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The Day Everything Went Wrong

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This paper narrates the events of the day when everything could be said to have gone wrong. It is an exploration of one unfortunate day when I traveled from upcountry to the city to attend a job interview and then proceed to college for my third semester exams.

The day started in the wee hours of the morning with a journey from the countryside to the city which are 650kilometres a part. It was a muddy day as it had rained heavily the previous night. By the time I reached the Bus station, my only favorite and reliable bus had left and the option was to board an old van which was popularly named as “the snail” because it moved so slowly that one could actually have a conversation with someone riding a bicycle beside it. The first challenge that confronted my journey was when the van I was traveling in got stuck at every point of the muddy countryside road with no breakdown to pull it prompting worried passengers to push it up to the nearest tarmac road. By this time I was very muddy but I could not turn back as I had used all the money I had on bus fare and home was a little far away. Further more, I was scheduled for an interview and would rather be late than fail to turn up. After traveling for 300kilometres, the van got a mechanical breakdown in the middle of no where, a deserted escarpment where it took a mechanic four hours to arrive and fix the van while the rest of us were cursing and regretting our decision to use the van. Tired and frustrated, I reached the city and went straight for my interview. (Rozakis, L. 2004, p.165).

As I entered the office, I noticed everyone gazing at me with surprise and disgust because the pushing and pulling of the van left all my clothes muddy but I was desperate for a job and I had to try my chance at the interview. Since I arrived six hours late after the time I was scheduled for interview, I had to wait for another two hours as the secretary tried to reach the Human resource manager with my case. The fatigue from the events of the day was too overwhelming and I was not at my best for the interview but I still had to try my luck. The feedback from the Human resource manager that I was too late and had no chance for an interview broke me down as this had been my dream job and I spent a long time and resources gathering information and preparing for the interview not to mention the difficult journey I made specifically for it. (Rozakis, L. 2004, p.165).

Having been frustrated by the hectic journey and the failed interview, I decided to proceed on to college in preparation for my third semester exams. My heart was so broken down by the events of the day that I was looking forward to taking a rest in my room. It is only after reaching the door when I realized that I had forgotten my key back at home. I had to pay the halls superintended the little money I was left with to give me a spare key. (Rozakis, L. 2004, p.165).


            The long difficult journey, missed interview and my lost key made me so worked up that I decided this was a day I would not like to remember as everything went wrong.


Rozakis, L. (2004). The complete idiot’s guide to creative writing. New York: Alpha

                                Books. P.165.

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