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Unique Venues

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            In the world of professionals, the level of work is always vital in the success of a company or institution. This level of work demonstrated by any professional can be improved using some techniques. This can be achieved through providing seminars and conferences that will enhance their utmost potentials. Aside from doing these conferences a worker friendly meeting, the choice of a proper venue is an advantage.

Unique venues in every country provide an exceptional feeling of coming at home. Many venues like museums, art centers, parks, old houses, castles, old churches, hotels and schools are among the different unique venues. Many unforgettable experiences can happen in these unique venues. In every unique venue, there is a variation of facilities and services that are provided. These variations can make each of the professional customers enjoy the place even they are in their meetings or seminars. Aside from the experiences, good work relationship among co-workers could possibly take place.

In most European countries and in the United States, unique venues are provided by organization established for giving international and local professionals, businessman and executives the information of unique venues that will pass their standards and that will make their meeting or any occasion an unforgettable one. Most of these organizations are named as what service they are providing. Unique Venues is the usual name of the organization that provides information on the venues. In some countries, Unique Venues organization only adds the place they are servicing. Some examples are Unique Venues London and Unique Venues Edinburgh. Different unique venues marketing company or organization provide different services with different services that go hand in hand. Many of them also begin to innovate and create some promo that will make them different from other companies.

Unique Venues around the World

Some of the places in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world have their own unique venues organization or company. They provide services for many business professionals and even to local and international organizations. Their success can be attributed to the people that trust their work and it is only fair to discuss the history and other achievements of these unique venues.

Unique Venues London

            Established in 1993, Unique Venues London (UVL) formerly The Independent Association of Function Venues was developed from a small group of organization to a large-scale marketing organization. The Natural History Museum as its founding organization had formerly attained a total of 18 unique places and establishments as its founding members. With their growth, many companies and well-known executives and persons support them. They believed that the qualities that the UVL possess as an information marketing company are the best in the region. Among their supporters are London Mayor Ken Livingstone, Visit Britain and Visit London.

            The growth and expansion of the organization does not affect their member’s selection process. To maintain their integrity, they still make sure that their members passed their standard of quality unique venue. Size and location of the applying organization is not the main factors in the selection of the members of the UVL.

            UVL as an information marketing company always takes the responsibility of providing their customer the best they can give: from speedy transfer of unique venue information to the clarity presentation of the each member venues. These are done through their brochure and providing website access that will link the customers to the unique venues that are suitable to their future meetings, seminars and other company-detailed matters.

            Their brochure as their weapon in challenging their competitors provides easy to use information guidelines. Here all the detailed information about all the unique venues are indicated together with its feature services and other promotions. On the other hand, the UVL’s website is the recent improvement in the services they are offering. This website not only provides link to the desired venue of the customer but directly give him the access to ask question directly to the venue through the internet. This improvement had made UVL one of the top providers of Unique Venues information around the globe.

            The factors for membership applications not only focus to the size and place of the unique venue but rather to the business’s turnovers. These turnovers (reference for the membership fee) are the number of establishments, organizations and other institutions that patronize their service throughout the year. The requesting organization should have a good record in terms of services and procedures they are following.. These factors are considered the most vital in the selection process of UVL’s new members.

Unique Venues of Edinburgh

            Founded in May 2004, the Unique Venues of Edinburgh is among the youngest information provider of the different venues in the place. Its founding members are comprised of 22 leading organization of unique venues that share the same objectives and aims for the recognition of beautiful venues in Edinburgh. Their first target: to provide their client the easiest and clearest information in each venue. This will be done without sacrificing the goals of the client and the venues. In addition, on June 1, 2005, the ever-planned first launch event and the website opening of the Unique Venues of Edinburgh took place.

            As what mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, each Unique Venue organization has different objectives to answer the call for information of venue locations. Among the aims and objectives of the Unique Venues of Edinburgh are as follows:

            1} To provide an electronic information guide that will answer all the information of the clients in searching for the accurate place in Edinburgh:

            2) To increase the turnover of the venues:

            3) To help local economy in progressing:

            4) To maintain the quality of service given to the clients;

            5) To improve by innovation the quality and service within the members.

            These objectives guide the officers and the people behind the company in making it in the international market. This will enhance their skills in innovating and will refresh their minds to provide the necessary techniques to add up in the system.

Unique Venues Japan (UVJ)

            Japan’s unique venues are extravagantly amazing. The advancement of technology of their country provided them the ability to improve and beautify their venues. As in any other country, UVJ is also the same when it comes to the main purpose of the unique venue organization. The purpose to provide the clients from executives, higher officials to the big bosses of multi-national companies the detailed information of the venues.

            Japan is known for its rich culture heritage and this culture is almost present up to this time in their country. With this, many unique venues are present in the country. This provides spaces and places for any such events that will satisfy the dreams of the organization or company. In this regard, the Unique Venues Japan (UVJ) had provided their clients the best of their country. The temples, museums, halls with Japanese garden, ship, high-class Japanese restaurants and meeting places with heart-clapping sceneries are among the venues that give pride to Japan.

            But unlike any other Unique Events Company in other country, UVJ lack the list of venues for events. In this situation, Japan’s venue for seminars or even staying hours in a venue or place requires a big amount of money. Space is the main problem in Japan. This is the reason why the rental fee in using a place or space requires big amount. Foe example, in renting an art museum in Tokyo with an area of 15,000 square feet with 12 hours time limit, it costs 25,000 US dollars. Moreover, a space for 200 people requires 40,000 US dollars. These amounts are incredibly high compared to other countries who also service their customers the same quality of unique venues.

            From the previous reasons, anyone can probably understand why UVJ uses to choose not to have a list of unique venues in their country. Fair enough, it is a must that the planner of a certain event considers all the necessary costs of the whole event which includes the rental of the space, catering, sounds and other basis needs in the occasion. Cost of planning should also be included in the budget to assure the success of the entire event. Problems arise if the event is not well planned and well prepared. In doing so, the planner should find the proper venue that is not that expensive and that will serve the same service and quality they are expecting.

Unique Venues Japan uses the method of trying to make their clients state their budget and then UVJ will search for the suggested venue that will match their budget. In doing this, they save the time of having spend in searching unique venues in a long list of venues. UVJ also want their client to use private facilities instead of public one. Their reason is that it is more flexible compared to public facilities and UVJ can find low rates for such private venues.

Furthermore, Unique Venues Japan not only provides planning of events and venue information for groups or companies in Japan. They also provide planning of the activity of groups or companies from abroad. Their quality service is comprise of  wide range of props, backdrops, sound equipment, Lighting equipment, games and other materials necessary in an event. In addition, clients can assure that the customer service provided by UVJ is the best in the region. They gained this quality of service through their long years of experience of planning and dedicating their work to give their clients the peace of mind and enjoyment.

Unique Venues in the United States

For over 20 years, Unique Venues US, a leading information marketing and planning company in the region provides their client the unusual, non-traditional service. They are comprised mostly of universities, mansions, theaters, entertainment centers, conference halls and others. As their reach their goal in the business, they find way for them to enhance their services in providing the proper training to their members. With their services like print ads, website directories of unique venues, educational newsletters and seminars related to the advancement of service that can be given to the client.

Unique Venues as a Whole

There are great places and venues in almost all places in every country in the world. Getting there is a unique feeling of feeling at home and in peace. With these, Unique Venues planning and information marketing companies are the one people can trust in doing their seminars, parties, conferences, meetings and other events an exemplary and unforgettable one. With the proper use of the venues, one may say that this really feels good and that this is an unforgettable event in my life. Lastly, Unique Venues Company should continue to give their client the best service they can provide for they help their clients feel the beauty of life.


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