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The Role of sports in society

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Most of dictionary which exist in present world define the word society as:(1) a group of persons regarded as forming a single community, esp. forming a distinct social or economic class. (2) the system or condition of living together in such a group. Then, who did consist society and why? May be, after biological creature which could called as human being was turned up in this planet, society has been started due to very simple reason. It is beneficial to animal which is called human latter. That’s why they live together and help each other. If human were to be like the tiger with huge canine teeth and sharp claws, living off deer and other miscellaneous organisms, man kind could have probably afforded to live alone.

But the nature of man is that he is born physically weak and remains so till the end of his life. But they were able to think. That is differences. Society, at its basic level, came to exist when man gave up hunting and foraging as the only means of food gathering. The accumulation of experience of raising crops and harvesting them helped him live on a fixed spot of land instead of moving in search of food. The beginning of mankind was approximately 6,000 years, from that period, sports as physical activity has been related to life of human and society with whatever reasons.

Now, in 21st century in this world, Sport has become a major institution in society, and, indeed, the modern world. Yet, our understanding of the role of this major social phenomenon are really clear. Sport as a cultural phenomenon affecting human’s physical and mental aspects is essential for the development of a happiness and vigorous society and for the attainment of the individual’s psychosomatic health. It is therefore of the greatest significance that people should engage in sports throughout their lives. Sport also has the significance of an activity pursuing the ultimate limits of our human potential. Also sports is a contributory factor to the development of a vigorous, healthy society in that it enhances the nation’s interest in sports and fills the minds and hearts of people with a grand vision and makes a deep emotional impression. Sport also has the following social significance, and it is one of the first and foremost duties of the nation and the local public entities to make an even stronger commitment that ever in the past to the creation and expansion of an infrastructure that will give further impetus to the promotion of sport. Now sport is not that simple actually.

Sports are related economics, celebrities, commercial and even politics. But, in terms of people’s normal life, the basic role of sports has not changed significantly since BC. Be more healthy, right spirit, get along together. Sports have great role of the physical and mental health of people. Furthermore, there are a sense of personal responsibility and self-control and a spirit of fair-play. Through the exchange with friends and leaders, sport also fosters in the young communication ability and engenders a spiritual fullness and the quality of being mindful and considerate of others. Sport activities also help to relieve the various forms of mental stress children are experiencing due to a variety of factors. Also, sport has element keys in a sound education for children and youths in that it provides an opportunity. However, there are barrier against this ideal role of sports for society. As sociologist and philosopher analysed that this world is tough, life is hard to survive. And those things lead people into excessive individualism. Ideal role of sports for this society need holism rather than excessive individualism. Being selfish can not be helped for that.

It might be useless story for the people who are addicted with oppressive survivalism, inordinate individualism. Needless to say, role of sports in society is already very clear. Evidence can be founded in history from B.C 6000 to now on. Most of the role of sports in this society is seemed to be positive thing. So there are not serious reasons why the role of sports in this society have to be defined again. Only thing should be done is to be aware of the right role of sports and committee ourselves for that.

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