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The Objectification of Women: Whose Fault is it?

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“The Objectification of Women: Whose Fault is it?” Santi Derosa 1. The audience DeRosa has in mind would be the people who are using women in an objectified way such as college athletic departments. That use women as recruiters to have more male players willing to come to that school. You can tell by not only the claims that he makes regarding how women are used. 2. The purpose of DeRosa writing this would be to prove how women are treated in this day in age. Rather than being treated like an everyday citizen they are treated like objects and second class citizens. He achieves his point by using quotes and actual female’s opinions on the issue. 3. His tone establishes ethos by not speaking in a demanding way but rather trying to persuade by not only opinion but facts and opinions from others. The tone is appropriate because it gets the point across while not taking it as far as slandering people who do objectifies women. While still proving that it is wrong and should not be done. 4. He fairly represents the other side by not only using the same tactic that he used for his side which is using opinions while stating facts such as the ratios for male to female recruiters.

He could have went into detail expressing the other side as in explaining why there are so many women as recruiters and just a small few or how they pick the women for that job. 5. By him writing as a student, husband, and a father it gives him different aspects to the issue such as him having a daughter and not wanting her to be objectified. A husband with a wife who he does not want to be objectified. As a student because he would want a female friend of his to be objectified. He did convince me of an issue that I did know existed but he put it into a deeper perspective. It will spur the names mentioned due to the fact everything dealing with the issue and how bad it has gotten has involved them. 6. The text appeals to emotion by not only feeling informed but also realizing that you might have objectified a women. While almost having a feeling of anger due to the fact that some males do this and are proud of it and open about it. 7. DeRosa’s main claim is that women are being objectified still in this day in age from not only sports but to entertainment.

I do agree with the claim due to that women are almost made out to be objects that at any time if a female who is socially accepted as “beautiful” is on a television screen the product almost sells out. Along with in sports that it takes a women to get someone to play for your college football team rather than using a male that could simply persuade the player to play. 8. The evidence DeRosa provides is convincing by him naming names and using the opinions of others it is convincing because it is not only him who feels that way. He could have used evidence such as how often would a product sell out using a women rather than using a man. Another piece of evidence could be finding out how schools feel about the issue and if they think it is an issue within their school.

9. He used a support structure by first giving his claim making his points that while at the end using evidence to support his claim. He did use the pro and con structure as in why they use women in an objectifying way but also explaining why that hurts women in a way that they are not taken serious. 10. By him using his history he made the point of how hard women work which compares to the text by how hard women worked to get the rights that they have now. Along with explaining why women should not be objectified because we all came from one.

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