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The US and China in pursuit of finding origin

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It is natural that humans have different identities. However, there are those who try to reach their depths and identify their identity, but there are some who may be still in search for their lost identity. In Amy Tan’s” A Pair of Tickets” (1952), the main character suffers from this issue a lack of identity?. This story is about Jing Mei, the protagonist who started the journey of leaving the United States to for China in pursuit of finding her true origin.

The struggle of Jing Mei is that she is stuck between two identities, the modern American one and the one with the one based in her Chinese heritage. And this essay is focused on this issue. Does not say much? “In this essay, I will show how this…” And it must be something that is not obvious! The protagonist was really influenced by her mother side. This impact comes from the fact that Jing Mie’s mother was like the thread that connects the protagonist with her Chinese roots, “Someday you will see,” said her mother. “It’s in your blood, waiting to be let go. ”(Tan. 187).

On the other hand However, Jing-Mei has a fear of accepting of what she really is, “I saw myself transforming like a werewolf,” (187) ,full stop, new sentence this shows that she has odd sense of what being Chinese is or how what it looks like to be Chinese. As she repeat name is a round character in the story, we as readers we see this what? in her emotions. For example when she was in China she felt like an outsider “I could never pass for true Chinese”(190) this shows how she felt like an outsider. Moreover, the text emphasizes Jing Mie’s permanent feeling as an American and not Chinese even when she was in China.

Is this just part of a quote? And what does it show? You have to frame all quotes The way she reminds herself she is in China I don’t get it?. This describes the internal conflict that makes her a round character. However, we as reader know that the main character interoperations changes throughout the story. The main character self-discovery began mainly when she started to ask questions about her mother and her sisters. For instance, this can be seen in the scene at the hotel when she ask her father “So why did she abandon those babies on the road?

And this is somehow the turning point in narrator self-discovery, because she felt as if she was abandon too, and we see now that she wants clarification of some questions that suck in her mind most of her life, full stop, new sentence she is trying to know more about her family and her origin. The other characters in the story have a major role, especially her sisters. They have a strong impact in Jing Mei’s journey of accepting herself of being Chinese. They are function? as a reference to her, “Together we look like our mother.

So whiteout them she would have never made it. “It is in our blood… it can finally be let go. “(202), so this lines show us full stop, new sentence: “At this point, she is finally able to…” that finally she is able to embrace her Chinese identity. In this story the author cultural background has a real impact. And this appears throughout the story in her telling us about the Jing Mie’s journey. Also it happens to be it is told from JM’s point of view – a deliberate choice from Jing Mie’s point of view. As readers we can see the story through the main characters vision.

It’s avoid contractions in academic writing clear that we can see the feeling of the narrator and how she’s thinking. I am not sure what this paragraph is about. In conclusion, Jing Mei found herself stuck in a conflict between two identities, which led her in a quest of her true identity, but the reality is that she is still influenced by her Western culture. Eventually the character changes throughout the story. Herself identification issue? is resolved when she meets her sisters “And now I also see what part of me is Chinese” (202).

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