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The Effects of Banana Pulp Feed to Broiler Chicken

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Broilers are the common breed of chicken that is of meat purposes. Broiler meat is the cheapest source of protein for Filipino diet. It supports the economic stability of the Filipino for it adds to the country’ economic income and gives money for the demand of poultry has been a worldwide phenomenon.

Chicken manures can also be utilized as fertilizers. The poultry uses are easy to build. Chickens are raise in a very short period of time, but still the demand for the poultry product is not meet. Some farmers do not engage in this type of business for they think it is not that profitable and lack of knowledge when engage to this venture might make the project unsuccessful.

Feeds of different composition studied to have a very big role in the growth performance of the poultry products. As to what survey gathered most of the inputs in production for poultry products almost 80% is to the feeds.

On the other hand, banana is a herbaceous plant grown tropically.Bananas contains potassium, riboflavin, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, Vitamin’s A,B and C, thiamin, niacin, copper, panthothenic acid and zinc. The effectiveness of potassium-rich foods such as bananas in lowering blood opressure has been demonstrated by a number of studies. Bananas are in an exceptionally rich source of fructooligosaccharide, a compound called a prebiotic because it nourishes probiotic (friendly) bacteria in the colon. These beneficial bacteria produce vitamins and digestive enzymes that improve our ability to absorb nutrients, plus compounds that protect us against unfriendly microorganisms. It is considered as food for the wise people.

In this study, the researcher intends to utilize banana pulp as a supplement to the broiler ration considering the cost of feeds in broiler production.

Objectives of the Study
1. To determine the performance of the Broiler fed with different levels of dried banana pulp in the growth performance of the broiler. 2. To assess the cost of producing a kilogram body weight. 3. To determine the cost and return analysis.

Expected Output of the Study
Determined what brand of feeds can gave optimum weight and feed conversion efficiency of broiler chickens.

Place and duration of the Study
This study will be conducted in Lugan III Village Poblacion, Tboli ,South Cotabato in the researches place from November to December of 2010.

Review of Related Literature
Broilers have been proven their ability to perform well in all situations meeting the needs of customers in both independent and integrated sectors. It has well-balanced characteristics’ and high meat yielding those results to a bird universally accepted in all markets (Primary Poultry Breeders2003).

Feeds are the biggest item in the cost of producing animals. It is around 65% in poultry, the animal husbandry must pay attention to the quality of feed used in and the system of feeding (Cocjin, 1990). Jull (1981) stated that the growth rate if broiler is the most important factor affecting the efficiency of utilization. Reddy (1996) added that broiler live weight increase with the but on a percentage total live weight basis. The growth rate at young age is much higher in early weeks than with advance ages. Damerow, G. 1995.A broiler is a type of chicken raised specifically for meat production. Modern commercial broilers, typically known as Cornish crosses or Cornish-Rocks are specially bred for large scale, efficient meat production and grow much faster than egg or traditional dual purpose breeds.

They are noted for having very fast growth rates, a high feed conversion ratio, and low levels of activity. Broilers often reach a harvest weight of 4-5 pounds dressed in only eight weeks. Yuhiko 2008.The antioxidant compounds from commercial bananas, Musa Cavendish is gallocatechin. The gallocatechin was isolated (using HPLC) from the banana peel extract, which showed strong antioxidant activity. Gallocatechin was more abundant in peel (158 mg/100 g dry wt.) than in pulp (29.6 mg/100 g dry wt.). The antioxidant activity of the banana peel extract, against lipid autoxidation, was stronger than that of the banana pulp extract.

Banana flour prepared from ripe banana containing a quantity of sugar is suitable for incorporation into food products requiring solubility, sweetness and high energy content. (Zhang et al., 2005)

Commercial banana flour production is not yet common in Asia however this industry is gaining popularity in major banana producing countries in Africa (Emaga et al., 2008).


The materials to be used in the study will be the following: 80 straight run-day-old broiler chicks, weighing scale, water trough, cages, feeding troughs, 50 watt electric bulbs (incandescent), old newspapers, sacks, record books, ball pen, wing bands, cleaning equipments, different brands of chicken feeds.

Experimental Design and Treatments
This study will be carried out in a Completely Randomi8zed Design (CRD) with 80 heads straight run-day-old broiler chicks to be distinguished into four treatments with four replications. There will be 5 birds per replication with a total of 20 birds per treatment.

Preparation of the Poultry House and Brooder
The chicks will be raised in an elevated colony type of poultry house made up local materials. The walls and flooring of the brooder will be made of bamboo slats. The dimension of brooder cages will be 2 ft. in width, 3 ft. in height from the flooring and stands 14 inches tall. Each bird will be provided a space allowance of 1 sq. ft.

The area will be cleaned thoroughly to eliminate the harmful microorganisms and use disinfectant to disinfect the equipments used in the study to ensure the experimental birds free from diseases. The preparation will be a week before the arrival of the experimental birds. Acquisition of the Experimental Birds

The experimental birds are apparently healthy which 80 straight run-day-old chicks are. It will be purchased from reliable source and it is selected in same body size weight. Identification of the Birds

The proper identification of the experimental birds will be done with the use of a wing bands with corresponding numbers. The wing band is attached to the left wing of the chick. Provision of the Lights

A ten watt incandescent bulb will be used as source of light and artificial heat. The light will be switched on 24 hours a day on the brooder stage. At 21 days the provision of lights will be decrease to 13 hours from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m. to allow the birds eat at night and the heat from the light could provide heat to the birds. Preparation of Dried Banana Pulp

Banana( Musa acuminate) pulp will be collected in the packing houses of SUMIFRU company. The rejects for exportation will be utilize. The banana will be wash first before peeling. The peeled banana was sliced to easily dried and submit to sun drying. After drying the banana pulp is subjected to milling to reduce its particle size. After milling that’s the time the dried banana pulp will be incorporated to the commdercial feeds as indicated in the treatments. Feeding Management

The whole duration of the experiment is ad libitum . Chick booster will be fed to the 0-10 day old chicks. Grower feeds will be given on the 11-21 days and finisher feed will be given to 22-42 day old birds. Fresh clean water will be provided to the whole duration of the experiment. The birds will be vaccinated with NCD, B1B1 vaccine in 7 days of age to protect them from infection of the prevailing poultry diseases that might occur during and upon the duration of the study.

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