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Understanding Leadership Styles

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Authoritative Style
Authoritative leader will give clear instructions and directions on what needs doing and how it should be done. They have to have integrity and be dependable as team will look towards them to make fair decisions. These leaders supervise team activity but at the same time keep the team informed by using a variety of channels of communications. There is no feedback given in this style. Setting tasks and allocating roles and responsibilities.

Consultative Style
In this style a leader will give instructions but will have to have good management skills such as the ability to organise and co-ordinate the team so each team member skills are correctly utilised. A consultative leader will provide feedback in the form of advice, support and show himself to be a good listener. Implementing team ideas on some occasions. Consultative leaders will still need to closely monitor performance of team members making sure team is working to its full potential and identify and implement any changes as and when required. Supportive Style

Supportive leaders are active members of the team. They are able to do the job but will have additional responsibility. As supportive leaders are part of the team he will be able to allocates responsibility and allow team to make decisions as he will recognise the team’s ability and potential. This will allow leader to share responsibly. Supportive leaders boost performance by exchanging feedback.

Explain why these leadership styles or behaviours are likely to have a positive or negative effect on individual and group behaviour

Authoritative Style
This style is necessary in certain situations. The positive is that leader has full control of the situation and is able to allocate role and responsibilities as he sees fit. Information is only shared when deemed appropriate. Leader gets all credit for end success of the project. But on the other hand if anything was go to wrong then leader would get all the blame. No one is consulted when making any decision which can bad as it is always a good idea to get second opinion or second perspective on things.

Positive & Negative From Teams Point Of View For Authoritative Style A positive effect of authoritative styles from the team members point of view is if all team members are treated the same there will be no resentment between the team’s members they will all feel equal. The positive from team point of view is that they not share responsibly if anything went wrong. Negative effect from team point of view of this is that if all team is treated the same and no one is given responsibility then members will not have chance or be given opportunity to grow to full potential. The main credit for goals set by senior managers goes to the leader and not the staff that actually did the work.

Assess own leadership behaviours and potential in the context of particular leaderships model and own organisations working practises and culture using organisations working practises and cultures using feedback from others.

The John Adair Model uses three areas that explain the function of a leader.
1 – Achieving the Task
2 – Managing the Team
3 – Managing the Individual
Understanding Leadership Styles

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