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Universal law

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Step 1:Evaluate the act using categorical imperative.

​1.​State your proposed act as a maxim:

A) I will take ZAR 620 000 000.00.

– I will take ZAR 620 000 000.00 only if I have worked for it.As long I didn’t kill someone or steal to get this money.

C) When i’ve done year’s work.

– It wlill be my award from my good work. As long I have done something good to deserve this money, I won’t feel guilty or sorry. I have worked for it.

E) In order to get really, really rich.

– It is everyone desire to get rich but to get there you have to do something.How would you feel to get ZAR 620 000 000.00 without working for it? So if you want to get really, really rich you have to work very, very hard. Hard work pays.

2.Restate this s maxim as universal law

“All people (7 billion of them) will take ZAR 620 000 000 .00 when they’ve done a year’s work in order to get really, really rich.”

– I will be one of those people who won’t let this oppotunity pass, as long I will be doing lawful work.People always take where even you are doing good job they will be always complaining.

3. Ask whether your maxim is conceceivable in a world ruled by the universal law, and finally.

– I’m working in retail and we sometimes ask customers to open accounts. They must submit they POIs, I sometimes get a shock to see someone who is earning so much and want to have account. Why? The thing is we never or most of people don’t draw the line is other things. Most people who are earning alot they are sinking in debt. The more they earn, the more problems comes if you are not wise.

4.Ask whether you would rationally act on your maxim in such world.

– Honestly if i can earn ZAR 620 000 000.00, I would resgn. I will invest most of the money, upgrade my life including my family and people who are close to me. Give away some money to charies. Above all education is very important. I wouldn’t mind to award the A+ student to motivate them.

Step 2 Form an opinion

​What would Kant probaby have said about Whitey Bosson (or you) earning ZAR 620 000 000.00?
– Kant would say that Whitey derseve this ZAR 620 000 000.00 because he worked for it.According to Kant Categorical imprerative he said ” most of the time, whether or not ought to do something isn’t really a moral choice instead, it’s just contigent on our desires for instead if your desire is to get money you have to work”. Please check online the vidoe. So probably Whitey his desire was to get money and he worked to conque his desire.

What do you think about Whitey Bosson (or you) earning ZAR 620 000 000. 00?
– I think he derseve it. He have done good job. Reason, Whitey Bosson started with only 8 stores and end up with multmillion stores. Do a research online for more details. It took him time to get this pay. He had to put more effort to achieve something like this.He worked really, really hard and indeed he deserve this pay. To support this can you ask yourself how many shoprite stores in each province?

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