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The Importance of Grammar

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Throughout history the English language has changed dramatically, and to this day continues evolving. The Modern English language spoken today is derived from Old English, which was spoken for centuries until around 1100. As time went on, grammar was impacted greatly by the transitions from Old English, to Middle English, and to Modern English. In the world before technology, people did not have access to websites like Grammarly that could check for grammatical errors in a text. Instead, the rules of grammar had to be taught in schools, something that many school systems today fail to do correctly. Grammar is an important life skill that has an immense effect on the future of students. Students are the future, and if they are not properly educated, then the future of the world’s population is being set up for failure. Grammar education should be enforced in schools so students can hold a job after their high school graduation, it can help people become more respectable, and it is a crucial part of communication skills.

Grammar should be enforced in schools because being able to construct sentences properly is a common requirement for a number of jobs. Take a secretary for example. Secretaries are constantly on the phone with clients and writing out emails to people. If they did not have good knowledge and understanding of grammar, they would most likely not even be hired. Using proper grammar just makes it easier to keep a stable job. Employers such as Kyle Wiens, who is the CEO of a technology repair manual company called iFixit, requires his applicants to take a basic grammatical test during their application process. If the test is failed, the application will be rejected. Considering that iFixit is an online repair manual that requires a lot of writing, it makes sense that Wiens is selective on who he has working for him. “Grammar is relevant for all companies. Yes, language is constantly changing, but that doesn’t make grammar unimportant. Good grammar is credibility.” (Wiens, Kyle “I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here’s Why.”) This shows that having a good understanding of grammar is not just beneficial in the workforce because it can make people more credible.

Grammar is an important skill that should be taught in schools because it can help a writer greatly when trying to get the correct message respectfully and professionally across to their audience. Martha Brockenbrough, grammar columnist for MSN’s Encarta, states “You know that being grammatical isn’t just about following the rules like some sort of robot. It’s about paying attention to context. It’s using language that’s most likely to be understood. It’s about sending a message that will be met with respect just as it shows respect.” (“Does Grammar Really Matter?”) Brockenbrough introduces the idea that proper grammar use is crucial when a writer is trying to be taken seriously on a subject. If grammar is not taught properly in schools (or not taught at all), then the future writers of America will have a difficult time trying to entertain or inform their audiences over subjects. Not only will it be difficult for them to convey their emotions through proper writing, but not having good knowledge of grammar will make it a lot harder for readers to understand a text.

Good communication skills are heavily influenced by the use of correct grammar. Using correct sentence structure makes it easier for writers to connect and engage with their audience. Major companies around the world need to stay in contact with their different headquarters, and things like language barriers can make it difficult for businesses to flourish in different countries. Proper grammar usage can help make understanding between the business simpler. Kelley Holland, a business news writer for NBC, states “With offices in multiple time zones and time sensitive investment decisions to make, the firm’s leaders understand that clear communications are essential.” (“Why Johnny can’t write, and why employers are mad.”) Companies should have to enforce good grammar habits as well, especially to the employees who are in charge of writing emails or using any form of communications across the globe to other headquarters. Clear communications are vital in business areas. Having employees with little to no grammar education, it will be more difficult to make important corporal decisions because none of the employees will be able to put their thoughts into the correct formats.

Grammar is one of the main bases of writing. Without it, reading and all forms of communication would be either nonexistent or extremely difficult to decipher. Grammar should be taught in schools because it can help students hold a job, it can help people become more respectable, and because it is a crucial part of communication skills. Employers should be able to rely on their workers for tasks involving writing with accuracy to help their business thrive. Using proper grammar will also give people a more respectable tone and credibility while writing, or even speaking. Clear communications between people and corporations would not be possible without grammar either: Grammar is not just a useless subject, it is the future of country. Grammar is human innovation.


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