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What Is The Job Characteristics Model

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What is the job characteristics model? How does it motivate employees? Job characteristics are theories identifying how job characteristics affect job outcomes and the characteristics identifies the job characteristics in to five categories. The skill are, autonomy, task significance, task identity and feedback, and the outcomes of high job performance, high job satisfaction, high intrinsic motivation, and low absenteeism or turnover.

What are the three major ways that jobs can be redesigned In your view, in what situations would one of the methods be favored over the others?

What are three alternative work arrangements of flextime, job sharing, and telecommuting? What are the advantages and disadvantage of each? Flextime—This is a system wherein employees choose their starting and quitting times from a range of available hours. These periods are usually at either end of a “core” time during which most company business takes place. Formerly regarded as a rare, cutting-edge workplace arrangement, flextime is now commonly practiced in a wide variety of industries. two people voluntarily share the duties and responsibilities of one full-time position, with both salary and benefits of that position prorated between the two individuals. The typical job-sharing arrangement consists of two individuals each working approximately on half of a week. There are many times when each person works slightly more than half of a full-time schedule in order to allow them some time together Flextime, or flexible work hours, allows employees some discretion over their start and stop times, while requiring a specific number of hours per week.

Job sharing allows two or more individuals to split a traditional 40-hour-a-week job.

Finally, telecommuting, allows employees to do work at home through a computer linked to their office. What are employee involvement programs? How might they increase employee motivation? Companies that include their workers in the management process do so through Employee Involvement Programs. These programs involve employees in the decision making process in areas that affect their jobs in order to make the company more efficient and to encourage increased commitment from employees to the organization’s success.

By involving workers in the decision making process in areas that affect their jobs, employee involvement programs aspire to give workers more control over how they perform their jobs, which leads to greater motivation and job commitment by the employee.

In addition to having more motivated employees, organizations that use employee involvement programs realize many advantages over organizations that do not involve their employees in the managerial decision making process. These advantages include:

Increased motivation: Employees who feel like they are contributing to the decision making process feel like they are an important part of the company.

Increased productivity: Employees take ownership of their jobs and work harder to implement strategies that they helped establish.

Increased job satisfaction: Employees are happier with their jobs and feel like a part of the organization.

Improved quality: When employee input is taken into consideration, few details go unnoticed, so quality improves.

Cost savings: Just like Patrick’s big idea, employees who do the same job every day are the best source for ways to do their jobs more efficiently. What is variable pay? What are the variable-pay programs that are used to motivate employees? What are their advantages and disadvantage? is a significant element of the direct compensation package of a growing number of organizations. The trend is towards more organizations using variable pay and for these organizations to expand eligibility and to increase the prominence of variable pay in the total direct compensation package. Variable pay plans can motivate employees, which is one of the pros of this type of incentive.

Although some employees aren’t motivated by compensation and benefits, a year-end bonus can prod many workers to a higher level of performance. In this case, a variable pay plan is akin to dangling a carrot in front of workers who otherwise would perform just satisfactory work rather than strive for excellent ratings come performance appraisal time. High performance ratings are a boost for employees, but the challenge is to sustain employees’ job performance levels beyond the season when companies disburse performance pay. Mediocre job performance for the majority of the evaluation period and excellent job performance closer to the performance appraisal can result in a higher — and, sometimes undeserved — payout in a variable pay system.

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