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The Value Of Nursing Theory

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Discuss the value of nursing theory to the profession of nursing. Identify one way in which you could use nursing theory to improve your practice (present or future role). Provide a reference for your response.

Nursing theory is the term given to the body of knowledge that is used to support nursing practice. (Current Nursing, 2012). The foundation for nursing research was developed by nursing theory, which is important in developing nursing practice. If it wasn’t for nursing research, we would not know of evidence based practice in the way we provide care to our patients in a tried and true manner which gives as the solution we need in the care of our patients. I would like to think that nursing education and clinical knowledge from nursing school have been refined and made more relevant through my experience and made me a more effective nurse. The conceptual and theoretical nursing models help to provide knowledge to improve practice, guide research and curriculum and identify the goals of nursing practice. (Current Nursing, 2012).

The theory that has become my model for nursing in my current position is the core, the care and the cure theory by Lydia Hall (Current Nursing, 2012). Hall theory contains three independent but interconnected circles, the core, the care and the cure. The Theorist explains the Core as the person or patient to whom nursing care is directed and needed. The cure is the attention given to patients by the medical professionals. The model explains that the cure circle is shared by the nurse with other health professionals. These are the interventions or actions geared on treating or “curing” the patient from whatever illness or disease he may be suffering from. The care explains the role of nurses, and focused on performing that noble task of nurturing the patients, meaning the component of this model is the “motherly” care provided by nurses, which may include limited to provision of comfort measures, provision of patient teaching activities and helping the patient meet their needs where help is needed.(Current Nursing,2012).

As an immigration clinical nurse this theory concept have been really helpful in the way I provide care to my detainees and for the last six months of providing care for all these unaccompanied minors who comes to us with little or no well-baby care and we as clinical nurses trying to make sure which care these children received or what we need to provide for them in order to make sure that they are not missing any milestones in their growing process, I realize that as nurse we always present the bigger role which is what hall calls the care circle , where I act as the professional in helping my patients meet their needs and attain a sense of balance.


Current Nursing.com (2012) Nursing Theory Introduction. Retrieved from;http://currentnursing.com/nursing_theory/application_nursing_theories.html. Current Nursing.com (2012), Care, Cure and Core theory, Hall Lydia.Retrieved from; http://currentnursing.com/nursing_theory/Lydia_Hall_Care_Cure_Core.html

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