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Unwanted Pregnancy in the Philippines

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An unexpected pregnancy often constitutes an absolute shock for women, followed by an array of overwhelming emotions and stress. Difficult as it may be, an impending pregnancy can be coped with, women having to keep in mind that all future decisions do count tremendously, requiring a much needed reflective attention.Dealing With EmotionsThe first stage after finding out about the pregnancy is a highly emotional one. Many women panic and start collecting negative emotions of guilt, a state of mind which is worsen by the crisis of fast decision making. Mothers-to-be need to learn that the primary way of coping with an unexpected pregnancy is to release all emotions, whatever they are. Sadness, anger, confusion are often felt by women who are not prepared to have a baby. Getting everything out is crucial before doing anything else, and women should know that whatever they’re feeling is perfectly normal and does not make them a bad person.Unplanned pregnancies do occur even if all precaution measures were taken.

Nothing is 100% certain as condoms do break, birth control pills are sometimes inefficient, even vasectomies or tubal litigations do not ensure a pregnancy-free sexual activity. Such scenarios or a simple misjudgment can happen, and however women may feel about the prospects of motherhood, they need to face their emotions and take responsibility for the pregnancy.Getting SupportUnexpected pregnancies are not events that should be dealt with alone. Instead, women should share their thoughts on this experience and surround themselves with a supportive group of people. The order on whom to tell first is not the same for all women. New mothers need to be around positive people in whom they can confide without being criticized, badly judged and pressurized into taking certain actions. Getting support is extremely important in the immediate stage after finding out about the pregnancy, and it’s the mother’s choice on whom to turn to in order to receive some peace of mind and council in relation to the new situation.Whether it’s the father, a close family member a best friend or a specialist, it is ideal to first talk to someone who can be as objective as possible and avoid biased groups who have their own ideas about pregnancy prospects and what it means to be a mother.

It is solely the new mother’s decision on whether to tell the father or not, although in most cases it is highly recommended to share the news with the father and find out his genuine opinion about the pregnancy. Stirring up inside on what he may think won’t give mothers a proper answer, and prior to telling the father about the pregnancy, women should assess all possible reactions related to how he may feel and act upon learning about the new situation.The Prospects of Unplanned PregnancyThe process of decision making needs to be a deeply reflective one and has to start only after the mother had time to collect herself and tell people about her pregnancy. Before making any kind of choice, women need to think about how a baby will interfere with their lives and the lives of others around them. Keeping the baby, considering an adoption or having an abortion are all possible outcomes, and reflecting upon how the parent’s lives will change by making each of those choices is important for women in order to facilitate their decision making. Thinking about their goals and how a pregnancy will affect them will help women to reach a decision on what is best for them.

In addition, women should also take into account that they might have more than one baby. If picturing a future life with a single baby looks bright enough, how would two or more babies fit into that picture?Determining Pros and ConsAfter thinking it through and determining the pros and cons of all options, women should succeed at wrapping their minds around the subject and shape a decision that’s most convenient for them. Only after accomplishing this task, pregnant women are advised to discuss their options and reach a final decision by talking to their loved ones and a specialist. Relying on them to figure out what to do can help, but only after reaching some kind of a conclusion on how a baby will influence the newly mother’s life. Women should keep in mind that even if their pregnancy wasn’t planned, what they do from that moment on has its repercussions and must be planned in every little detail.Talking and thinking the situation through with the help of the father and close family members and friends is not sufficient for proceeding to a certain course of action. Pregnant women need to receive counseling from family doctors and pregnancy centers in order to determine if they can crystalize their decisions or not.

Sometimes, keeping a baby or having an abortion is not possible due to health reasons, and knowing all information regarding a certain option is vital for a proper evaluation of the prospects of unplanned pregnancies.Besides rationalizing all aspects of being pregnant, another way of coping with an unexpected pregnancy is relying on instinct. It is known that no matter what advice women get, nothing compares with a mother’s instinct and getting in touch with that as soon as possible should shed some light upon the new situation.The Importance of EducationBeing informed is the only healthy way of acting once women find out about their pregnancy. Misconceptions often occur and these will cloud their judgment, so learning about what pregnancy means and what are the advantages and disadvantages of all three options that pregnant women have is essential for their health and peace of mind.The internet is an extraordinary abundant source of information and browsing through dedicated sites may put an end to any misconception and confusion that women might have related to their pregnancies.

After learning as much as possible about whatever it is that’s troubling them, women should take the matter further by discussing the subject with health and natal care specialists in order to acquire all the information there is to know about the pregnancy.If women are concerned about their financial situation and how that would affect the baby’s care, they should find out more about state benefits that will allow them to get some financial help in order to increase their low income.Prenatal CareBefore reaching a conclusion on what they should do about the pregnancy, the best way is for women to act like they’re going to give birth to the child. This is the perfect opportunity of improving one’s health and lifestyle whilst avoiding the use of unhealthy or illicit substances, including smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs. Prenatal care is essential if the pregnant woman decides to keep the baby or put him up for adoption, otherwise she might deeply regret the poor lifestyle choices she made during early pregnancy.ConclusionFor a woman to learn about a sudden pregnancy will always be emotional and probably, difficult to cope with, yet the best way of proceeding in this case would be to take it one step at a time. The final decision must be one un-blurred by the feeling of crisis and mixed emotions, therefore women should remember they have plenty of days to decide on which choice works best for them.

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