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The Underlying Reasons of Scientific Evolution

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In Gregg Easterbrook essay “The Myth of Fingerprints” and Lewis Thomas essay “On Cloning a Human Being” both deal with scientific advances. Easterbrook’s essay focuses more on DNA testing while Thomas’s essay is fixated on cloning. Easterbrook and Thomas tackle their scientific issues with their strong opinions. Through persuasive arguments and factual evidence, Easterbrook and Thomas try to convince the reader to share his point of view. Even though both essays share a common theme of science, they are completely different in the way it is presented and the techniques used.

In “The Myth of Fingerprints” Easterbrook argues over genetic testing. He explains how many criminals have been falsely convicted and how DNA testing will serve mainly to exonerate. He explains how DNA fingerprinting helped solved over 70,000 cases. He believes that DNA testing is infallible. Easterbrook not only focuses on genetic testing but also ties in capital punishment. DNA testing will analyze the evidence of death-row inmates and some innocent people will surely be freed. Easterbrook explains how there are two arguments against capital punishment, that it is inherently wrong and also that it might be used against the wrong person. Easterbrook is completely for DNA testing, one purpose of this essay was to exhibit the pros of genetic testing and persuade the reader to agree with him. Another purpose of this essay was to show the counterintuitive of capital punishment.

Easterbrook does not agree with capital punishment. His argument for capital punishment was quite sneaky. Throughout the essay it was evident that he was focused on DNA testing but along the way he explained how he felt for capital punishment. Just because the DNA test is 100% doesn’t mean someone should die. For his closing words, Easterbrook leaves on a powerful and meaning line, he states “They will be forced back to their real argument, the one that technology can’t undermine: the inherent wickedness of execution itself” (669). Easterbrook is simply saying how you can punish someone in the same way they took someone else’s life. Easterbrook matches science and spirit to prove his beliefs on capital punishment and DNA testing.

“On Cloning a Human Being” Thomas argues over the technological advances on cloning. Thomas explains the dismay of cloning, how cloning is on the list of the most things to worry about. Even though cloning may be a probable possibility, it will be impossible for cloning to be successful. He explains how timing will be a problem and creating the exact environment. He states “To do the thing properly, with any hope of ending up with a genuine duplicate of a single person, you really have no choice but to clone the whole world” (656). By saying this, Thomas introduces how complicated and how impossible it will be to clone someone.

According to Lewis, not only would it be hard to determine who would be selected for cloning, but there is also the factor of environment. Cloning is illogical and unnecessary because everyone and everything would have to be cloned to recreate an environment. Lewis Thomas argues that we should ignore cloning completely, as it would keep things the same and create a landscape akin to Hell on Earth. As the technology is advancing so does beliefs on cloning, he believes we should push back on science. Thomas is humanistic, if we do clone we will all be the same, there will be no uniqueness in the world. That is Thomas’s main argument how the world will be ordinary, no diversity, no variety.

Even though Easterbrook and Thomas essays are similar, they differ with strategies used. Easterbrook is more geared to evidence and facts while Thomas essay is based on his opinion. Easterbrook is a journalist, so he uses mostly evidence to compensate. The style of writing that Thomas uses is unique. He writes in a very conversational tone, making it easier for readers to read and relate. He also adds in rhetorical questions as well as short simple sentences in his writing structure, and the entire essay seems to flow. The tone is personal and straightforward. It sounds somewhat scientific.

For both essays the audience is anyone with an interest in science in science. This includes people without prior knowledge on the subject. Both essays were unfair by only showing one perspective. The purpose of Thomas’s essay is show his perspective on the speculation that we will one day clone human beings. Thomas wants to point out the flaws in the beliefs about cloning and make it known that we should stray from it. The purpose of Easterbrook essay was to show how efficient and effective DNA testing is in solving cases and also the dismay of capital punishment. Both essay’s connect science with spirituality.

Easterbrook and Thomas unravel the real truth of science. They both explain how science can take away humanity. People should focus on more relevant issues in todays world. Cloning wont feed the poor, get people jobs, help the economy, or cure AIDS. People should learn what to focus on and invest more time and money in issues with potential benefits to society, not something like cloning. DNA testing is a major role in solving cases and also helps exonerate the innocent. Easterbrook and Thomas both deal with the scientific advances and explain the arguments through different techniques. Each essay purpose was to persuade the reader to agree with their beliefs. Each essay purpose was also to show the dangers of science in the future.

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