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Thesis Abstract

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This study determined the physico-chemical properties of developed squash-flavored mayonnaise in terms of titrable acidity, pH, viscosity and proximate analysis such as crude protein, crude fat, ash content and moisture content. The acceptability level of the developed product was also determined through evaluating their sensory qualities such as color, taste, flavor, texture and general acceptability. Furthermore, this study ascertained if there were any significant differences among treatments on the physico-chemical properties and sensory qualities of the developed squash flavored mayonnaise. Moreover, the total production cost of the product was also included in the study.

This study made use of the experimental research method. Two aspects of the research were emphasized: the method of preparation of squash puree and the preparation of squash-flavored mayonnaise. An attempt of incorporating the prepared squash puree to the commercially-prepared mayonnaise formulation was done to enhance the flavor of the mayonnaise. Data on physico-chemical analysis and sensory evaluation was subjected to a one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) following a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) to determine the effects of treatments on the quality of the products.

This study utilized four (4) treatments prepared in three (3) replications to evaluate the sensory quality and food acceptability as well as its physico-chemical properties of the developed squash-flavored mayonnaise. The four (4) treatments that were used in the experiment includes: T0 – commercially-prepared mayonnaise (serves as the controlled sample considering the absence of squash puree in the mixture); T1 – 2 tablespoons of squash puree plus 1 cup of commercially-prepared mayonnaise, T2 – 4 tablespoons of squash puree plus 1 cup of commercially-prepared mayonnaise, T3 – 6 tablespoons of squash puree plus 1 cup of commercially-prepared mayonnaise.

The null hypothesis was tested whether there are no significant differences on the physico-chemical properties among the squash-flavored mayonnaise formulations. The results revealed that significant difference on titrable acidity was not observed among the four (4) treatments evaluated after employing to one way analysis of variance (ANOVA). However, the pH value of the product showed a significant difference between the four (4) treatments evaluated. On the other hand, results on the evaluation of viscosity quality of the developed product revealed that significant difference among the four (4) treatments evaluated considering he varying amounts of squash puree added to the mayonnaise formulation.

Furthermore, with regards on the proximate analysis of the four (4) treatments used in the experiments, significant differences among treatments evaluated were observed with used of the parameters such as crude protein, crude fat, ash content and moisture content.

In terms of the sensory quality of the processed squash-flavored mayonnaise, results on the statistical analysis revealed that significant differences among the four (4) treatments evaluated in the study was observed in terms of their level of acceptability such as color, taste, flavor, and texture. The sensory panelists confirmed that T1 (2 tbsp. of squash puree plus 1 cup of commercially-prepared mayonnaise) and T2 (4 tbsp. of squash puree plus 1 cup of commercially-prepared mayonnaise was the most acceptable treatments evaluated over the other samples evaluated.

Based on the computations, fortifying the existing commercially-prepared mayonnaise does not demand a bigger production cost. It is safe therefore to say that the developed squash-flavored mayonnaise has a potential marketability and national market. Statement of the Problem

This study focused on the development of squash-flavored mayonnaise formulations and determined their physico-chemical properties and acceptability. Specifically, the study sought answers to the following questions: 1. What are the physico-chemical properties of the squash-flavored mayonnaise formulations in terms of the following? 2.1 Titrable Activity (TA)

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