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The system development life cycle report

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The system development life cycle, known as the SDLC, consist of six stages. A project team works through the stages of conceptualize, analyze, design, construct and implement a new information technology system. By using the system development life cycle it increases the accuracy and efficiency, also decreasing the odds of product failure. The stages of the system development life cycle

The first stage of the system development life cycle is planning. The objective and requirements of the project are determined at this phase. An evaluation of personnel and costs, as well as ideas for new products is prepared. Once this information is gathered it is analyzed to determine if there is any alternative products to be used. At which point if there is not, then a project plan is drawn up and presented to management to determine approval.

The second stage of the system development life cycle is analysis. In this stage the project team will determine what the end-user requirements will be. To come to these conclusions the project team will consult with client focus groups. This provides the project team with an idea of what is needed and expected for the end results of the product. At which point the project team will document all findings and review and approved by the client and management before moving on to the next stage.

The third stage of the system development life cycle is design. With all the data and facts the project team will construct charts to determine what would be the best design logically and structurally. The project team creates mock-up screen layouts for the developers to use to create their interface.

The fourth stage of the system development life cycle is construction. The developers will use the laid out data provided to them in the design stage to create a database, code for the data flow process, and user interface screens. Test data is prepared to refine the code as much as possible.

The fifth stage of the system development life cycle is test. All aspects of the system are tested to determine the functionality and performance. There are test to determine if the system can communicate with later versions as well as integrate with other systems. The system also needs to meet requirements of the company and customers.

The sixth and last stage of the system development life cycle is rollout. This is when the system is released to customers as an upgrade of full version. Once feedback is provided by customer, code will be perfected to guarantee performance and mishandling of data. Summary

Each and every stage leads into the other. However these stages need to be done in a constructive order to provide the best possible results. This life cycle is not ever at a hault or finished, when there is changes that need to be made, the cycle restarts. Through rapid changes in technology the cycle and be made several times in a short period of time.


Morris, K. (n.d.). Steps in the System Development Life Cycle. Retrieved from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/steps-system-development-life-cycle-43241.html

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