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The Value of Inputs and Goals

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Managing change is one of the most important proponents in efficient management of human resources and in strategizing a company’s comparative advantage in the economic market. Herein, I picked two points from the Lynco Associates’ Managing Change article.

‘A clearly defined vision of the end result enables all the people to define the most efficient path for accomplishing the results.’

I think that creation of goals and the awareness of each individual employee to meet the objectives set by the employer/company is one of the most important aspects in managing change. Clearly,  a particular employee should be aware of what he/she can contribute to the company via playing the roles specified for him/her so that he/she can attain the ultimate objective of the company — success. Just imagine if there are no set goals or a defined vision. How would an employee react to a particular difficulty or situation? What should be his/her aims? Having goals put directs the path to success. Take for instance, an employee of an agricultural farm would be assigned in nursery A but there is no clarification of his job or the end result or whatsoever. The employee gets confused and assumed that his job was simply to water the plants and maintain the cleanliness of the nursery. After a month, his employer fires him, seeing that the employee did not multiply the number of seedlings for the nursery. Clearly, the problem here is the lack of objective and the assignment of duties. The employee’s fault is that he should have asked his employer for his job description and the employer’s goals. When an employee knows his/her goals, he/she knows what he/she will do for a situation.

 ‘The more input people have into defining the changes that will affect their work, the more they will take ownership for the results.’

I think that employees should be highly aware of the roles of their jobs and the contribution of such job. A good employee should think that, “I am an employee therefore I can affect change through the time and effort I invest in my job.” I mean, let’s face it, we all have to take responsibility for ourselves and our jobs.  Economic-wise and goal-wise, each employee should know what he is putting ‘in’ the company and the effect of it on the company growth. All the sweat and ideas an employee places injects changes in the company. When the company grows/shrinks/grow stagnant, the employees there feel the overall effect and naturally they absorb in the effect. Imagine this:  the company wins the account for a shampoo ads; the advertising team rejoices knowing that they have placed their efforts on the job and that they know that they had contributed to the success.

            I think that in managing change in the business, the employer should set the company goals and should let the employees recognized the value of their job-inputs.


Twelve Principles for Managing Change. Retrieved January 23, 2008, from  http://www.lynco.com/12prin.html.

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