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Using the Internet

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What I want to find out:-

1. What is the process of cloning?

2. Disadvantages of cloning?

3. Types of cloning?

4. Materials needed for cloning?

Search engines which I will use:-


Ixquick search results are more comprehensive and more accurate. Ixquick’s unique capabilities include a Universal Power Search, a global search and power refinement. As you search, it has stars which give a rating to the best page, related to your search. Also it includes power search method such as Boolean logic, phrases, wildcards, and field searches. This can help to make your search more specific and you will get more relevant information to what you want. It is known as the world’s most powerful metasearch engine and can cover more of the internet rather than any other search engine. Unlike other search engines, Ixquick does not require the user, to access the power methods in a different way because Ixquick knows how each power search methods, each search engine supports, and how to access them.


Google is a well known search engine which provides the information you want in just a few seconds also it uses advance search which gives you information :-

that contain ALL the search terms you type in

that contain the exact phrase you type in

that contain at least one of the words you type in

that do NOT contain any of the words you type in

written in a certain language

created in a certain file format

that have been updated within a certain period of time

that contain numbers within a certain range

within a certain domain, or website

Google contains special features such as definitions, weather, file types, images, book search, web page translator so you can translate the text and understand it. One important feature which I think is really important is the Q&A which means questions and answers.


MSN Search includes a new search engine, index and crawler; all built from the Microsoft technology. Msn Search uses power method just like other search engines however, you can link to countries and regions to locate information from that particular area. Msn search includes a Search Builder which can focus your search by adding or excluding search terms, also by limiting your search to one or more domains, countries/regions, or languages. The advance search can easily be performed by the search builder moreover a search builder allows you to builds a query string using a set of symbols and keywords. You can build your own advanced query strings manually by using our supported set of keywords and symbols. Search builder is mainly for you to have a limited search and it would make it specific to what you want.

Software Application which I will use:-

The software applications which I will use are Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer. I will use these applications because Microsoft Word is suitable software to write a report in and Internet Explorer is the best to for you to research on topic you want to cover and gives a range of websites which you can use.


1. www.google.com

“Human cloning”- Results hit: – 18,700,000

Overall information received was mostly irrelevant and was commonly related to many religious articles, commercials on news of cloning, acts and statements. Also reports from universities, which are not aged at school pupils and the text was really complicated. However I did find something related to cloning which was in the encyclopaedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_cloning (used for text).

“Human Cloning -religion -Ethics”- Results hit:- 1,580,000

Information on religion and ethics reduced to a fewer amount. Although most information still related to law and acts. As a summary the information was particularly relevant however the best piece of information found on the following website http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4563607.stm – (used text and pictures)

“Human Cloning -religion -Ethics -Act -Law -Ban -Us”- Result Hit: – 395,000

Information mostly relevant also the best information is http://science.howstuffworks.com/human-cloning1.htm (used for Text), includes variety of facts on cloning.

2. www.ixquick.com

“Human cloning”- Results hit: – 10,999,962

Generally information was about Ethics not withstanding the fact that there was some information related to Cloning and the top quality website was www.humancloning.org – (used for text).

“Human cloning” -ethics” – Results hit: – 1,469,328

Mainly information on bans of cloning, which is associated with law, furthermore, keywords which keeps prompting is legislation. The suitable website obtained from this search is http://www.arhp.org/patienteducation/onlinebrochures/cloning/index.cfm?ID=282 – (used for pictures).

“Human cloning”- (used Power Search) – Results Hit: – 915

All information related to human cloning, no complications in understanding the text. Best websites which I found useful was www.religioustolerance.org/cloning.htm – (used text to refine definition).

3. www.msnsearch.com- (changed to http://www.live.com/ )

“Human Cloning”- Result Hit: – 251,392

Generally lots of information on cloning however, words like ethics and Issues keep occurring. Although information related to cloning: – Website used- www.genome.gov/10004765 – (used for Text)

“Human Cloning” -ethics -issues”- Results hit: – 100,434

Throughout the five pages no information found on ethics or any issues however some information related to law (legislation). Otherwise all good information retrieved this time. Keyword prompting: – e-, law. Website used: – www.biofact.com/cloning/human.html – (used for names of materials used in laboratory)

“Human Cloning” -ethics -issues -e -law”- Results hit: – 44,956

Information on law swiftly reduced without delay. Not much of irrelevant facts, although many useful information on human cloning and perfectly suited o research. Website used: – http://www.cogforlife.org/cloning.htm – (Used for Text)


The following websites below are the websites, from where I retrieved information and gathered important facts related to my research.


Used for text.


Used for text.


Used as a guide for cloning.


Used to find what types of cloning are there.


Used for pictures relates to cloning.


Used as a quick guide which contained information on cloning.


Used for definitions of some difficult words.


Used for a picture.


Used for some difficult words.


Used for text and pictures.




Quality of information on content.

The information contained researched facts, quick guides, and pictures of dividing cells all information related to human cloning.

Lots of information related to cloning, mainly text but some information related to law which is irrelevant.

Information contained on definition of words and purposes on reproductive cloning. Mainly relevant.

Relevant Images/ Text

There are images of dividing cells etc. Some facts on human cloning. Quick guide to the types of cloning

The Text is relevant and defines human cloning, Purposes of it and types of human cloning. No Images.

Relevant text to Human cloning. Some inappropriate information on law. Does not contain images.

Layout/ Colour Schemes

Everything organised in sections. Colour scheme used red, white, grey and black. The layout is simple and is not too complicated

Layout is manageable and is structured out in paragraphs so easy to follow. Colour Schemes used white, blue, Black.

Layout is without complications. Constructed in paragraphs. Colour Schemes used black, red and white.


Good navigation, hyperlinks to other section and areas related to human cloning. Easy to understand not to hard to find links and section

Good navigation, contains hyperlinks also a little search engine to search topics in the encyclopaedia

Good Navigation, consist of hyperlinks to other sections. Easy to follow through the website without problems. Website divided into sections.

How up to date it is?

The site was last updated on the Friday, 20 May 2005.

This site was last modified on the 17th September 2006.

This site was last reviewed in April 2006.

Evaluation of Three Websites

Screen Shots of Search Engines

Screen Shot of Website Evaluation E-Mail to Teacher


Haider Abedi Thursday 6th September 2006


“Human Cloning is a term which is used to describe a creation of the genetic material identical copy of a human being or cloned tissues. It is an artificial way to clone someone and the term twin can be used for it”. There are three types of cloning Embryonic, Reproductive and Therapeutic cloning. There many Ethical concerns rising against this scientific theory and still it is not agreed to put this theory into practical.

Process of Cloning:-

The process of cloning depends on the type of cloning, which is being used also there are three types of cloning so there are only three processes. “However, so far the main idea is based on the theory of Dolly the sheep which was the first mammal to be cloned”. The procedure was carried out by removing the DNA from the egg and replacing it by taking DNA from an adult animal making a genetic twin. This fertilised egg is now called pre-embryo and is placed in the womb so its starts developing into a new animal. “Dolly was the first sheep cloned so on the basis of this process scientists are trying to clone a human.”

Disadvantages of Cloning:-

There disadvantages of human cloning such it could cause religious concerns and Issues against god also, the cloned human would have a shorter life Expectancy, the treatment is really expensive, it would differentiate clones from human and finally, there are very few chances of the embryo surviving.

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