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Ugly Duckling Remix

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Once upon a time there was a ugly duckling who was ugly. The book of ugly duckling had been read, but now that it was 2015 ugly duckling thought that it was time to take action against mother duckling. So ugly duckling arranged a court case in the court of right, on muffin man road. He also sent a letter to mother duckling knowing that she would not like the news, and he also sent a letter to the lawyer academy for farmers requesting a lawyer for the case. On the day of the court case everyone one was there, mother duckling, ugly duckling, the farmer, the judge and the old lady who was mother duckling’s lawyer.

The witnesses were the three blind mice, who had convinced everyone that they saw everything. So the three mice stubbled to the witness box and told their story. “we were having a picnic you see, there were blue sandwiches and green cakes. The grass was red and the sky was purple” Mouse One shook his head and put a hand over Mouse Two who was talking. “the sky was orange not purple you would have to be blind not to see that!”. The judge finally realising that the mice were useless to the case had them escorted out.

Next was Mother duckling and she explained her side of the story. “I knew that ugly duckling wasn’t mine, I had six chicks. But I did the right thing and fed him I also sheltered him, I helped him. When we were out by the pond, having a family bonding time I saw ugly duckling talking to a fish in the pond so I turned away happy at the thought of him finally having a friend. He always got bullied by the other farm animals it wasn’t my fault that he was ugly and my babies were perfect, it wasn’t my fault that he finally ran away so I didn’t have to put up with him, IT WASN’T MY FAULT!” by the time mother duckling had finished her story she was yelling and frustrated.

The judge woke up by the yelling slammed his hammer on the desk and sternly said “quite down” everybody looked at him, wounding what he meant as the court room was quite. The wolf noticing this quickly thought of something to cover his slip and asked mother duck to leave the stand. But before she could take a step out of the podium the farmer who was ugly duckling’s lawyer asked a question. “so you turned away from my client even though he was leaning over the pond likely to fall in, talking to a ‘fish’ that can’t talk back and you turn away, what mother would do that to their child. It easily shows child neglect!”

Looking offended mother duckling yelled out “it wasn’t my fault he could’ve drowned, it’s his fault for talking to a FISH.” Before she could keep ranting about how it was not her fault the old lady cut in talking in her defence. “ my client is in a delicate emotional state, trying to come to terms with the fact that she was betrayed by her own son who she loved and adored to be court in a court case over being charged with child neglect.”

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