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What I Admire About the Amish Lifestyle

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When people go to visit an Amish community on Sunday and spend a couple of hours with them, they simply love it. But when it comes to the question, whether they could you live happily in a lifestyle like the Amish, almost everyone would say NO. Because our society is based on material and selfishness concepts, they couldn’t live without all the material stuff. But what they don’t know is how great and awesome it is know that you have an entire community out there to support you whenever you need them, and they are not considered just your neighbors but you family. The Amish live a poor but grateful life with no needs for big material goods, but they are still happier than most.

The Amish people speak words of wisdom and are the kindest; I admire how the keep their traditions alive, their simplicity and innocence, their whole way of life. Over the centuries America has changed and the society as well but despite all the time that has passed and the changes the Amish still have the same lifestyle had. They have maintained immutable their beliefs and traditions. Their peaceful mood is a reflection of God in their soul; their world is deeply spiritual; their world is God’s world. Their top priority is to serve God, followed by their families. The Amish obey the Ordnung, which is a list or written rules that basically outlines all the aspect of Amish life and the basic of their faith families, and is a perfect way to live.

Self-sacrifice is one of the most important beliefs that characterize the Amish people. Comparing this belief to the material-focused and the “me, myself and I first” that controls our culture, the difference is huge, and yet, if people would think about it- if everybody adopted this value, how different life would be for so many. The materialism and selfishness that rules our world is nothing but a dead-end and loneliness. I hold in respect how one person can completely forget about himself in favor of the common good. Although it is difficult to accept, we all seek our own interests regardless of the wellness of others. For example, when someone needs a favor, such as a loan of certain amount of money and asks for your help, before you do anything the first thing you do is to think if you need money for any personal need. If yes, that money transaction will not be done. If it were in an Amish community I can assure you that no matter what your need is, you will have the support of you family and community without that selfishness feeling that identifies America’s culture. The Amish people believe that to people God their lives has to be based on self-sacrifice and, secondly, by faithful service.

The Amish people are better known for their simplicity and repudiation of technology. They refuse the use of electricity, for example, because it is seen as a connection to the outside world. The use of electricity could involve the use of appliances. Thus alter like the Amish, who dedicate their time to spend with their families, and to teach children with the use of electricity is a necessary; therefore, they can find ways to utilize certain kinds of electricity. They are not allowed to drive cars, buses or any kind of automobiles. Instead they use buggies as transportation, which I believe is a perfect way to live naturally and take care of our world. All these particular methods can vary from one community to another, depending to the interpretation they give to the Ordnung. The Amish see technology as a distraction that destabilizes the family and its structure. One of the aspects about the Amish customs that I admire the most is the fact that they don’t force their youth to follow their traditions and faith. In the late teens Amish children are allow to run wild before the join the church and get a taste of living in the outside world; this is non-Amish Americans. They come into contact with modern technology, and go to live among the majority of these wild teen-agers return to the farm, buy small moving buggies and get baptized into the Amish church; this involves following the rules of the religion.

I love the idea how they let these teen-agers experience completely freedom to do whatever they want to do and after living this entire experience they have the choice to get back to their families and farms or not forced to follow rules or kind of action; it is admirable how they have complete freedom of choice. That’s why they seem to have solid marriages and closer families than the most. I am fascinated by the Amish. I think their values and way of life are admirable. Everybody should stop thinking that the Amish lifestyle could be defined as “simple and boring”; society should change its attitude towards the Amish and their traditions.

Thus the Amish’s strength in their conviction and their perseverance, especially in this world full of temptation, should make us think about the way we live our lives and realize how pathetic and simple our lifestyle could be viewed. As the time passes their spirituality, innocence and traditionalism has been unchallengeable. Altruism is one of the most meaningful beliefs of the Amish; they repudiate the use of technology because it brings a connection to the outside world. They live in a close relationship with God, and commit their actions based on what the Bible says. Their spirituality makes them enjoy a very quiet and peaceful lifestyle. The values of the Amish are shown every time their offspring decide to get back to their religion and family in the last stage of rumspringa. I respect and admire the way the Amish live their lives, and strongly believe that this world be better if we adopt their costumes and values, especially their faith in the Lord.

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