oppose the war was a very wise one. Since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, the situation in Iraq has been steadily getting worse.  President Bush’s administration response was a troop surge. Obama’s rival John McCain supported the war and the troop surge. He is also in favor of continued US military presence in Iraq. The troop surge has resulted in the death of more than 1000 American soldiers since it started (Obama, par 1).  The initial aim of the surge was to bring about political compromise in Iraq. This objective has not been achieved.  The American military has also been heavily strained as a result of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the fatigue is taking toll on humans and on military equipment.  In the process of invading Iraq, crucial resources were diverted from Afghanistan and consequently, Al Qaeda and Taliban have resurged and are engaging the American troops in a battle for control of Afghanistan.

            The situation in Iraq calls for a change in strategy on the part of the United States.  Senator Obama proposes a phased withdrawal and troop redeployment.  He believes that only by redeploying American troops will the Iraqis reach a political compromise (Obama, par 9).  Troop redeployment will be done through in a consultative and responsible manner that should see a complete withdrawal by 2010.

Obama will instead launch an aggressive diplomatic onslaught involving neighbors of Iraq, political actors in Iraq and other interested parties to bring about lasting peace in Iraq.  Barrack Obama also proposes an increase of troop levels in Afghanistan by 7,000 troops (Associated Press, par 3).  This is aimed at furthering the war against terrorists there. Barrack Obama has shown a great ability to make correct judgment as has been demonstrated in the Iraq issue.  Barrack Obama will be the right commander-in-chief to oversee the end of the war in Iraq.

            In matters of taxation and the economy, senator Barrack Obama, is in favor of wealth redistribution.  Senator Obama is of the view that all Americans should have an equal chance for success (Hurt, par 8) and that the best form of economic development is from the bottom up (ABC, par 9).  This is in contrast to the current situation where the Bush administration gave tax cuts to people earning over 1 million dollars that are 160 times greater than that received by the middle class.  Furthermore, the costs of basic commodities have gone up while wages have stagnated.  In a bid to jumpstart the economy, Obama will enact a windfall profits tax on excessive profits earned by oil companies.  This is aimed at providing an emergency energy rebate of $1000 to aid American families to meet the ever rising cost of energy. In the long run it should result in a permanent tax relief of $1000 to middle class families in America (Obama, Biden par 3).

            In case he wins the elections, Obama promises to give fifty million dollars of federal funding to help in saving over one million American jobs (Obama, Biden par 4). This funding will prevent cuts in spending on education, health, housing, heating assistance, road and bridge maintenance and school repair.  The funds also intend to curb an increase in property taxes, fees and tolls to enable a tax relief to be provided to working class families.  Seniors making less than fifty thousand dollars will see all their income taxes eliminated.  Moreover Obama intends to provide Americans with tax forms that are easy to fill.  Taxpayers will be given optional pre-filled tax forms which they will just be required to sign thereby saving 200 million man hours and 2 billion dollars in tax filing fees (Obama, Biden par 7).

            On matters of international trade, Obama believes that the trade should result in a stronger American economy and an increase in job opportunities in America.  Obama proposes to achieve these objectives by lobbying aggressively within the world trade organization (WTO) for abolition of subsidies that are offered to exporters in other countries and elimination of non-tariff barriers on American products.  Senator Barrack Obama will also stop giving tax breaks to companies that export jobs overseas and instead reward companies that retain jobs in America and provide support for American workers. To that extent, Barrack Obama introduced the sponsored the Patriot Employer act of 2007 that seeks to give tax credit to companies that engage in job creation and retention in the United States (Obama, Biden par 8-12).

            In addition, Barrack Obama will put in place measures to create 5 million new green jobs through investing 150 billion dollars in a period of ten years towards development of clean energy sources (Obama, Biden p6).  Funds will be availed to train American workers in readiness for the adoption of green technology in the manufacturing industry.  Green technology will go a long way in improving the state of the environment and in reducing carbon emissions which contributes to global warming.

            In light of the current sub-prime mortgage crisis, Barrack Obama also aims to protect homeowners by cracking the whip on fraudulent mortgage providers.  Mortgage providers will be required to provide full information to borrowers.  On this front Senator Obama has a great legislative record. In a great testimony to his foresight, over a year ago he sponsored legislation to contain mortgage fraud long before it had come to the open.  In the STOP FRAUD act, definition of mortgage fraud is provided for the first time and federal agencies mandated to contain the offense were given increased funding and new criminal penalties were created. Obama will also institute measures to seal loopholes in bankruptcy law that favors mortgage companies.

            Barrack Obama believes that the time for universal health care for all Americans has arrived.  In his opinion it is wrong that some 45 million people are uninsured in America. In his speech in New Port News, Virginia he said, “Because today, in the year 2008, 45 million Americans still don’t have any health insurance at all. This is one of the great moral crises of our time. And it’s creating a vicious cycle that affects every last one of us. As premiums rise, more people become uninsured” (Project Vote Smart).  The cause of this situation has identified as being cost.  Obama’s reforms in health care is aimed at bringing about guaranteed eligibility for all Americans for health care that is affordable, reduced costs of health care and removal of  patent protection for pharmaceutical companies.

Health care insurance for children will be mandatory.  Senator Obama proposes a healthcare plan that would incorporate elements of both private and government run insurance plans.  All Americans would be guaranteed coverage regardless of one’s health status.  Premium will not be altered on the basis of an individual’s health status.  Employer contribution will also be required.  Companies that do not contribute to their employee’s medical insurance plans will be required to contribute part of the payroll to employees’ healthcare insurance.  The plan also aims at reducing health care costs by as much as 2500 dollars.

            Barrack Obama has sounded a warning to corporate lobbyists that “their days of setting agenda in Washington are over” (Obama, Biden p9). Senator Obama proposes to create a database of lobbying reports, campaign money records and records on ethics.  He will also put in place an independent watchdog committee to check over ethical violations in congress.  He supports public financing of campaigns and has not accepted any money to his campaigns from lobbyists.  Senator Obama is committed to preservation of ethical procedures of public governance and he would like to preserve the integrity of the American government.

            In his choice of Joe Biden as his running mate, senator Obama demonstrated political maturity. Joe Biden is a man who has extensive experience on matters of foreign relations. He is therefore in a great position to advice Obama on important foreign relation issues when he ascends to office. In sharp contrast, his competitor John McCain chose the little known Alaska senator Sarah Palin as his running mate. Sarah Palin has had no previous experience in Washington. Her lack of experience on the national stage is worrying. This is because as a vice president, she will have to take charge of the country if the president is either incapacitated or impeached.

Barrack Obama has his finger on the pulse of the America’s economic and political issues. He has correctly identified the problems facing the US and he has come up with credible measures to help the country out of those problems. The democratic presidential nominee advocates for policies that will enable the United States to ride over the waves of the current economic crisis and to restore the country’s position as the undisputed global leader.  His economic proposals have the interests of the ordinary American citizens at heart. He aims to restore American’s faith in the government of the United States through engaging in ethical governance processes. He is an eloquent and passionate champion of the American ideals and a living symbol of the American dream.  It is for these reasons that Barrack Obama should be voted in as America’s next president.

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