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The Secret Life of Human Trafficking

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Debbie’s story is particularly chilling. One evening Debbie said she got a call from a casual friend, Bianca, who asked to stop by Debbie’s house. Debbie went outside to meet Bianca, who drove up in a Cadillac with two older men, Mark and Matthew. “So I went and I started to go give her a hug,” Debbie told “Primetime.” “And that’s when she pushed me in the car.” As they sped away from her house, Debbie said that one of the men told Bianca to tie her up and said he threatened to shoot Bianca if she did not comply. Unbelievably, police say Debbie was kidnap from her own driveway with her mother, Kerstin, right inside. Back home with her other kids, Kerstin had no idea Debbie was not there. Her captors took her to an apartment 25 mile from her home.

She said one of her captors put a gun to her head. Debbie said her captors then drugged her and other man was brought into the room, where she was gang raped. Debbie’s indoctrination into the world of sex exploitation was particularly brutal. More often young girls are lured into unwilling prostitution with promises of jobs, money, clothing and modeling. “Teen Girls Stories.”Human trafficking took over the world, and the percentage of missing women and children is rising as we speak. I am highly against human trafficking, it is like a disease that keeps spreading and needs to be stop. By any means necessary.

Slavery started thousands of years ago; it existed in prehistoric hunting societies and has involved over history of the humanity as a universal institution. Human Trafficking is a crime Against humanity; it involves an act of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harbouring or receiving a person through the use of force. Every year thousands of men, women and children fall in the hands of traffickers in their own countries or in other countries. Purpose of exploitation, which includes exploiting into prostitution, forced labour, slavery or similar practices of servitude or the removal of organs. Elements of Human Trafficking:

1. The Act(What is done) – transporting, recruiting, receiving a person
2. The Means (How it is done) – Threat or use force, abduction, Fraud, or giving payments or an agreement to a person to control a victim.
3. The Purpose (Why it is done) – Purpose of exploitation, which includes exploiting into prostitution, forced labour, slavery or similar practices of servitude or the removal of organs.

Did you know more than 80% victims are females, human trafficking is the third most profitable. Brothel industry makes at least $4 billion worldwide. Some victims that were rescued have been trafficked from more than 50 nations across the globe. Many American Children who have been trafficked have been had run away from homes where they have been physically or sexually abused. More than 2/3 of sex trafficking children suffer multiply abuse when they with their traffickers. And 71% of the children committed suicide; children who are victims of human trafficking are most likely to develop mental health problems.

Studies show that 65% of female victims of sex trafficking sustain physical internal injuries, 24% experience head injuries, 12% had broken bones. And some might have HIV or other sexual transmitted diseases, 68% of female victims post- traumatic stress disorder. Sex trafficking has recently become a large problem for many nation states and many endeavors are put into solving it. It was recognized by the academics as a complex and global phenomenon, which needs to confronted in a comprehensive way, but also there is a great deal of controversy about what should be in the scope of the struggle.

Different countries view the problem from different positions and follow different approaches in order to combat it. Some examples are that there were 645,000 slaves transported into the United States during the Civil War age. There are 27,000,000 slaves in the world right now. Allowing this to continue is an outrage on all humanity. By continuing to look away, we are saying to the world that it is ok to steal and sell women and children for dubious reasons. We are saying that it is all right to abduct a young boy from his family and force him to be in the military just because a regime has the power to do it. Since trafficking is a very lucrative business, poorer nations allow it to happen to support their armies and their pleasures.

The age Ranges for both Genders

(ChartsBin.Web.15 May 2012.)
What is the Blue Heart Campaign?

The blue heart stands for the sadness of those who are trafficked, that cold-heartedness of those who buy and sell fellow human beings. The use of the blue UN color also demonstrates the commitment of the United Nations to fighting against this horrible epidemic. In the same way that the red ribbon has become the international symbol of HIV/AIDS awareness, this campaign aims to make the Blue Heart into an international symbol against human trafficking. By wearing “the Blue Heart you will raise awareness of human trafficking and join the campaign to fight this crime”. Human trafficking is a crime that strips people of their rights, ruins their dreams, and robs them of their dignity. A crime shames us all. Human trafficking is a global problem and no country is immune. Millions of victims entrapped and exploited every year in this modern form of slavery. To rally world public opinion against human trafficking, UNODC has launched the Blue Heart Campaign. It is open to all those who want to participate and wear the Blue Heart as a symbol of their support for this campaign. Please stand up against human trafficking, and stand together as a nation and make our world a better place.


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