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Understand Employment Responsibilities And Rights In Health Argumentative

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Task Ai

Identify three different sources of information you could use to enable you to update your staff handbook to reflect on the current employment law: Colleagues within the work place
Internet websites such as: www.cab.org.uk
Books on current employment law such as: Employment law made easy author Melanie Slocombe

Task Aii
List three aspects of employment covered by law:
Health and Safety in the work place
Wages (minimum wages)

Employment Rights 1996 it sets out the expectations of the job with fair treatment of the worker. Equalities and Discrimination law 2010 makes sure that everyone is treated fairly and equally and not discriminated against. Health and Safety legislation act 1974 it places a duty on all employers to ensure it is a reasonable practice. Aiii

Employment law exsists to protect employers and employees from anyone who would take advantage. It exsists to provide support and guidelines for employers to carry out their functions and run their business within the law.

Task Bi
The terms and conditions set out in my contract is a legal document which establishes my relationship between me and my employer ,it also states how many hours they are wanting me to do and it explains about my probationary period which means that I have a six week trial period. It explains about holidays and how they work between staff and where you work as my company have three units in total and we can work in either one of them as it is explained in our contract. It explains about the disciplinary procedure and rules and how to follow grievance procedure and confidentiality.

The information that can be found on my pay slip are:
Hours that I have worked that week
Tax code , tax deductions ,my net pay my name and the date the money was paid. Biii
The changes in my personal circumstances that I should tell my employer about are: Contact details , telephone number , address , and bank details. Biv
The procedure to follow if I was to raise a grievance at work, I can make a formal complaint if you have tried solving a problem by talking to your manager but you are not satisfied is: write a letter to your employer setting out the details of your grievance or a meeting with your employer to discuss the issue and you have the ability to appeal if you are not satisfied with the decision reached. Bv

Data protection- it is linked with confidentiality.

Regulates the processing of personal data held manually or on a computer. Grievance – writing a letter to your employer setting out the details of your grievance Conflict management – is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict. The aim of conflict management is to enhance learning and group out comes including effectiveness or performance. Anti-discrimination – refers to the law on the right of people to be treated equally, people must be dealt with on a one to one basis regardless of sex age race ethnicity nationality sexual orientation gender identity and some times religious and political opinions. Health and safety – provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arisng , maintain the health and safety of all staff service users residents and visitors.

Provide and maintain safefty equipment ensure safe handling and use of substances. Ensure all staff are competent to carry out their duties safely and have safe working conditions , also review and revise health and safety policy if necessary on regular intervals.

How my role contributes to the overall delivery of the service , I can deliver/provide the best quality care to each individual and to make sure they are satisfied with the quality of care provided to them. I can influence the quality of the service provided by following best practice within my work role because I will be following policies and procedures and doing everything I should be doing correctly. Bvii (a)

I could influence the quality of service provided by following best practice within your work role and I can do that by making sure I work in agreed ways and delivering care and following policies and procedures that the home has set in place for example: always make sure that the protective equipment is used ie : aprons in the kitchen are worn and that everyone washes their hands before handling or prepping of any food is done this will help with cross contamination or infection been spread through- out the home.

If I were not following best practice the the home would deteriate and the home would or could be reprimanded as the quality of care would effect the service users and they would not be satisfied with the service. If CQC was to come and check the business they could close down the home if the inspection did not meet the standards needed which would cause resident families to become unhappy loss of business and jobs. Bviii

My own work must be influenced by national factors such as codes of practice,national occupational standards legislation and government initiatives. All of these national factors give guidance rules and standards to follow with in your work role Legislation tells you what you must and must not do. Bix (a)-(b)

Identify two different representative bodies which influence your area of work: Health and safety is the body that ensures that all organisations comply with the HSA 1974 as well as environmental laws, they also provide support for organisstions on the HSA. CQC is another body care quality commissions they are responsible to carry out inspections to make sure they are complying with the requirements of HSA act 2008 in England.

Task c
Career pathway.
I am currently working towards achieving my diploma level 2 in Health and Social care to be completed by 26th May 2016.

When I have completed my diploma level 2 Health and Social care I would like to work towards my diploma level 3 in Health and Social care and I aim to try and achieve this by July/August 2017. I aim to do this by studying the necessary course work and gaining more knowledge within my work role.

When I have gained all the knowledge and experience I would like to keep progressing further into my career along- side Mental Health Adults and look into delivering care to elderly others.Then I would like to enrole for my diploma level 4-5 and work towards management. I believe that my career plan is set out in a achievable way as long as I am dedicated to working hard and attend all necessary training needed. My goals are set out by using the S.M.A.R.T system meaning specific measurable attainable realistic and timely way.

Task d
Presentation report: Institutional abuse contributed in deaths of five pensioners. Neglect that stemmed from this form of abuse at a care home directly contributed in the death of five elderly residents after ample warning signs were ignored and missed by managers and watchdogs. A resident aged 77 received an overdose of the blood thinning drug (Warferin) and her medical records were destroyed after she had died and it became clear she needed hospital treatment. A social worker had also found a client naked and crying in her bed. A dementia patient was found suffering soaking in her wet bed without incontinence pads was made to wear soiled pads during the day and also lost a stone in weight during a seven week stay. It took several more days before another dementia sufferer was found to have fractured her ankle. Other residents at the home had bruising and on one occasion was left half hanging out of bed for 2 hours. These clients were not treated with any respect or dignity in any circumstances. Poor care and discomfort to residents and their families of people who were not the subject of the inquest. What happened at Orchid View was more an avoidance of positive action to rectify problems and a series of ineffectual action plans that were not acted on.

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