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The Novel “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas

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To Irvine Unified School District staff, should educate in a course or display largely in the library because of its benefits to the students. The novel talks about several issues that face the world today and it will be important if the students are aware of these issues. The book exists in a simple language that students easily understand. The students will learn more about racism, violence, family conflicts, police misconducts and the importance of education. They will learn how the mentioned issues apply in the daily lives and they will realize that these are common issues which some of them face.

Racial discrimination is looking at one’s race as inferior to yours. According to Freeman, Alex, and Webb, the novel should educate in the course in order to help the students fight racial discrimination. The novel will help the students to familiarise themselves how people are being discriminated today based on their race. In the novel, a white police officer without crime murders Khalil who is black. The students will also be able to learn how racial discrimination is in their schools and the entire society. The students will then be encouraged to avoid inequality and discrimination (Shoffner and Melanie 3).

In the book, “The Hate U Give”, there is a manifestation of friendship and its importance. Neysa Petrina writes that those who are friends have a bigger level of positivity while interacting as compared while interacting with the people who are not their friends. The friendship between Starr and Khalil may influence the students to know the importance of friendship. This will make them learn to share and help their friends in time of need like Khalil who had driven Starr in his car while going home. They also add that those who are friends usually are in a particular peer, they have a link that force one to be in it, and that the friends help each other freely. In the novel, Starr tries to find justice for Khalil because he was her best friend. Towards the end of the novel, Starr vows to remember Khalil in her life. Friendship is very important because it may help the friends to get others from trouble as explained in the book.

Angie Thomas also talks about the existence of gangs in the novel. The novel will also make the learners know the risks of joining gang groups. This is based on the situation where Maverick was jailed though him being innocent. Finally, the arrest of King the leader of the gang happens. This will enable the students to understand that engaging in a gang is illegal. George and McLoughlin write that most people who engage in the gangs are still in the adolescent stage. When one involves himself to a gang group, his life, family and the community suffers just as Khalil killing. He frames for this it affects Starr. The youth will also be keen for they will know that people joins gangs due to various reasons one influenced with the people of their same age group who may be involved themselves in the gang. According to George and McLoughlin, the male adolescents are the one who join the gang in high numbers. This is evident by Maverick and King. This situation or fact will make the male students be careful and prevent themselves from engaging in such activities.

Those who belong to a particular gang have endangered the lives of those who are disadvantaged economically or those of a lower age. This is evident in the novel in the Maverick’s case. The students may also help to remove those who are the gangs by advising them on the risks of the gangs. Different characters in the novel appear fighting for justice on behalf of others. This includes being witnesses and organizing peaceful demonstrations just to get justice. When the students read this novel, they will gain the courage of talking about the matters like disregarding of other people, oppressing others. The students will also attempt to question race discrimination and other injustices that some people are going through. The students will also require encouragement to guarantee that there is justice in all the people (Freeman, Alex and Webb 1). The students will also be motivated to know the world is diverse in empathizing, understanding and accepting those treated unfairly. When they read the novel, the novel will have an impact on them in that they will know to handle different situations in life (Shoffner and Melanie).

The different circumstances in the novel will make the students be open-minded, think ethically, be effective in communicating and respect others despite their color. The novel talks about the peaceful demonstrations held in the school after the white officer was innocent of all charges and he had indeed killed Khalil. Starr heads the protests to end the injustice done on Khalil. This will teach the students to know and fight for other peoples’ rights peacefully. The students may also be motivated to fight against the evil actions of the police officers. Khalil was brutally murdered and framed to be a member of a gang and drug trafficking. Sharma, Divya, and Michelle write that the students might also go to political agencies to campaign for the blacks whom their lives snatched from them. They add that white students can back up the movement known as the “Black Lives Matter”. The students will also know the disadvantages of violence and learn to solve issues in a peaceful manner.

The novel will be a suitable guide to the students through the life of Starr. The students through reading the novel will be able to work hard in the studies despite what they go through. Starr shows is exemplary in that despite her poor backgrounds at home, she was able to learn comfortably in the school. She also proves her brevity when she fights for the rights of Khalil and leads the peaceful demonstrations. Despite families that the students come from having several challenges, the learners also will have the opportunity of not causing their families much trouble. They will have to accept how their families are and live in a manner that they keep their families intact.

The suitable age of the learners who should use the book should be above fifteen years. This is because the learners at this age are able to understand the circumstances in the novel and relate to real-life situations. They can also understand the fictional novel well. Teaching learners of the lower age might not be desirable as it might cause fear to them and the major issues talked about in the book may not be relevant to them. How to teach the book Shoffner and Melanie write that the best way to teach is by students reading for themselves the novel and give assignments to students that cover race, power, and justice.

The book “The Hate U Give” is an important book and should be incorporated in the curriculum of the students or be in the library where it can be easily accessible where the majority of students can have a chance of reading it. The book talks about racism, violence, family conflicts, friendship, education, gangs, and police brutality. These issues affect different people in society and the students should have a chance of knowing what happens in society. The youth or students who are above fifteen years are the ones who are supposed to use this book because they may understand with ease and the fiction in it may not look cruel to them. The best methods of teaching this book are giving the book to the students for them to read on their own or for them to receive assignments from it.

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