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The Dangers of Smoking

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Would you risk your life for one of your addictions? Even though we know more about the dangers of smoking, it sill haunts society. Not only does smoking have many dangers, physical outcomes, and costs, but also there are also many positive steps to combat this tribal habit.

Some dangers of smoking are minor outcomes such as: problems breathing, wrinkles, and bad smelling clothes, hair, skin changes to yellowish color from the toxins in cigarettes. Major outcomes from smoking are risks of catching cancer such as lung cancer, cancer of the lip, tongue, pharynx, and bladder. Cancer takes more than 400 thousand lives in the United States per year. One person dies every five minutes from smoking related diseases. Burning tobacco is the main source of indoor pollution in the developed world as it contains over 4,000 dangerous chemicals. Smoking makes you vulnerable to more colds and sickness you would normally not get if you didn’t smoke.

Smoking also burns a hole in your pocket with constant rising prices of cigarettes it will cost you about one thousand dollars per year. (“Reasons Not to Smoke” page 2). For instants if you were to smoke a pack a day of Marlboro’s cigarettes it would cost one thousand seventy-six dollars and thirty-eight cents per year by buying cartoons of cigarettes. Smoking a pack a day of Camel’s Full cigarette flavor would cost one thousand one hundred thirty one dollars and thirteen cents per year buying by the cartoon. To smoke Newport full flavor cigarettes it would cost one thousand two hundred seventy-seven dollars and thirteen cents. To smoke Dunhill International Regular cigarettes it would cost one thousand three hundred eighty-six dollars and sixty-three cents per year. For Misty full flavor cigarettes it would cost eight hundred two dollars and sixty-three cents per year to buy by the cartoon. Cigarettes burn holes in your car seats and clothes. 70 percent of smokers from the ages of 12 to 17 years old wish they had never started smoking in the first place. (“The numbers” page 2).

Promotions of other Health issues such as smokers die earlier then no-smokers losing on average tens of thousands of social security money. Other benefits which will usually end up in the non-smokers pocket. (“Facts About Smoking”page2). My grandfather smoked cigarettes for twenty-five years and he died of lung cancer at the age of sixty-six years old. My grandmamma smoked too and she later after my grandfather died went to the doctors and found out she had lung cancer too, But she was able to catch it early enough so she got it surgically removed.

After she had her cancer removed she went right backed to smoking and two years later got cancer in her lungs again. Then she got it surgically removed after the chemo didn’t work and she has quit smoking, but she lost all her hair from chemo treatments to try and kill the cancer that was trying to take over lungs. Smokers are more likely to take more days off of work then their vacation days resulting in no pay due to sickness caused by smoking related illness. (“Facts About Smoking” page 2). On average a decreased of 8.3 years in his or hers life expectancy, or about 12 to 14 minutes lost per cigarette smoked. (“Facts About Smoking” page 3). Just in the lost social security alone, this accounts for a loss of 25 cents per cigarette smoked. (“Facts About Smoking” page 3). The actual cost per cigarette after extra medical expenses is about a dollar per cigarette. (“Facts About Smoking” page 3).

Other Negative health related interesting facts about smoking. One whole tree is needed to cure the tobacco for 300 cigarettes. Cigarette smoke contains two of the main gases related to the greenhouse effect: they are carbon dioxide and methane. Tobacco is the most widely grown non-food crop in 120 countries; therefore less land is available for food crop. Between 10 to 20 million people could be fed if food crop were grown in its place. Each cigarette-manufacturing machine uses 4 miles of paper per hour, which could be used instead for many other important things. (“How Smoking Effects the Environment” page 1).

The NHS spends over four hundred million dollars each year on treating smoking related illnesses. Cigarettes and other smoking materials are a very common cause of fires. Out of 6,600 fires smoking related materials causes 40%, which is 2,640 fires! Bad reasons why not to smoke you must always carry cigarette packs in your pocket or purse, burned car seats from cigarette ashes. More than 120 people have died in two airline crashes that have been caused by ashtrays and lighter fluid related fires. (“Facts About Smoking” page 3). Cigarette smoke in the work place collects with lint and is known to gum up delicate machine such as aircraft controls, car controls and other accessories. (“Facts About Smoking” page 3).

In Addition to smoker’s causes, health related things to smoking haunts people in the work place. Such as second hand smoke which causes: heart disease, pneuvnonia, impaired hearing, and decreased sexual activity also mental depression. (“Facts About Smoking” page1). If you are around someone who smokes your more likely to contract cancer related diseases. Then a non-smoker who isn’t around other smokers in the work place.

Anther example of health monetary problems from smoking is: blood flow to the extremities is decreased resulting in cold hands and feet. (“Facts About Smoking” page 1). One puff lowers the temperature in the fingertips one degrees F. to three degrees F. in three minutes. (“Facts About Smoking” page 1). Nicotine affects the nerve-muscle junctions, causing tremors and shacking. (“Facts About Smoking”page1). Nicotine cause narrowing and constriction of the arteries, adding to the hearts load. (“Facts About Smoking” page 2). Nicotine cause excitement and anxiety, but the effects wear off often a period of depression follows. Then a person is likely to smoke a cigarette. (“Facts About Smoking” page 2). Nicotine also an insecticide makes the blood more viscous and decreases the available oxygen to the brain as a result brain damage. (“Facts About Smoking” page 2). It is also adversely affects the breathing, sweating, intestinal and heart actions of our autonomic nervous system, probably due to hindering the blood flow to the nerve centers in the brain. (“Facts About Smoking” page 2.

Next Problem with smoking is hurting yourself and others around you. Static’s from smoking is about two thirds of people who smoke will die of cancer or other death related illnesses from smoking. More than half the people who start smoking each wish they never started smoking in the first place. Due to smoking is an addiction, which is harder to quit causing many problems higher health insurance for car and life insurance.

More facts on the filthy habit of smoking, cigarettes have more than 300 million different chemicals in which are lethal to the human body over time. Such as tar is in cigarettes, which causes lung cancer, bronchitis, gouged arteries, and throat cancer. Cigarettes have nicotine which causes you to become addicted and dependent on cigarettes, and cigarette companies do not tell you this but the government studies in the U.S.A. and health organization has fond out and have been spreading the word to alert new smokers and consumers of this product. (“News Channel 55 Fox and Friends Republican”).

Ways of quitting the filthy habit of smoking, light smokers have an easier time of quitting then heavy smokers. The heavy smokers should allow two weeks of gradual smoking lees and less in till, then finally quitting completely. (“Quitting the Filthy Habit” page 4). The close family to the smoker who is trying to quit should give up too, or at least in your presence not smoke. (“Quitting the Filthy Habit” page 4). If your whole family smokes it would be best for you to quit all at once together at the same time so they could help you too. The pain and agony you’ll suffer can be relaxed by talking long walks when your agent for a smoke, eat, go hang out with friends. (“Quitting the Filthy Habit” page 4).

Final and Conclusion savings from quitting smoking is say you use to smoke a pack a day on average you save is 1,200 dollars per year after quitting. Your life insurance will cost you less per year; your car insurance and medical expenses will cost you less too. You’ll find out that you don’t get sick as often as you did when you smoked. After two weeks you’ll gain your sense back like smelling and tasting food better and in rarely cases you might be less hearing impaired then when you smoked. You are less likely to miss work and take more vacations days then your work provides each year. (“Quitting the Filthy Habit” page 4).

Would you risk your life for one of your stupid addictions? Know you now reasons not to smoke and what it could cause. For example high risk of cancer, bad smelling breath, clothes, and heart dieses.

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