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To Duty Of Care In Health Social Care

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Outcome 1 Understand the implications of duty of care

1.1)  ‘Duty of care’ refers to the relationship between myself and a service user, within this professional relationship there is an obligation to take responsible care to avoid injury or harm to whom it can be reasonably foreseen. A duty of care exists to protect the individual from harm, to set guidelines, and promote safeguarding. Failure to provide a duty of care may lead to foreseeable injury or harm.

1.2) It is my responsibility, as a care worker to ensure that I provide a good standard of care, to ensure the service users are safe, happy with the care they receive, and protected from harm or abuse whether physical, or psychological/emotional perpetrated by service users, staff members, friends, family or peers.

I work within the safeguarding policies and maintain them. My employer is responsible to ensure that all staff receive adequate and appropriate training and guidance to ensure they can recognise and understand signs of abuse and neglect. It is my responsibility to record and report any relevant information when an accident or incident occurs in the workplace, to report any case of bad practice and behaviour that I believe may contribute or lead to abuse.

Duty of care and safeguarding go hand in hand, as it is my duty of care to safeguard service users, whilst maintaining their rights, choice and respecting their wishes.

Outcome 2 Understand support available for addressing dilemmas that may arise about duty of care

2.1) Despite all the efforts of healthcare providers to ensure an Individual receives the best possible care there might arise conflicts and dilemmas between healthcare worker and service user. Those conflicts may include: refusing a meal, type of activity or refusing medication. Arising conflicts should be resolved as quickly as possible in a most satisfactory matter for both sides. The Human Rights Acts states that every person has the right to decide about own life, they can refuse the meals or medication they receive. It is essential to explain why they need that particular care and make them aware of pros and consequences of their actions.

2.2) I would speak to the service users family if there is a husband/wife to advise that say the service user has refused something within their care plan e.g. personal care or refusal to eat. I would also report to my line manager to make them aware and that it is recorded. If there is still further refusal then other healthcare providers involved in care of an individual.

Outcome 3 Know how to respond to complains

3.1) If a service user is dissatisfied with provided care, they have the right to complain. Every company should have easy to access complaints procedure ours is in our statement of purpose. When dealing with a complain on one to one basis the carer should take the individual to a quiet and safe place, listen to an individual carefully, be serious and polite, make notes if necessary, inform the service user about the complains procedure. After the conversation with an individual the carer should inform the line manager.

3.2) Every complaint should be taken seriously and all the actions following a complaint should be as quick as possible. The contact with a service user

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