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Thank You for Smoking

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Thank You for Smoking is an ironic, politically untrue, comical assessment of the Washington activist world. Aaron Eckhart plays Nick Naylor, campaigner extraordinaire for the Tobacco trade. Nick’s capacity to spin any situation to his side and against his adversary is remarkable and the cause of many of the film’s amusements. The movie is an impertinent and humorous glance into the politics of smoking and the nonstop strategic conscription of new smokers, as tobacco companies’ latch on to their right to mass business by an incredibly emaciated thread. Aaron Eckhart works as a backer and lead representative for major tobacco industries.

He is the distinct positive spokesperson for cigarette smoking and the tobacco business. Nick Naylor tries to put a good appearance on smoking cigarettes. Even in the expression of a cancer suffering teenager who became mortally sick from smoking cigarettes, he stays unfaltering. With his “bendable morals” undamaged, Nick pressurizes the sick boy and an anti-smoking officer on the panel and handles to influence the audience’s feelings in his favor. However pleasurable, ‘Thank You for Smoking’ drops some of its value by under expanding Nick’s private issues and his rapport with his son. Structurally talking, Thank You for Smoking is faded by its imprecise development of the lead character. Despite that, Thank You for Smoking is an appealing, thoroughly distasteful, and fully hilarious film experience.

The basic theme Story revolves around the Tobacco industry’s efforts to put off Senator Ortolan K. from spiking them for advertising addictive, injurious products. Nick Naylor’s main thwart throughout the film is a Senator, who is applying a staunch anti-smoking standpoint as a foundation for his re-election. He appears to get impaired at every step by Aaron Eckhart’s, as the two do battle all through the anecdote. Eckhart’s character, becoming generally detested, terminates in a casualty threat and ultimate abducting, leaving him depreciated and bemused. At the closing stages of the film, the role grows a small conscience after being deceived by a juvenile correspondent and moving face to face with an ex- cigarette talking head that is now becoming extinct of lung cancer. Lastly, we notice that even if he has reunited some of his relationships and tackled his own probity, he remains intrinsically the same icon.

This movie is neither for nor against smoking. In reality, the act of smoking is not exposed in any way in the film. The closest the movie ever appears to representing a character smoking is when Nick arrives at his shirt pocket in search of a cigarette. The pack, though, is vacant. It is more so anticipated to assail political exactitude. According to my opinion, it is a film with a note. This message is crystallized in the picture when the Senator inquires Nick whether he would allow Joey smoke when Joey grow old, to which Nick answers back that he would procure first sachet on Joey’s 18th bicentenary if he yearned for a cigarette; this holds the open-minded idea of freedom to jeopardize one’s own soul, provided that the person is wholly knowledgeable/experienced of all the menaces. However the characters are somewhat surface and don’t progress deeply throughout the film, I revealed it to be a fun for actually daunting youngsters from rising up the smoking habit.


Movie: “Thank You for Smoking” (2006), Director: Jason Reitman.

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