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The Hotel and Restaurant Management

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The Hotel and Restaurant Management student of Central Luzon State University shows good deep manner and dedication which prove to others that the institution produces high quality product future hoteliers. The time that we will prove what things we what we earned in the school is a right weapon to compete to other school. This is the beginning, first step to become well refined HRM students to take the job training skills. Training is to achieve of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. A training that focuses for the future continues training beyond initial qualifications, upgrade and update skills throughout working life. It forms the core of apprenticeships and provides the backbone of content at institutes of technology also known as technical colleges or polytechnics.

On-the-job training is the oldest form of training. Prior to the advent of off-site training classrooms, the only practical way of learning a job was working alongside experienced workers in a particular trade or profession. On-the-job training programs range from formal training with company supervisors to learning by watching and assisting devotedly to become effective and competitive. In this sense, trainers who become the workers by experienced.

Importance of the On-the-Job Training
OJT has a big significant, this one of the effective method to develop the competencies skills of students is through hands – on training. This process exposes the students to the different fields and learning, to have a familiar with the actual operation of the hotel, have a opportunities to become well rounded and refined hotelier. Trainees are able to learn things appropriate to achieve goals of the firm, morale, productivity, and professionalism will normally be high in those individuals’ trainees. Objectives of the On-the-Job Training

* To provide students a hands-on experience to the actual procedures and guest service aspects of the hospitality industry. * Enables the students to gain exposure and apply the theories he/she learns in school to real hotel and restaurant operation and problems. * To develop a positive attitude and self confidence required of a competent hotel professional.

Objectives of the report
* To contribute to the hands on experience to the actual procedures and guest aspects of the hospitality. * To share the knowledge that we got on the training experience. * To fulfil the requirements to become competent hotel professional.

Place and Duration
Astoria Plaza (#Escrive Drive (formerly Amber Avenue) Ortigas Business District, Pasig City July 02-August 30, 2012)

Microtel Ridge Golf & Country Club, Javalera, General Trias, Cavite September

Company profile
The Astoria plaza residence suite is located in Ortiga’s Centre; Astoria Plaza offers a lap pool and free shuttle to Ortigas Business District. Fully air-conditioned, its spacious suites come with free Wi-Fi and a well-equipped kitchenette. It is the new standard in urban living with all the space and comfort of home combined with the convenience of a hotel. With rooms ranging from a minimum of 60 sq. meters to a maximum of 130 sq. meters, Astoria’s spacious rooms give you the freedom to enjoy your living space separate from your workspace. Both one and two-bedroom suites boast of German-technology door lock system, audio-video entry phone, cable television and electronic safe. Conducting business in your very own suite is a breeze with our IDD/NDD facilities, data port and internet access.

The hotel is compose of 119 rooms is fully deluxe and affordable to the economy. Featuring a comfortable living area and views of the city, suites are equipped with a cable TV and DVD player. Kitchenettes come with a microwave and fridge, while en suite bathrooms have hot water showers. Astoria Plaza
is a 40-minute drive from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It is a 10-minute walk to SM Megamall and Shangri-La Mall. Guests who drive can enjoy free parking. Guests can relax with a massage at the Regenere Spa or enjoy a refreshing workout at the gym. The hotel also provides a business centre and beauty salon. It is also serves buffet meals featuring local and international dishes. À la carte dishes are also available throughout the day. SUITE RATES

• Rates are subject to 10% service charge and tax
• Inclusive of buffet breakfast
• Check-in time is 2:00 pm
• Check-out time is 12:00nn
• Suites will be held up to 4:00 pm only unless reservations are guaranteed by prior payment
• Major credit cards accepted
• Long staying and group rates are available
• other packages available, contact us at [email protected]

Amenities and facility
*Video entry phone (in all suites)
• Full maid service
• Laundry and valet room service
• Café Astoria (restaurant and bar)
• Santis Delicatessen
• Fitness center

• Spa and beauty salon
• Outdoor swimming pool (with separate kiddie pool)
• Business center (with 2 boardrooms and 4 workstations)
• 9 function rooms
• Concierge and currency exchange
• Transportation / shuttle service
• Six (6) levels of basement parking (with valet service)
• CCTV security camera
• Free internet access

*Astoria Plaza Hotel is a 3 star hotel located at J. Escriva Drive Ortigas Business District Pasig City, Philippines. It is close to major business establishments, commercial hubs, financial institutions, medical centers, and academic bodies in Metro Manila. The hotel is a 35-storey building that offers spacious accommodation to meet the needs of the leisure or business travelers.

Activities & SOP per each department


A. Role of Housekeeping
-Housekeeping plays a very important role in a hotel as it does not only take care of the cleaning of the establishment but also affects guest satisfaction, operating cost, maintenance of the hotel facilities and setting the atmosphere of the property. -Guest want a clean, safe and pleasant lodging environment, so Housekeeping department plays an important role in giving guest a good first and lasting impression of the hotel. This impression may encourage repeat business word-of-mouth advertising; or will upset customer and drive business way. -Proper Housekeeping not only generates business; it can reduce expenses in the replacement of supplies, furnishings and equipment. The life of facilities could be prolonged by proper maintenance and care. Housekeeping Department also supports the function if other departments.

DND Do Not Disturb NS No Service – Not made up room SO Slept Out

NCI Newly Checked In
SDB Safety Deposit Box
DL Double Locked OS Out of Service
OOO Out of Order
VC Vacant Clean CO Check Out
LB Light Baggage
NB No Baggage
HU House Use
ECO Expected Check Out Room FC For Inspection / for Checking

Housekeeping (Standard Operating Procedure)
* Preparation of trolley and cleaning equipments
* Knock on the door 3 times with an interval of five (5) seconds in between the sets of 3 knocks, announcing: ‘Housekeeping’. * Open the door slowly. Guest might have put the chain on the door latch. Announce housekeeping once again while inside the room * Switch on light and check for burnt out bulbs. Open drapes. Switch off lights. * Take out room service trays or trolley

* Wear hand gloves and collect rubbish from the bins into garbage bags. * Strip bed linens one by one and check for items that guest might have left. * Collect used towels and put them in the linen bag or buggy cart. * Dusting, clockwise or counter clockwise from top to bottom. Use clean dusting cloth and furniture polish. * Clean kitchen ( refer to kitchen cleaning procedure)

* Clean bathroom (refer to bathroom cleaning procedure)
* Replenish amenities
* Mop and vacuum the floor (refer to procedure)
* Final check/look
Look around the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen to check
For areas not done and items not replenished

* Maid’s trolley complete with all amenities such as:
* Bed sheets, Pillow cases and towels
* Roll tissue, Facial tissue, Coaster, Envelope, Matches
* Laundry bag, Letterhead, Note pad, Pencil, Slippers
* Dental kit, Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, Tea, Soap
* Vacuum cleaner, mop, dusting cloth

* Put on Mattress Pad. Centre it on top of the bed. Smooth it out.
* Put on 1st sheet (bottom sheet) showing the right side of it.
* Place it evenly and centre it down the mattress
* Tuck sheet at the head end under the mattress
* Mitre the two corners (envelop shape) neatly and tightly.
* Insert the remaining part of the sheet around the bed
* Put on the 2nd sheet showing the wrong side, showing the hem.
* Centre it and pull up to the head end of the mattress.

* Put on the blanket. Centre it on the bed and pull towards the head with approximately 6 to 8 inches away from the head end of the mattress. * Put on the top or the 3rd sheet, pull it until the head end of the mattress and wrap the blanket with the top sheet by folding it underneath the blanket. * Fold back the 2nd sheet over the blanket; tuck the folded 2nd sheet and the blanket together in both sides of the mattress. * Go to the foot of the bed. Stretch the first sheet, then the second sheet, the blanket and the top sheet and insert them under the mattress. * Push the bed back towards the headboard

* Mitre both sides forming a 45 degree angle neatly and tightly. * Put on the bed runner/scarf over the mattress at the foot side of the bed. * Fluff the pillow before inserting into the pillow case. Position the pillows leaning against the headboard with the open end facing towards the window. MATERIALS, EQUIPMENT AND AMENITIES

* Queen Bed sheets-3
* Pillow cases-3
* Bath towel, Hand towel, Face towel, Bath mat-3/2/2/1
* Dusting. Clockwise or counter clockwise from top to bottom * Dusting. Clockwise or counter clockwise from top to bottom * Dust grump shelves (television cabinet)
* Wipe the television, check remote control by putting TV on and turn off. * Wipe DVD player, open and check if there is CD left by previous guest. * Open and dust grump cabinets. Check underneath.

* Check curtains for missing hooks or runners. Arrange evenly * Wipe sofa side tables and lamps.
* Remove sofa cushion and clean underneath. Check under the sofa for dirt/dust. * Wipe dining table glass top using all purpose cleaner.
* Do not use Shine-up on glass top
* Wipe dining chairs and arrange properly.

* Dusting cloth, Furniture polish
* Furniture polish (Shine-up, white colour)
* Mop and vacuum cleaner
* Note pad, Pencil, Matches

* Wash utensils, glasses, plates and pots. Place them on a clean dry cloth.
* Clean refrigerator inside and outside. Use all-purpose cleaner
* Clean walls, counter tops and shelves
* Clean range hood. Use all-purpose cleaner
* Wipe dry glasses, plates, pots and utensils.
* Replenish coffee amenity sets and mineral water.

* Dusting cloth, clean dry cloth, and dishwashing liquid soap.
* All purpose cleaner.
* Mineral water, Coffee, Tea, White Sugar
* Mop and vacuum cleaner

* Flush toilet and spray with toilet bowl cleaner while cleaning other area of the bathroom. * Wash dental glass and ashtray with liquid hand soap and place over a clean cloth. Wipe with clean dry cloth. * Scrub faucet, lavatory sink and stopper. Rinse. Clean amenity tray and glass shelves. * Clean the mirror. Spray with glass cleaner and clean cloth. * Scrub wall tiles and shower down to the lower portion. Rinse. Wipe dry with absorbent cloth. * Scrub bathtub and walls with all-purpose cleaner. Rinse. Wipe dry, Replace shower curtain if necessary. * Scrub toilet bowl. Rinse and wipe dry. Sanitize.

* Replenish towels and amenities.
* Mop the floor, dry and vacuum.

* All-purpose cleaner, Scouring pad with sponge, dusting cloth, Rags, glass cleaner, Dishwashing liquid soap, Toilet brush, Hand brush, Sanitizer. * Mop and vacuum cleaner
* Amenities:
* Roll tissue, Facial tissue, Coaster, Dental kit, Lotion, Soap, Shampoo and Towels

* Start vacuuming the bedroom down to bathroom.
* Vacuum all corners of the room, under the bed, tables and chairs. * Vacuum bathroom floors. Ensure no water on floor is absorbed by the machine. * Vacuum living area starting from window side, all corners, under the sofa, tables and chairs. * Vacuum kitchen floor

* Mop with a clean mop head, starting from bedroom down to bathroom living area and kitchen. Wash and rinse mop from time to time.

* Mop and vacuum cleaner

Observation per department
Food and Beverage Department
Other hotel that manages different restaurant and banquet areas main goals in the food service operations is to provide the highest quality of food and service in a sophisticated, comfortable ambience, friendly and professional staffs, ensuring that every patron returns,” in their place. My observation in Astoria plaza residence suite was so good and nice in every aspect: lodging facilities, amenities’ that we had the staff have the attitude mode of kindness. One of the eye-catching observations from the department of Food & Beverage includes the banquet and coffee shop is the substandard procedure on how to wash the utensils. I think it is not appropriate to the standard that I’ve learned according to staff that I talked about this case, he told that hassle time and the duration of people/guest coming they cannot accommodate well these results of washing the glasses even they are not using dishwashing liquid.

Housekeeping Department
One of the most important, most labour-intensive, and largest cost centres in the hotel is neither universally understood nor respected by the bulk of the hotel’s department managers, their employees, and, to a large extent, the hotel’s guests and clients is the housekeeping department.

In the Astoria plaza the housekeeping department of the hotel was the most tiring and challenging department that we myself encounter, because of all the duty that I rendered to this department, I think its stressful department. Because the basement 6 on the department had bad smell, no ventilation and conducive elevator, the trolleys have a defect, the storage to supplies is also reported to the department, all of the pressure was so memorable to everyone because its shows us friendship, dedication to work, made it easy for us to work. The reason why we consider the department the best I am very much thankful to the willingness, patience of the staff and supervisors in teaching & helping hand upon the training. They taught use things we need to gain on the job training.

Front office Department
This department is the nerve of the hotel that can sale the room and promote the amenities and facilities that they offered. The Astoria plaza front office department is the cruel department with regards to pressure and hectic time. To the housekeepers that can’t ever see the hard work of the housekeeper to clean and rush the room.

I’m in the payables office in front office of the department, I observe the serious and dedication to the work of the every employee to their duty, this department office is very important sector it handle the partnership and supplier of the hotel, balance the invoice input from the hotel, overtime is needed. Participation per department

Food and Beverage Department
In this department, I’m in the banquet area a trainee food attendant to help the employees for their regular food, sometimes I serve the guest, I observe that sometimes they like a steward glasses for the guest. Man power in needed in the banquet area. Then I was assigned to food and beverage office which is in the office of the secretary, helping the supervisor and the staffs for all they need information. Housekeeping department

As a trainee in Astoria, I’m not call myself as a trainee; I’m consider myself a regular employee on the department because I personally felt that I’m a room attendant. This daily duty I participate for the other room attendant by helping them in the bed making, cleaning the room, mopping and vacuuming the floor which is regular duty of a room attendant. I was participating in all aspect because I want to apply other ideas and skills that will improve of my housekeeping skills, the high expectation regarding the cleanliness of public area/comfort room as well. And also I experienced to become a public area, it’s challenging because of the exposure to the guest that we met.

Front Office Department
I had 8hrs duty in this department, it was very tiring because and was in the bell service I had in duty, standing around felt that I can’t get no longer on. I step up from the office of payables one part of the front office department; I was only trainee among the three staff here. I was assigned in the receiving file, calls, arranging important files in the cabinet, distributing check invoice to the accounting office this is my regular duty to this department meant for participation.

Interaction per department
Food and beverage department
Food & Beverage Department deal to the other department like Housekeeping nearby Public Area, cleaning their function Room, the lobby outside the room and other area of the department, communicate to the reservation beneath Front office department will organize by the event organizer the use of the function room and the other needs of the guest. The trainees were communicating to the food and beverage supervisor for their command like dealing with the food attendant helping them and also helping one another to different trainee.

As a trainee I need to be communicate to the supervisor of the department and to the other department everyday because the receiving files from reservation, food attendant be the one to settle the needs of an event like preparing the food label, signage’s and other needs of the staff to set up. Housekeeping Department

The housekeeping Department interface to the Front Office Department to know the status of the room and to know what room to prepared and cleaned by housekeeping department, the supervisor will give instructions to the trainee things to do and give to the assigned floor things need to do.

Other trainee’s and I will communicate to the assigned Room Attendant to helping them cleaning the room & other thing they instruct us to do. We follow their rules and regulations as strictly like good communication because it is the most important thing we need to do first, to become a good trainee. Front Office Department

This Department deals with both Housekeeping and Food & Beverage because it is located in the front face and usherette of the hotel. I was in the Payables office deals with the accounting and cost control for the important purposes, As a trainee of the payables office it is hard to interact from other people they don’t know because the payables is the one to make the invoice statement from the supplier of the hotel. I deal with the staff of the payables to helping them to encode if/not the supplier to paid and unpaid also, help them to other necessities and there instructions.

Challenges per department
Food & Beverage Department
One of the challenges that I encounter is misunderstanding hot temper guest because she doesn’t like rectangular block the set up rectangular hallow instead, the supervisor, food attendant and other trainee’s full force to set up the guest want, within 5mins before the start of the meeting.

Housekeeping Department
The challenges that we met in this department I think the when I clean the check out room and we need to rush it for the incoming guest. We need to clean the dirty room as soon as possible. Front Office Department

On the department the challenges that we met are the enough time and pressure to accomplish all the work given to you and another more to come. This is the time to show our strength, control the pressure to do it well. Budgetary requirements

Astoria & Microtel training fee has a total sum of P23, 000.00 within 2 months for Astoria and another one week to Microtel for on-the job training requirements, to include other expenses the total amount spent was P24, 000 both Astoria & Microtel for food expenses and other personal thing during our training. IV. Personal evaluation, conclusion, recommendation

Personal evaluation
For the Astoria Plaza Residence Suites it is the new standard in urban living with all the space and comfort of home combined with the convenience of a hotel which is good for the consumers and guest. If I rate the Astoria out of 10 and will give them 9, because of the excellence Staff, objectives sharing untruly things knowledge’s and ideas to the student rendering there on-the-job training in using the facility and others the kindness they showed us in the hotel. Another 1 become 10 is to continue to share your ideas and knowledge for each student that taken up Hotel & Restaurant Managements.

For the Microtel Eagle Ridge it is good because we had with the one week organized/orientation of the hotel industry by the kindness and the very accommodating staff, keep it up to continue share their ideas and knowledge in helping trainees to become an effective hotelier someday. Conclusion

The trainee conclude that the training program of the Astoria & Microtel are obliging in the use of theirs facilities/equipment in hotel, short source of knowledge and new skills to develop our own expertise, well organized training make a quality hoteliers’ someday. Recommendation

The trainee recommend for the faculty with the aim of Astoria Plaza & Microtel to be an honest partnership for the on the job training program of the student for much better experience to the hotel and a good quality of learning dealing with others.

To Astoria Plaza, continue to provide best quality of knowledge and skills of the students to develop their proficiency to become a good hotelier in the future.
To the students to pursue their last requirements for they on the job training to prove and apply their knowledge gained to the teacher who share their knowledge to them.

Accomplishment & Contribution
The accomplishment I contributes to the Astoria is the time and the manpower in helping them in operation of the hotel, the time that helping hard & to do the things that help the staff of Astoria, joining in to their works each day, as a trainee in the different department that I was assigned I think it is the effort and willingness to work us things doing. Competencies gained

There are improvements on my skills and knowledge after the on the job training, in the different department I was assigned. Each department developed my leadership and technical competencies. Leadership/competencies along with my attitude and skills are important competencies for my career development. For the technical competencies my Emotional Intelligence to get through the regular challenges that I am face it. Projects/Output

As a trainee it’s not enough to serve and satisfy the guest while on your duty, the best thing that Astoria shares us to let us join the repacking and help the hopeless people from the infinite rains that causes flooding and destruction of people’s house and resources in their life. The Astoria and us trainees had an outreached program Bayanihan giving food and a sympathy for the hopeless people.

Impact to field of specialization
The impact of our field of specialization is to ensure the students gained an effective and competitive hotelier someday, which help them to be improved into professional and owner of hotel in the near future. Conclusion

The trainee concludes that the experience, and the new ideas & skills that he have right after the on the job training experience is much better well developed, skillful that can by an effective future hotelier’s. Recommendation

For the good quality of learning and knowledge for the Central Luzon State University Student taken up the Bachelor of Science and Hotel & Restaurant Management continue a much better future for the student undergoes their on the job training for the final requirements of the school.

Company Profile
Microtel Eagle Ridge Cavite
Microtel Inn & Suites in Cavite is a 57 – room hotel situated in the flourishing town of General trias just south of metro manila, Philippines. The hotel is located within the 700-hectare Eagle Ridge Golf & residential estates, which features four championship golf courses designed to provide enthusiasts with the opportunity to enjoy an international – calibre golfing venue. Nearby are the Gateway Business Park / Special Economic Zone and the first Cavite industrial Estate. GUESTROOM FEATURES AND AMENITIES:

* Complimentary continental breakfast
* Chiropractic-approved mattresses
* Colour TV with cable channels & remote control
* Individually controlled air conditioning unit
* Multi-function telephone system with IDD & NDD
* Internet ready data port
* Toilet and shower with hot and cold water
* Electronic key card entry system
* Radio clock
* Fully automated fire safety system
* Window seating for relaxation
* Baby cribs available upon request
Children less than 12 years stay free in parent’s room on-smoking rooms are available. There is also a 24-hour vending area offering coffee, soft drinks, etc, secure entrance through lobby for registered guests and a breakfast area. SUITE FEATURES AND AMENITIES:

All prior-mentioned facilities, plus:
* Coffee / tea making facilities
* Refrigerator
* Microwave oven
* Counter with sink
* Sofa bed
* Handicapped accessible rooms
* EAGLE RIDGE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB – four championship courses designed by Andy Dye, Isao Aoki, Nivk Faldo and Greg Norman envisioned becoming a “Mecca for Philippine golf”. * EAGLE RIDGE CLUBHOUSE – offers facilities for business and leisure such as members dining lounge, refreshment bar, business centre, function rooms pro shop and spa. DE LOS REYES JR. MUSEUM – exhibits rare and valuable collection pertaining to significant events in Philippine history. The Microtel Philosophy

* Microtel Inns & Suites provide guests with affordable quality hotel services in the true economy and standard categories. * Our mission is to develop a chain of world-class economy hotels in commercial and industrial regions as well as in choice resort locations in the Philippines. * We cater to both local and international business travelers and value-minded tourists. We will fill the growing, and as yet, unmet, demand for cost-efficient business travel. * Microtel stands out from other properties because of the system-wide design of its buildings and furnishings that stress function, comfort and convenience, while at the same time meeting international quality standards. III. HIGHLIGHTS OF TRAINING AND EXPERIENCES

Activities per each Department
Front Office Department
* Review of endorsement
* Cash count
* Check & replenish breakfast/work area
* Check & print of expected arrival/ prepare room keys
* Check & print expected departure
* Print out the guest folio of check out guest
* Check & print in house guest list
* Check & print room blocking for the day
* Coordinate w/ housekeeping department re: blocking
* Updates room status
* Post necessary charges to guests
* Run night audit
* Balancing financial transaction
* Prepares cash turn over repots
* Inventory of vendo items
* Prepares endorsement for the next shift
Observation per department

Front Office Department
Every hotel there is front line areas that give information to the guest if they want to enjoy the accommodation and facility of hotel this is the front office department. The Microtel Cavite provides good quality of service and affordable accommodation for the guest need. The Microtel Front office Department was the source information area and the center of hotel because it’s the first base seeing of the hotel. The staff of the department is awfully knowledgeable in entertaining guest in communicating selling their room and facility offered in company based. The hotel staff is multi tasking because they communicate in one department to another.

Housekeeping Department
The housekeeping department of the Microtel is knowledgeable and master of their works. They have a potential to become a good housekeeper internationally and locally in terms of bed making operations, they give importance to their work and love their work too. This department I observe they don’t have a guidelines and sequence on how to become an standardizes in terms of cleaning. But they are multi tasking staff because they preferred in one department to another work in different department inside and outside the hotel premises. Participation per department

Front Office Department
I participating am program where in sequences of the stay and learn the program of the hotel; in this department they are familiarize the sequence and the flow of work. The trainee tried to use the computer on how to operate every one tried to experienced on how to operate it, we were expose and learn the operating system of the front office. We have lecture for the operation regarding the front office it operate and what different works they do in selling the facility and accommodations offered by the hotel, and a little bit activity presentation on selling and promoting the product.

Housekeeping Department
They teach the bed making standard of the Microtel and the procedure of cleaning the bathroom according to their sequence of cleaning it. They have a competition for the fastest to fold the towel standard design of the Microtel and the 3mins competition in the bed making.

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