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Two ways to lose weight

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Two ways to lose weight

Society has chosen many ways to lose weight. Two ways that are common are; dieting with exercise or taking dietary supplements. If your goals are to lose weight, which way would fit into your life style; dieting with exercise or taking dietary supplements. Society as a whole has put more emphasis on eating right and taking car of your body. They promote weight lose with TV and radio commercials to show the benefits of losing weight can help your overall health. With exercise and dietary supplements, it can help people achieve their weight lose goals. Are health issues the reason why someone wants to lose weight, or to cut down on the risk? According to American Health, obesity has become a common problem that effects all ages from children to the elderly. American Health suggests that two- thirds of people living in the US are either obese or over weight. Many of these people are taking the necessary steps to lose weight. Their are many heath concerns that have motivated people to want to lose weight. Some of the concerns are; Heart health is why some are losing weight, because the more weight that you carry puts extra stress on your heart. It can also lead to heart disease.

Losing that extra weight will decease your chances of having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and reduces your chances of having heart problems. By doing these things can lead you to having a long life. Obesity can also lead to, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, kidney disease, reproduction disorders, thyroid disorders, and some forms of cancer. But before a person can chose a weight lose program it will very important that a doctor be part of the process so that any medical concerns can be addressed. A person that has the beginning stages of heart problems can not be expected to workout like a person that has a healthy heart. So always check with your primary doctor first before you begin. How someone does chose a weight lose plan that will work for them? An article in Web Med suggest that any weight loss program should be able to motivate you to change you’re the way that you eat. Any program that you chose should be safe, with a steady weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week. When a person comes to a crossroad in their life when losing weight has to be a goal in order to achieve health and wellness, that person must to be willing to adapt to a lifestyle change. By doing so they can reduce the risks of disease.

The American College of Sports Medicine says that by eating healthy and exercising for 30 minutes a day can reduce the risks of many diseases. Some of them are; cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer. Those are the benefits of dieting and exercise when it comes to losing weight. Health concerns are the reason why some are choosing to lose weight by exercising and dieting, but dieting supplements have been used to achieve the same things. Dieting supplements are used to help people achieve their weight loss goals and to reach good overall health. Supplements are used as a quick way to achieve weight loss. The American Family Physician suggests that some overweight and obese patients seek supplements because of ; social stigma of obesity, health benefits of weight loss, a desire for a magic pill to obtain weight loss, using supplements instead of diet an exercise, frustration with other weight loss programs, are easily available. They both have some of the same benefits but having different ways to achieve them. Exercising when taking supplements will also help you achieve a fit body and help with circulation. What is the value in taking supplement or dieting? The value in both of these is, you have put together a plan to get yourself in good health.

They both have different paths to weight loss, but the value in both are achieving overall good heath while cutting down the risks of diseases. When a person that is overweigh decides that its time to lose some weight the 1st thing that comes to mind it to take diet pills. Most people want to lose weight quick and see fast results instead of doing it the natural way which is exercising. Diet pills do not have to be passed by the FDA and some of the supplements contain ingredients that may be dangerous if not take properly. Diet pills are high in caffeine. Exercising has the best results if you are willing to take your time to get them. They offer you better eating, more energy, and it conditions you to keep up with that behavior for the rest of your life. Exercising helps eliminate certain diseases like heart disease. Taking diet pills often has too many different types of supplements that if misused it can cause, heart disease, and stroke and kidney problems. Exercising will be more cost friendly because it is free. Walking and running are simple things you can do to lose weight. You can even workout in the comfort of your own home if you are to shy to go to the gym. You can put together a workout plan based on what you can do or find a workout buddy. You can also go on the internet and search for workout plans based on what you can do; then work your way up as you become stronger. Dietary supplements can be found at any GNC or health store. They can also be found at drug stores and your local Wal-Mart or Target store.

Neither product can offer you weight loss without regaining the loss weight back. You can exercise and lose weight but if you stop after you finish losing the weight you wanted to lose, you will gain it back. Same with diet pills, you have to exercise to keep the weight off. Also, on some labels there are disclaimers that say you may gain weight if you stop using the product. It is possible that you will lose more weight with the diet pills but you may gain weight back faster. The only way you can see if one is better than the other for you, is to do your research. Diet pills seem unhealthy for everyone but for some people they may think that this is the only way. Your weight loss goal is yours and yours alone. So there is no way to say how much weight you can lose. But, dieting and exercise is a lifestyle and it can help you maintain the weight you have loss. You will lose less weight but faster if you just take dietary supplements with no exercise. You should at least exercise two to three times a week for an hour to lose weight. You should change your diet by eating the serving size. You don’t have to cut out foods just eat the serving size. And make sure you eat the correct amount of fruits, vegetables, poultry, dairy and grain. Another good idea is to eat off a nine inch plate and make three sections and that shows you how much to eat. Any dietary supplement will help you lose weight if you go by the directions. Most supplements have the same ingredients in it but have different label names.

The difference between exercising and dietary supplements is that one shows fast results and the other is the natural way of losing weight. The health risk with dieting and exercising is that someone may take it to the extreme. Some people may hurt themselves by doing more than their body can handle. You may over work yourself if you do more than you can. Like I mentioned earlier the FDA doesn’t have to approve dietary supplements. They are considered “take at your own risk” products. Dietary supplements may attack some of your organs if not used properly. The advantage to both pills and exercising is that they are helping you lose weight. They are both steps to trying to live a healthier life. Exercising and dieting will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle once you finish losing the weight. The advantages to diet pills are that you lose the weight fast. It helps the people who aren’t able to work out everyday.

When it comes to weight loss, the important thing is to find out which weight loss method will fit into your lifestyle; which method will help you achieve your goal of losing weight and keeping it off forever.

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