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What Causes You the Most Conflict at Work or School?

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My conflicts are interrole conflicts. Work, school and home are all important to me. But the many roles that i have to take on can sometimes become over-whelming. These three areas of my life demand much of my attention for various reasons, so they each keep me accounted for a significant amount of obligation. Family, work and school tie into my life because one affects the other. I work to provide for my family, i go to school to increase the opportunity to provide for my family, and my family inspires me to work and go to school to provide. Although each aspect contributes to a similar goal, when I’m pulled in different directions it causes conflict because I’m forced to make decisions based on priority.

My family are always first and foremost on my priority list, but decisions aren’t always just that simple. Often times sacrifices are made based on how the decision will benefit everyone involved. Example: my work schedule flunctuates, therefore I miss some events that my kids participate in and currently I can’t register for summer classes because I don’t know my work schedule for the summer. I have to work to provide, so I try and get others that are just as important to my kids to attend their functions, and I will have to register for classes at the last minute. Other times I will try and trade work schedules with co-workers to accomadate family functions and school exams. Different solutions are made based on importance but I’m determined to make sure everything gets accomplished.

What is your preferred conflict style and how comfortable are you with it? I have three styles of conflict management: competing, compromising and collaborating. Based on Table 13.3 in our text, different styles of conflict management are essential to have to be effective in the appropriate conflict. Having children can bring on emergency situations, therefore a competing style of conflict management is needed where a decisive actions need to be made. Ex: if the school calls and your child needs to be picked up, based on the severity of the situation is gonna determine wether you up and leave work, or can you get someone else to pick him/her up, but ultimately the decision will be made off of what you feel is right.

I use compromising mainly when dealing with personal relationship conflicts. I compromise within my marriage so that my husband and I can feel a sense of satisfaction with decisions being made. Callobrating is the style of conflict handling that I prefer and feel most comfortable. Personally and professionally collaborating is effective because all parties involved can express their feelings, learn from each other and collectively decide on whats best for all parties. The end result of collaborating is that everyone involved walks away knowing that their input was respected and that their ideas were just as important in deciding whatever decision was made. Ex: on paydays my husband and I collectively decide which bills are getting paid that week.

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