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Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a poor country. The country has many problems. Unemployment is one of the major problems on Bangladesh. Unemployment means to remain without work. This problem hampers our all round development. Many causes work behind unemployment. Ours is an agriculture country. People cannot work all the year round. In agriculture there is some seasonal work. After the seasonal work people become workless. As a result they become unemployed. We have a traditional system of education. This system cannot provide good working opportunities. Moreover, our literate people do not want to do odd kind of job. They always prefer official job. As a result there is a big crowd in job market. Very few candidates get jobs. Most of the candidates remain unemployed. Vocational education is not popular in our country. So we cannot build up new job fields. There are many self-employment fields. Our people can work there. But for opportunities people cannot make these. As a result unemployment is increasing day by day. Industrialization is a good way to remove unemployment problem.

But we are not so developed in this sector. As a result our people cannot get new fields of work. So we see that our people look for work. But they do not get proper job though they have skill and fitness. Population plays a vital role behind unemployment. Bangladesh is a small country. But its population is more than 14 crore. Really it is so tough to manage jobs for this huge population. If we fail to manage this population the nation will face a severe fate. In fact our population is a problem itself. And it is the root cause of many problems. We cannot solve unemployment problem over night. It needs short and long term plans. First of all, we should change our attitude. We must work and labour. Our agriculture should be modernized.

Vocational education should be promoted. New industrial projects should be set up. Various training centers can make people skilled and trained. It will create many self employment fields. Government can provide loans on easy conditions in this regard. Another important point is that we must control our population growth. We should tackle the exciting people in a planned way. Moreover, we must maintain national policy about solving the unemployment. The total nation should be united and aware of this national problem. Unemployment is such a problem which hampers our national dignity and identity. We must do everything possible to get rid of this problem. A planned and strong economy can solve this problem. We cannot ignore our own duties and responsibilities in this regard.

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