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The Causes why People Eat Junk Food

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Why people do not stop eating junk food? ‘’Junk food A high-calorie food that is low in nutritional value.’’(Unknown). For better or for worse is now available all over the world. We see it almost everywhere, like when we go to the grocery, stores, Junk-Food restaurants, on television, etc. usually looking very tempting, appealing and desirable for people to buy it. According to Dupel Francine (2010, july) ‘’Even though fast food has no nutritional value, and it’s not a necessary a component of a person’s diet, they consume it’’. Therefore many people are very curious about why so many enjoy eating Junk Food even when they already know how harmful Junk Food is for health. So one of the main reasons why people eat Junk Food are because: taste good, it’s cheap and it’s an easy and fast way to eat. In the first place, there must be a reason why people like junk food and one of those reasons is because junk foods taste good. According to Steven A. Witherly, PhD, president and CEO of Technical Products Inc., a food consulting firm in Valencia, Calif., tells WebMD. (2013)

“Fast food has ridiculously high levels of salt, fat, and sugar — and the brain likes salt, fat, and sugar.” so Junk Food is usually packed with fats and sugar, making it taste good. This is also the reason why Junk Food is so unhealthy, although According to Sarah Clark (2014, October 6)’’some people who aren’t fans of fast food might disagree, saying that fast food actually tastes of salt or fat, most people who eat it are only too happy to agree that the taste is what keeps them going back for more.’’ Moreover According to Sarah Clark (2014, October 6) ‘’45% of people in the UK who took part in a 2008 survey said that they liked the taste of fast food so much that they didn’t think they would be able to give it up, even if they wanted to’’, but why these people feel like that?. Apparently, according to Sarah Clark (2014, October 6) ‘’some people get addicted to the taste of popular fast food because it contains just the right mixture of fat, sugar and salt to set off the pleasure chemicals in the brain’’

It is almost like if people were becoming addicted to Junk Food ‘’which can be considered as a drug’’. Secondly, compared with the healthy food, Junk Food is extremely cheap. For those people whom are not looking to spend much money, Junk Food is often seen as a good choice. Junk Food has become cheaper due to the high and progressive demand, at the same time, according to Derek Thompson (2010, January 11) ‘’the way fast food chains keep their prices relatively low is by producing their food on a large scale. This reduces the cost of purchasing and preparing the food, and means that they can afford to charge relatively-low prices and they still make good profit.’’ Consequently these low prices attract people to buy more and more Junk Food, insomuch that healthy food is always expensive due to the low demand. For instance the cost of many unhealthy foods, like soda, butter and beer, According to Derek Thompson (2010, January 11) has fallen in the last three decades, while the cost of fruits and vegetables has risen substantially. So, after all, people are always looking for the cheapest, which is why they buy Junk Food.

Thirdly the next popular reason why people eat this unhealthy food is because it is an easy and fast way to eat. It is easy because people may go to a restaurant instead of cooking for themselves and still have to clean up the mess and the chaos that always comes after preparing a meal. As well due to the busy schedules that everybody has, frequently reduce the time that people have to prepare healthy, nutritious meals, so they opt for faster and easier options. In the same way Whole foods such as vegetables and meat take time and kitchen equipment to cook properly and correctly, while Junk Food like hamburgers, tacos, nachos etc are usually served within minutes of ordering. According to Ali Luke (unknown) ‘’Over time, that convenience becomes a habit and eventually a perceived necessity to keep up with such a fast-paced society. Disrupting that routine requires an investment of time, and most people prefer to stick with the faster option.’’ As a result that people does not have time to prepare their own healthy food they opt for the Junk Food.

To conclude, Even though fast food has no nutritional value, and it’s not a necessary a component of a person’s diet, they consume it either because it taste good, it is cheap or it is an easy and fast way to get feed.


A.Witherly,(2013).PhD, president and CEO of Technical Products Inc., a food

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