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Vitasoy anaylsis

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In this report I am going to research and analyse a brand of Vitasoy Group, in particular the product Vitasoy soybean drink which was launched in 1940 by K.S. Lo and now Vitasoy International Holdings Limited is responsible for manufacturing and marketing. Production plant in mainland China, Hong Kong, Australia, the United States and Singapore, global marketing 40 countries1.

First introduced in 1975 from the Swedish Tetra Pak (Tetra Pak) aluminum foil packaging preservation equipment, add 250 ml of paper packaging, and ultra-high temperature sterilization, so that the product can be stored for many months. 1984 introduced 375 ml Bulk, to 1999 also launched 125 ml small package to facilitate children to drink. VITASOY Soy Drinks are made from 100% organic whole soya beans of the finest quality along with other organic natural ingredients all carefully grown without the use of chemical sprays or artificial fertilizers. They are free from genetic modified ingredients, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colours, and other additives and flavorings, hence are all natural and delicious. According to a report by Greenpeace in Hong Kong, Vitasoy and some famous dairy producers also tagged as “green products”, because the product does not contain genetically modified ingredientsAs most of my other reviews, I bought this on offer.

The price is about S$2.50 for 2 packs of a litre Soya Bean Milk Drink. Again, pretty reasonable considering the high price of foodstuff in Singapore. And if I remember correctly, I always like the taste of the Vitasoy Soya Bean Milk.The operating profit of Vitaland Group, a subsidiary of VIHL in school tuck shop business, has grown profitably, primarily driven by its dedicated efforts in driving new school accounts and school renewals, In Hong Kong, the Group currently has over 10,000 customers, including supermarkets, convenience stores, schools, restaurants, bakeries, offices and individual stores.5In the first half of FY2013/2014, we launched a series of products with added nutrients in different operating markets. In Hong Kong, we introduced Plant Sterol CALCI-PLUS Soy Drink, which is fortified with plant sterol that helps reduce cholesterol level. In the US, we offered a healthy vegan alternative with NAYO Whipped which added nutrients including Vitamin B12 and Omega 3 ALA, and is cholesterol free.

We also ride on the healthy trend and have added low version choices to our core brand products including VITASOY Low Sugar Chocolate Soymilk, VITASOY PURE Low Sugar Black Soya Bean Extract and VITA No Sugar Chrysanthemum Tea.

We are committed to sustainability. It is our policy to purchase certified organic or non-genetically modified (non-GM) soybeans in every market where we operate. To target dairy milk drinkers and health conscious consumers to begin drinking soy milk, by highlighting its significant health benefits and establishing it as a premium product. To increase market share over Vitasoy, the main competitor, to establish So Good Soy Milk as the market leader in Soy Milk in New Zealand, within 2 years. For this marketing strategy I will be concentrating on expanding Sanitarium So Good Chilled Soy Milk’s target market to influence dairy milk drinkers to begin drinking soy milk and to further increase the market of health concerned customers.

I believe that trying to convince customers to try and continue drinking soy milk is a natural extension of the marketing strategy that I believe Sanitarium should have. This method is another way of growing the market for soy milk and increasing the market share of So Good Chilled Soy Milk. It is a method that has not been used to improve the growth opportunities of the product, I believe it could be a worthwhile option to try to attract customers with the potential health benefits of soy milk and lead them away from dairy milk, and/or entice health conscious people to reap the health benefits of soy milk.

Another target market that will be targeted are health conscious people, that frequent gyms, health stores and read health and fitness magazines. They are generally young working people without families, who have the disposable income available to spend a little bit extra on milk products. This could be a strong marketing option, as health and fitness magazines would be an ideal place to market the product. This target market is extremely in line with Sanitarium’s healthy brand image of being a health conscious company. Sports events will be sponsored, as the health conscious target market that I am aiming at, would frequent these types of events allowing maximum exposure to the consumers I am aiming to influence. These consumers will also associate Sanitarium So Good Soy Milk as a healthy product as it is featured at a sports event which is a major event in the health and fitness industry.

The way that the product is differentiated from its competitors is by having some significant health benefits over dairy milk, which is the major competitor when it comes to milk products in New Zealand. So Good Regular Chilled Soymilk is naturally cholesterol free it also has other significant health benefits which differentiate it from dairy milk products and allow it to compete with the product, health wise; Lactose and gluten free

High in calcium and protein
Protective antioxidants
Low GI
Essential vitamins and minerals
It is also thought (by some experts) to
Improve Lipid Profile
Encourage Weight Loss
Prevent Prostate Cancer
Prevent Postmenopausal Symptoms
Prevent Osteoporosis
Strengthen Blood Vessels

Strength– strong local brand that has been established for long time in HK

- Good reputation 

-penetration in overseas markets such as SE asian regions and Australia

Weakeness- Old fashion and relatively outdated marketing campaign

- Limited varities of product line ( only Soyabean milk product and lemon tea) 

Opportunities- People are open minded and willing to accpet new flavour 

- Drinks for easy carriage is always needed in the town

- There is increase popularity to consume soyabean milk product as clinical proven that it can helps to prevent cancer and bone decay.

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