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The Effect of Vitamin C on Plant Growth

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Aim: To determine the effect of salt/ sugar/ caffeine/ vitamin C on seed germination. Hypothesis: The plant will grow slowly or die due to the Vitamin C. Equipment:
* 2 cups
* 2 measuring cups
* Water
* Vitamin C/ orange Juice
* Soil
* 4 seed (2 for each cup)
* A ruler
1. Pour ¾ of soil into each cup
2. Plant 2 seeds into each cup. Put it about half way down the soil 3. Mix 1mL of orange juice with 5mL water in a measuring cup, and mix 2mL or orange juice with 5mL of water into another measuring cup. 4. Pour the 6mL mix into the 1mL of orange juice cup and pour the other in the other cup. 5. Water the plant everyday and record the growth process.

Week| Height| leaves| Description|
1| 0cm for both plants| 0 leaves for both plants| It has just been planted| 2| 0cm forboth plants| O leaves for both plants| Roots are visible but not progress above soil.| 5| 1mL- 21cm2mL- 19cm| 1mL- 442mL- 46| It has grown really well. Leaves have not all formed and plant may need more space. The 1mL has grown taller but has less leaves.|

1. Was you experiment successful? Why/ why not? Yes it was successful as the plant grew successfully. 2. How can we improve our experiment? We could as about 1mL more orange juice into the mix 3. How can we improve our reliability of our experiment? we could all do the same type of experiment or research about what we are doing first. Conclusion:

Plants grow faster with Vitamin C (orange juice) as my plant grew faster than most of the class. My plant has grown successfully and will continue grow.

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