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Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman: double standards within the African-American community

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George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin in “self defense” on February 26, 2012. Martin was shot in Sanford, Florida. Trayvon was 17 years of age, and an African-American male. At the time of the shooting, Martin was unarmed. George Zimmerman was 28 years of age at the time, and a neighborhood watchman, keep in mind the area was a gated community. Gated communities are typically for individuals who are extremely rich and the larger part of individuals who live in these networks are caucasian. Zimmerman is a Latino man, also a minority. The start of the shooting began when Zimmerman saw Martin casually walking in the neighborhood, with his hood on, along with a bag of Skittles and an Arizona iced tea. Zimmerman then felt threatened, and that he had to call the Sanford Police Department. Restlessly, Zimmerman faced Martin, which at that point started a much more profound clash. In Florida, there is a ‘Stand your ground law,’ which builds up that an individual can safeguard their self or others against dangers, even to the point of applying deadly power.

Along the lines of the idea of the “Stand your ground law,” this specific law states that if an individual feels threatened in any way, they have the right to self-defense; whether it involves going to the extreme of killing an individual, it is all in “self-defense.” A double standard saturates Florida’s ‘Stand your ground law.”Attorney Benjamine Crump stated that this law “…condemned the racial double standard that Florida seems to be accepting the use of the infamous stand your ground law…Now another white man has shot dead an unarmed black man, and he gets to walk away free, clinging onto this same law. But at what point is it determined that it is indeed self-defense and not someone simply taking advantage of the law to commit murder?” (Ochieng) . In any case, a seven-year case audit of ‘persevere’ guarantees by the Tampa Bay Times demonstrated that indictment depends less on the benefits of the case than the culprit’s color of their skin, the color of the person in question and where the shooting occurred (Williams). On the off chance that the unfortunate casualty is an African-American, the executioner is significantly more likely to get let off free. On the off chance that the shooter is an African-American, the odds of conviction are significantly higher.

Furthermore, not guilty was the choice made by the jury within the George Zimmerman versus Trayvon Martin case. That decision may have been the most questionable actions one of late time. Numerous individuals were angry with the choice and felt that equity was not accomplished for the youthful unfortunate casualty, Martin who was seventeen years of age when he was killed. This occurrence is by all accounts a shocking case of stereotyping and racial profiling. It is additionally a case of how a decision, in light of the strict understanding of the law can be the wrong decision.

There have been stories enlightened in the African American people group regarding guardians not enabling their children to get the windows tinted on their vehicles since they felt that youthful black men, driving an auto with tinted windows were viewed as medication pushers by the Police. At the time when the Twin Towers were annihilated (9/11/01), racial profiling happened to the Muslims and Arabs. Every one of them were viewed as hazardous to America due to the rare sorts of people who assaulted the Towers. Consequently, racial profiling is something that happens not only to African-Americans, but all races other than Caucasian.

Stereotyping and racial profiling in the Zimmerman versus Martin case was that young black men who wear ‘hoodies’ are viewed as threatening. In the telephone call made to the Police, Zimmerman stated, ‘…This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about…These buttholes always get away…” (Baldwin, Jones 1-2). Zimmerman had a history of focusing on youthful black men as indicated by 911 tapes that were discharged to the media. The way that he called the Police when he saw youthful black men, and “felt threatened” is a clear example of racial profiling. However, there are numerous long lasting positive effects that came from this tragedy.

The underlying need for justice within the Trayvon Martin versus George Zimmerman case led to a worldwide movement that brought attention to individuals everywhere. For example, the painful deaths of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Philando Castile, and many more have sparked the growth and development of the Black Lives Matter movement. This organization was founded in 2015, around the time of multiple casualties in the African-American community, mostly involving police brutality instances and rooted from racially profiling minorities in America. The underlying goal within the Black Lives Matter movement is to cultivate connections between African-American individuals and their partners in the battle against racism directed towards minorities , start exchange within the community, and energize social activity and commitment. As the lists of casualties within the black community has grown drastically over the years, more so after the death of Trayvon Martin, we begin to see a desire for change regarding racial profiling. The black community also began to show more anger and it began to have even more conflict. The sensitive topic of Trayvon Martin’s untimely death triggers many African-Americans each time that specific topic is brought up. The result of racial profiling directed towards black people is slowly reaching an all time high in this day and age.

Overall, we see repeatedly, the idea of double standards within the African-American community. Whether it be trials or just encounters with the law enforcement. There will always be a cycle of racial injustice. The tragedy of Trayvon Martin hits home to many African-Americans, especially the fact that the killer, George Zimmerman got to walk away from the entire situation guilt free, and still feels no remorse as a result of his unjust actions. Still to this day, multiple organizations are being founded in memory of Trayvon Martin’s short-lived life. Hopefully, we as Americans can come together as one, and look past what is seen on the outside, and focus more so on what is on the inside. In death, Trayvon Martin remains a example of both agony and guarantee for an age of younger individuals who grew up in the shadow of his death and who intensely and furiously announce that Black Lives Matter and carry on the importance of his name.

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