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Tesco – Presenting Business Information

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Tesco History:

According to my research Jack Cohen founded Tesco in the year 1919.He also worked with the Royal Air Force during the First World War. Jack Cohen started his business only with 30. The first day of his business was not very successful, he only had a 4 turnover and 1 profit, but day-by-day his business started to make more money. In 1924 the name, which the company later took on as its corporate name, emerged. The name Tesco contains the initials of the owner of the firm MR.T.E Stockwell, who has supplied the firm with tea and of the initials of Jack’s surname – Cohen. Towards the end of the twenties, instead of a stall trade Jack only focused on window shop trade taking on the main street. The name Tesco first flared (shown) with a lock in North London in 1929. [Burnt Oak, Edgware]

In 1932 Tesco stores became a big company. In 1934 Jack decided to buy a piece of land in North London (Angle Road, Edmonton) with the idea to build the head office and the warehouse there. Since World War 2, Tesco Stores Corporation has been growing steadily. Tesco is a public limited (plc) company.

There are so many products and services that Tesco provide to its customers but I am only going to list the main products and services.

A list of products (activities) Tesco provides to its customers is as follows:

* Electrical, T.V, Cameras, DVD.

* Furniture, sofas&armchair, living, dining

* Groceries & wine, food, cakes, drinks, bread

* Entertainment & books, study guides, Games, Music download

* Finance & insurance, car, home insurance, loans, credit cards

* Phones broadband, Tesco Mobile Network, Mobiles Contracts, Tesco Mobile Top-up

Tesco is also providing some excellent services to its customers. I am going to list and describe these briefly.


Every little helps

When customers shop at Tesco, when paying for their goods, the counter clerk swipes through the clubcard. Over time, points are accumulated on the card and can later be redeemed against items in the Tesco stores.

Once enough points have been accumulated, clubcard vouchers are sent to potential customers at their mailing address. These vouchers are then taken into Tesco stores and used to purchase products up to the value of the voucher.

The advantage of having a Tesco clubcard is that it costs absolutely nothing for the customer to have, and at the same time, after collecting points, is able to use those points to purchase products in the store, with no cost to the customer.

Task 1(P1.M1)

Tesco main aim to ensure that customers are able to buy good quality products, at a reasonable and affordable price. It is essential for Tesco to do so in order to be a market leader and to be successful and profitable in today’s competitive environment. Through the use of the Internet, I was able to gain some information about the opinions the general public have about Tesco. These sources have nothing to do with Tesco; rather they are opinions of individuals.

A message to those moaning about TESCO

This article was written by an Action Network user.

By Luke Spence

“Firstly I do not work for TESCO; in fact I don’t work in retail at all”

He has noticed that many people moan about supermarkets, but more specifically Tesco is successful because they know how to satisfy their customers.

In his opinion people feel that TESCO have a monopoly on food retail in the UK. This is surely not the case. We all know that Tesco is successful because they provide the products and services, which customers want.

In Luke Spence opinion he said that “he can see that why many would like to encourage shoppers to use small local shops, but in reality, it is not practical for most, think about it:

1) “In the cold British winter, who can be bothered trawling between shops on the high street, when you can get it all under one roof.

2) Due to the buying power of supermarkets they can offer better pricing, which does not indicate lower quality, as many suggest”

Source: www.thetimes100.co.uk

In my view he is telling the facts about the Tesco. Tesco is the store, which is providing everything from groceries to electrical goods. I personally have observed Tesco is providing the best possible service then its competitors.

Sir Terry Leahy, Chief Executive of Tesco said recently:

Tesco success depends on their people. The people who work with us and the people who shop with us again and again. The reason why he is saying this that because he knows that without the support and determination of staff, Tesco would not be where it is today.

The UK, s biggest supermarket Tesco says: “It will launch its own mobile phone service in the New Year”. Source: www.bbc.co.uk/news

Tesco says, it promises to be cheaper then competing operators such as Vodafone, Orange, and BT Cellnet.

A spokesman said the announcement-followed talks between Tesco and “a major network provider”.

The store chain is paying an undisclosed sum for unlimited access to the partner firm’s mobile network.

Sat 9 Jun 2007

Tesco claimed that its takeover of Dobbies would allow the firm to reinforce its green credentials.

Picture: Ian Rutherford

Tesco marches into Britain’s gardens with takeover of Dobbies chain


Tesco always tries their best to provide all kinds of products and services to its customers.

Tesco tightened its hold on the retail sector yesterday by taking over Dobbies, the Scottish-owned chain of garden centres.

As we all know the supermarket giant Tesco offered 155 million for the chain of 20 outlets, equivalent to more than twice Dobbies’ annual turnover. Analysts have said during the interviews with different Channels “how anxious Tesco is to break into the garden and leisure centre.

Reward card refunds

Tesco one will put an end to customers having to plough through huge amounts of information on the many different tariffs available and will guarantee the best deals in the UK.”

Pre-pay customers will be able to buy Tesco vouchers from Tesco stores and will receive quarterly statements.

These will show how much one particular customer have paid for their calls if they had used pre-paid services offered by each of the main four UK networks.

“If any of the competitor services would have charged a lower rate, customers will be refunded the difference to their Reward Card account,” Sir Terry Leahy said.

Tesco in e-mail marketing assault

“Tesco is bombarding UK consumers with a massive e-mail marketing campaign”.

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Ways ahead of its supermarket rivals, Tesco issued 45 separate e-mail campaigns last month 20 March 2007, more than its competitors Asda, Sainsbury, Morrison and Somerfield put together.

According to e-mail marketing firm interactive Prospects Targeting Services, Tesco is sending the nation 17-20 millions e-mails per month.

E-mails campaigns of Tesco offers deals on everything from DVD, books, and flowers to food, gardening kit and gym gear.


According to Mark Smith, chief executive of marketing company themutual.net, Tesco has more information on more people than its competitors; this is because of the most sophisticated customer data-collection operations in the UK,

Tesco.com sales were up 30% at 200m in the first four months of this year.

It deals with about 150,000 orders per week, compared with its nearest rival, Sainsburys.co.uk, which gets about 58,000.

In a recent interview Sir Terry Lehaey said:

“We know that customers hate junk mail so we try to target them as much as possible and make it easy for them to stop receiving emails if they don’t want them.”

Source: www.bbc.co.uk/news

While I was searching for the information on Tesco I found the sales last year at Tesco.

Tesco Sales for Last Five Year






17 Million

14 Million

29 Million

24 Million

22 Million

Source: www.bbc.co.uk/news

By looking at the above table anyone can understand the sales for last five years. By looking at the table we can see that Tesco sales were the highest in 2003. Information presented in this format helps the business to know how well they are doing in terms of their sales.

All the information, which I have described above, is for different purposes. The purpose behind the above information is that all the above sources want the public to know how and what Tesco is doing. Some of the above sources do not have any link with Tesco; they are providing the true picture of Tesco.


There are a number of ways in which this information can be used to conclude with accurate data and statistics. I have explained some of the methods below:

The process of data conversion to information:

In business data flows all around the business for the benefits of everyone in the company. In an organisation it is important that the organisational staff have the right skills and knowledge to transfer raw data to valuable information. Businesses can transfer this data into information by following certain procedures such as summarising information for it to make sense to the recipient and employees.


In Tesco, the sender of the information makes sure that the information they are sending to the recipient or employees is making sense in order to avoid any confusion. In most cases the information, which senders might be sending, might have irrelevant information, which might be of no use to the receiver. This is the reason Tesco management summarise the data into relevant data so that information makes sense to the receiver.

Tesco makes sure that all the employees of the business are fully trained and have the right skills to transfer the information to different staff members in different departments. Summarising process is very important for the information to be accurate. For example in business if a manager sends some information to its junior staff, then the manager should not send the raw data/information to the staff, but should make sure that the information he, she is sending is relevant and meeting the purpose of the information required.


In Tesco data retrieved and collected by Tesco department is organised and sorted into alphabetical order, numerical order, ascending order. The reason Tesco is doing that because in Tesco too much information flows from one department to the other, this is the reason in department of Tesco documentation is always organised so that the employees receiving the information it understands the information and is able to make decisions according to the information.


In Tesco the management make sure that they delegate or representative work to the employees to ensure that they categorise all the information into groups for easy, effective and efficient future retrieval. In Tesco information or data is categorised into alphabetical format, numerical format depending on what kind of information is documented and stores.

Microsoft Word – Powerful word processing

Tesco uses Word because it has the easiest and most effective features to prepare documents. In any business this is the most useable software used to create letter, reports. The advantage of using this software is that the staff of the business can easily add or delete data at any time. The big advantage of using this software is that staff can access to on line dictionaries, which then staff can use on Microsoft word to write any letter or reports. Tesco use this software to reply to customer enquires, for example if some one has applied for a job in Tesco, human resources department of Tesco will reply to the candidate by writing a letter on this software and sending the letter to the candidate.

Excel – Spreadsheets graphs, charts:

In big businesses like Tesco, this software is used all the time to create graphs, profit and loss account and so on. Main advantage of using this software is that staff only needs to add the data. The program will make appropriate graph itself. On Tesco website staff has published profit and loss account, charts, graphs by using this information. Tesco is using this software to make important graphs and charts, using this software graph can be changed into any shape for example if it is Bar Chart it easily can be converted into Pie Chart. Graphs charts can be created in seconds.

Using this software Tesco can make the graph on only March sales, instead of bringing the sales for February.

Outlook – Email, diaries:

Outlook with business contact manager has provided for Tesco a single place to organise emails, calendars, contacts, meeting dates and other team information. In all big businesses this software is used to transfer or send information form one place to the other. It is convenient for staff to use this software. Outlook enhancement has improved the way Tesco organise and manage information while expanding performance and connectivity. This software can be used to keep the important emails saved in the computer.

Publisher – Design and desktop publishing

Tesco uses Microsoft Publisher to design and publish professional marketing materials. This software can be used to make leaflets, business cards, and posters. Tesco makes most of their promotional material by using this software. This software has helped many businesses to make marketing material easily.

PowerPoint – Presentations made easy

This software can be used to make effective presentations. Tesco use this software to give presentation to shareholders about the price of each share and what are the benefits of buying Tesco shares. Tesco also use this software to give presentation to staff as to let them know how they should approach angry customers. This software has helped many businesses to make effective presentations.

Access – The Microsoft Office database

This software is to store information. This software has provided Tesco with powerful database solutions that make organising, accessing and sharing easier for Tesco as an organisation. This software has helped Tesco to link business systems, help remove any errors in data and analyse information in powerful ways.

All data converted to information must be accurate, relevant, true, meeting the purpose for which the information was required. All the data, which is received by the recipient, must be relevant and easy to understand.

Tesco uses Microsoft Excel to calculate, make graphs and charts. Microsoft word is used to make reports, letters. PowerPoint is used to give presentation to both shareholders and staff. Microsoft access is used to store important information; this important information can be classified as supplier’s information.

Through the use of measures such as mean, medium and mode, managers are able to find the arithmetic mean. By doing so, they are able to look at the simple average. Through the application of this method, employees at all levels will be able to understand the collected data.

For example if the manager was looking at a trend, manager need to move the average from the time series. Managers can use correlation and regression analysis to find out how closely or how widely different forecast may be. The benefit of using time series is that manager might also compute index numbers to indicate growth or recession.

With this types of calculations manager will make raw data more meaningful to him, her as well as to the other employees of the business. With the method which I have described above the data will be more meaningful, but important point to take into consideration is that accuracy will always depends on the accuracy of measuring the data in the first place.

Copy Right Act:

This Law came into consideration to prevent people using other author’s work without their authorisation. This Law requires individuals and businesses to write down the authors name and other relevant information whenever they use the information of other authors. It is obligatory and essential for companies such as Tesco to follow and adhere to this law. By not following copyright laws, the author has full right to complain against the company in question and take legal action against them.

Adherence to legislation:

In simple terms this can be described as following the law of the country in which the business is run. There are many laws, such as National Minimum Wages Act and the Health and Safety Act. The UK government passed these. Businesses have to follow these when preparing and presenting the results of a research. Not following the set Law, the government can take action against the business, which can also lead to closure of the business. In some cases businesses have to pay penalties for not following the Law.

Task 2 (P2)

Jack Cohen founded Tesco in 1919. He has worked with the Royal Air Force during the First World War. Jack Cohen started his business with 30. The first day of his business was not very successful, he only had a 4 turnover and 1 profit, but day-by-day his business started to make more money. The name Tesco contains the initials of the owner of the firm MR.T.E Stockwell, who has supplied the firm with tea and of the initials of Jack’s surname – Cohen. The name Tesco first flared (shown) with a lock in North London in 1929. [Burnt Oak, Edgware]

At the beginning of 1932 Tesco stores became a big company. In 1934 the owner of the business decided to buy a piece of land in North London (Angle Road, Edmonton) with the idea to build the head office and the warehouse there. Tesco is a public limited company (plc).

In all businesses but especially in big businesses sales or profit and loss accounts are presented in graphs, pie charts, line graphs and so on. The reason why Tesco uses graphs, charts because it gives visual impact to the receiver.

From my research on Tesco I have found Tesco is using the following methods to change their data into graphs, charts and so on.

Processing methods on Tesco are:

Copy and paste from sources

Managers at Tesco use this method to take the relevant information from government websites or any other authority websites. For example when they are giving presentation to the staff, or the shareholders, they use this method to take the most relevant information from websites and “copy and paste” onto their work. This method is used on daily basis by all the management of the businesses. However businesses do have to follow the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (c. 48).

This means whenever someone copies or uses someone’s work, they must write the name of the author on the work. Not following this law the original author of the work can take action against the person who has taken the work without his, her permission. The entire manager in Tesco makes sure that whenever they do take the information from the websites, Internet they quote the name of the person from the information is coming.

Mathematical manipulation Graphical

Tesco can use primary method to do the research on customer views about the Tesco. Tesco uses primary method to find out what their customers are buying from their stores. All this data can be transferred into graphs and charts, because graphs are usually very easy to understand. There is also a saying “Picture worth’s a thousand words”. Tesco can use Microsoft Excel to transfer the sales and loss into graphs and pie charts. Tesco use Microsoft Excel on regular basis to publish the figures into graphs, charts and so on.

Financial information: This chart shows the income of the company for the last five years. It also shows whether the company is making a profit or loss in the Business. If company can produce this type of information then it is very easy for the company to measure their performance within the market finincial information. This type of information helps the company to know what their customer needs and wants are and by providing them with good quality products at cheap prices. For example if business sales been decreased for a year, business can easily assess why this has been the case. They can work hard to increase their sales for the future.With this type of information company will also be able to predict their sales in the future.

Synthesising information on Tesco is:

Synopsis of text:

Tesco should do the summary of the research Tesco have collected the data on. Synopsis of text is all about keeping the right and necessary data on the document. Instead of all the information which might receiver do not need it at all. Synopsis of text also reduce the confusion because the receiver will only be making the information which he, she got instead of making the decision on the information, which is not needed at all.

Graphical representation of results:

After visiting the website of Tesco, I have noticed Tesco is using graphs, charts to present their sales figures into charts, graphs and so on. The reason Tesco is using this method to present their data because graphs are easy to understand, where as if they were to present their profit into the form of “Profit and Loss Account” some people may find it difficult to understand because of the accounting terms like opening balance, current assets and so on.

The other benefit of using graphs is that it is quite easy to make professional looking charts from Microsoft Excel.

Data handling application:

I contacted Tesco to find out what software they are using to store their information. They were unable to disclose such information for privacy and confidentiality reasons.

Tesco might be using Microsoft Excel to transfer their profit or loss sales into a useful graph, chart, which can easily be, understand by every one. This software is very useful for creating graphs, charts.

Microsoft Access, this is the data where customer, supplier, staff information can be saved for future use. Tesco may be using this software to safe their customer, staff, supplier data for future use.

Statistical analysis:

Businesses can use statistical analysis to extract information needed from numerical information and primary research by doing simple analysis. Businesses like Tesco can use the following techniques to help their audience understand the data.

Simple rises and falls: For example if manager is calculating the sales figure for the last two years. The most obvious analysis is to calculate the increase or decrease in the sales. For example if the Tesco sales in one of branch were last year 6000 and the sales were in this year 8000, manager easily can calculate the difference of rise or fall. It also helps the audience to absorb information quickly.

Percentages: Managers can also compare two results by working out the percentages. For example if business has two products selling in one year. Manager can easily work out how much each product contributes as a percentage of totals.


Sales (s)





The above table also helps the audience to understand which product has generated the more money. Tables are the best way of presenting information in columns, rows making sure that all the product detail is grouped neatly.

Adherence to legislation:

In simple terms this can be described as following the law. There are many laws, which passed by UK government, which businesses have to follow when preparing and presenting the result of research.

Copyright legislation:

This law requires the person who is using other people information; to state the name of that person. Not following this law the person whose data has been used can take the action against the person, business who used the data without the permission of his, her.

Designs and patents:

This area is also covered by the copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. A patent gives the legal right to the inventor (creator) of a new product the right to stop others from making, using or selling that invention, product without the permission of the actual owner.

Equal opportunities:

The Race Relation Act 1976 was come into existence to encourage every one to treat each other with respect dignity regardless of the colour, religion. This law gives every one the opportunity to be treated fairly.

The people who present the information should make sure that they respect individual differences when they ask questions. Employers also have to follows this law when they select people for the interview.


“The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international group of business and academic group of business and academic representatives based at Massachusetts Institute of Technology”. (MIT). Source: BTEC National Business. (Book)

People working for this institution create and develop common standards for the World Wide Web, but these people do not have to follow the law of copyright.

Task 3: (P3, M2)

Communication skills are the skills that are needed to use different methods of communication to interact with other individuals or businesses. All the businesses have to interact with their customers as to find out what their feedback is to the services they have received from the business. In Tesco the managers of different branches also visit the branches to find out the customer’s feedback, this is to ensure that Tesco is providing the services and products, which customers want.

In business communication plays an important role because this is the way in which information is reached from sender to the receiver. Communication can take place in number of forms either formal or informal. Difference between formal and informal communication is that for formal communication certain criteria has to be followed such as when writing the memo, this should be done in a professional way as to avoid any confusion where the meting will be held.

In Tesco, memos are often used to let the employees know that the meeting will be on this date at this time.

Informal communication is when there are no criteria to be followed, for example when sending the message through the mobile phone, spelling does not matter, and as long as the recipient understands the message it is acceptable.

In Tesco manager also communicate with the employees by phoning them to find out how the branch is running, this methods of communication is used in Tesco only when the managers are away from the business.

It is quite important to differentiate that people communicate depending on the level of formality is needed. In businesses managers use both formal and informal way of communication which be in writing or orally. In formal the way managers can communicate is by memorandums, reports, and business letters. Managers also use faxes, text messages (some times) that are informal way of communication. In Tesco both the formal and informal ways are used to communicate with the staff of the business.

The use of appropriate methods of communication in Tesco:

Effective manager should be able to use appropriate and different methods of communication such as verbal, written and visual to communicate with other employees. In Tesco all the following methods are used.

* Written:

Managers in Tesco use this method to communicate with the staff. For example when manager want to let the employees know of any changes, they write to staff, so that they can have proof, that the message was sent to the staff. In businesses there have been cases where the written message is difficult for employees to understand, the reason was the language (words), which were used to write the message was difficult to understand for the employees at the operational (bottom) level. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that whenever they send a written message to the employees, they should make sure that the employees would understand the message.

* Verbal:

Verbal communication is the ability to explain and present different future plans and ideas for the business. This is the most effective way of conveying the message, manager use this way of communication all the time however manager should have the capacity to provide a good communication to a particular audience, using different styles and approaches.

Telephone communications, casual talk in break, lunchtime. In Tesco this method is used all the time to convey the information from one person to the other. This method is some times not effective, because there is no proof of what has been said to whom. One example I could give for example, if the manager has set the deadline for the individual employees to finish the task verbally, when the deadline come, the employee has not finished the task, employee easily can say to the manager “you did not set the deadline for me to finish this task”. Whereas if this same message was written, employer, and employee have signed it, then the manger could have this latter as a proof, that the deadline was being set, but you did not finish the task. Having the proof managers also can take necessary actions against the employee, if the need arise.

* Non-verbal:

This is the skill to communicate with others by expressing ideas and feelings without the use of obvious verbal communication. For example through the use of body language, gesture and facial expressions.

Managers should have the ability to communicate inside the business premises to provide a greater understanding of differences between cultures, opinions and beliefs with in the company and outside of the company, which is vital to provide a better service to every one in the community.

Use of standard methods of communication within the organisation, Tesco:

Another important aspect in communication is that the business should be presented in such a way to maximise the benefits of communication within the organisation. This is the reason why team structures are very constructive because they open up a multi channel of communication between the levels of management.

By using a team structure the communication flow down the line. For example instruction on new plans given from the top will get to the bottom level of staff because there is good communication between the levels of management.

Big companies like Tesco and Barclays distinguish the importance of having multi-national channel communication; therefore in their business they have created group or team-working structures. Sometimes it is difficult for individuals to work in groups, but in Tesco, teams are able to communicate from one department to the other For example Human Resources to Finance Department.

The most common communication methods within the business, are explained below:


This is an electronic, computer based communication network among the staff of Tesco. In Tesco they also have Intranets to transfer information from one department to the other. This intranet is an email facility that is used in the Tesco to get email from one worker to the other or from one department to the other.

This method is very cost effective and fast, managers and all the other employees can respond with each other in seconds, they can send large “attachment” to the staff. Attachments are useful because all the information will be to the receiver, where as if the manager is to “copy and paste the information”, the images might do not reach to the receiver. This method sometimes is not secure, because if some one knows the password of the employee email, then that person can take the confidential data and the person can also used this data for wrong purposes.


In Tesco, managers use different software’s like power point or excel to present important information to the employees using different charts, pictures in business presentations, seminars.

Presentations are useful in businesses because they are visual, the receiver can ask the question if they do not understand anything. In presentation all kind of questions can be answered because the sender will be there to explain the point. Some people may find it very difficult to understand what the meeting is about, or they may hesitate to ask the presenter of the information to explain him, her self again and again. The reason behind the hesitation can be because of the language barrier or cultural differences.

Video conferencing:

The use of video conferencing allows the people to communicate and share ideas face to face with other people even when they are thousand of miles away, this could be either nationally or internationally.

In Tesco managers use this method when the manager of one branch is in different country. The use of this fantastic method allows the manager to share important information in minutes instead of travelling to different countries or cities to deliver that information.

Usage of video conferencing also minimises the cost of travelling and all other expenses like accommodation and food. While doing the meetings both parties can see each other, for example if Tesco managers of London are communicating with the managers in Newcastle, they can see and respond to each other quickly. There have been cases when the networks do not work, because of the compatibly of the software’s. This would obviously mean that the meeting would not take place, which in result is not beneficial to both parties.

Fax (or facsimile) machines:

This method allows the manager to send out the detail information between businesses or through the employees by using a telephone network. Sending information in this way is cheap and fast form of communication ideal for contacts or for urgent documents.

In Tesco manager often use this method to transfer information from one branch to the other. This method is very cheap to send the information from one place to the other. It’s the proof of actual documentation. At times sometimes, the recipient must receive some documents. Whereas sometimes confidential information cannot be sent via E-mail. Some times the problems can be with fax machines for that reason the sender may not be able to send the information to the recipient.

Flow charts

A flow chart clearly shows the process of information being presented to someone. Flow chart is like a diagram it only shows the information in spider diagram. Tesco use this method to present any changes into the structure of the work if there is any for the staff. Flowcharts help the staff to understand the information quickly, because some of us understand information better when it is explained in a format of a diagram. However some of us will find it extremely difficult to understand even the simple data when it is in the format of flow charts.


Memorandums are widely used by managers within the business to let the employees know where the meting will be held; memorandums are also used to transfer information on a wide range of topics.

In Tesco branches when there is a meeting in a branch, the manager of branch will send the Memorandum to the each and every staff of the Tesco as to let the employees know when and where the branch meeting will be held.

Memorandum reduces the confusion, because the employees of the business will know where and when the meeting will be held. Memorandum also helps the employees to prepare for the meeting before hand. Memorandum helps the employees to know what the meeting will be about, it gives an opportunity for employees to read generally about the topic, which will be discussed in the meeting.


This is the most common method of communication uses by managers for different purposes including staff and shareholders meetings and meetings with customers and suppliers.

In Tesco the managers of branches hold meetings on regular basis, so that staff can express their ideas and views.

Managers in Tesco do act on employees’ views if they think they are right. In Tesco meetings are also hold to let shareholders know about the new changes that may take place.

In meeting all questions can be answered quickly because the manager is there to answer the questions quickly. It also helps the recipient to understand information quickly because in meetings things go step by step. Managers can communicate with the employees face to face. For some of us meetings are not the right place to understand the information.

Publicity Material: Tesco makes publicity material for the whole public of Britain. They produce annual reports, profit and loss account they make posters like the one on the left to advertise their products with advertising companies like “ad partners”. This is the example on the website of ad partners showing advertisement for Tesco.


In businesses like Tesco, reports are widely used by manager to transfer information about the business. Reports can convey the important issues such as the performance of the staff within particular area. Reports are very useful way of putting the information in one document; some one looking at the report will be able to tell how the business is running.

Use of standard methods of communication outside the organisation:

Well-organised communication is a most important part of achieving customer contentment about the services they have received from the business. Established companies like Tesco; ASDA will use many different methods of communication to inform their customers about their products and services. In businesses nowadays there is too much competition, therefore it is important that business try their best to attract as many customers as possible by using different communication methods.

The methods of communication in use outside of the business are described below:

Telephone communication: This method is used by many businesses such as Tesco to transmit simple message about their services quickly and efficiently. Using this method for communication is beneficial for the businesses because it offers immediate feedback for example contacting suppliers and customer with the business new products or services. Confidential information like the data of the staff cannot be discussed on the Telephone.

Interviews: In Tesco managers do interview to recruit new employees however mangers do interview with disciplinary or grievance issues. This method usually uses a formal method of communication. By interviewing manager will be able to make decision whether the candidate should be given a job or not. Sometimes wrong candidate may be selected from the interview, because of the views of the person who is interviewing the candidate for the job.

Business letters: This method is a major external form of communication used by managers to communicate with different peoples for example, to place order with suppliers or to arrange other form of communication such as meetings or to give information to business customers. When customers require feed back form the business on the services they have received, in this case business may be replying back. Tesco managers do write business letter on regular basis to the customers. Business letters are still being used in businesses, in spite of the technology we have. Business letters a form of proof that the action was taken on for a particular problem.

Electronics mail (e-mail): Nowadays this method is commonly used by business manager to communicate with colleagues through writing. This method is particularly useful for international communication across different time zones. For example business can give their feed back to the business regardless of where they are. Emails are an effective way of transferring information quickly, where as if business manager is to write a letter to the customer, it will at least take three days for customers to receive this latter, but by using email facility information can be sent in seconds from one country to another. For security reason confidential information cannot be send through the email. Businesses cannot send the customer card details like the PIN Number through the email, because any one can have access to some one email if they know the password for the email.


This is a document, which is send from the business, (supplier) to the customer when the purchased has been made on credit. Tesco suppliers send them invoices and Tesco send invoices to its creditors who order in bulk and do not pay at the date of transaction. The invoice will explain to the customer what they have bought. Below I have found a sample of an invoice;

Analyse with justification, presentation methods which meet the needs of a specific audience:

The audience has different requirements from age, gender, language, disability, legibility and many other factors.

Tesco ensures that they are meeting the needs of each and everyone in the community. For disable people or for people who lead a busy life, Tesco has launched the website www.tesco.com. By visiting the website, busy or disable people can shop on line without going to any of Tesco branch. Tesco is also providing free delivery service.

Tesco ensures that their staffs are trained effectively to do the best possible job so that they can meet the requirements of their customers. Tesco is successful business because it cares for its customers.

Tesco has a personal check in point where customers can pay for the purchased products by paying either in cash, or using credit, debit card. The benefit of personal checkpoint is that customers do not have to wait in the queues to pay for the purchased products. This is beneficial for disabled people who cannot stay for long in queues; they can use this method to purchase the products.

Task 4: (P4, M3)

Creative Corporate image:

Every business has a creative corporate image to be recognised by its customers all over the world.

Tesco has a corporate image, which is reliable with the positioning of the company’s product, product line and brand. Tesco logo is without doubt recognized by most of us, it is also consistent with the overall corporate image.


Corporate image:

Corporate image describes the manner in which a company, its activities and its products and services are observed by its customers. In today competitive world all the business try their best to create and communicate a positive image to their customers, shareholders, and the financial community. Having the negative corporate image will not help a business to run for a long because customer will not be coming to the business and shareholders will not be investing their money in the company which has a negative corporate image.

The importance of corporate image:

Corporate image do have a importance because it is the way to communicate the company identify to the target audience of the business (Tesco) that are important to the business, in such a way that the business will develop and maintain a favourable view from other businesses.

While in the process of managing corporate image, the fundamental variables are corporate identity corporate communication and feedback from customers, shareholders that are linked with the business one way or the other.

Corporate Communication:

In corporate communication there is a link between corporate identity and corporate image. Corporate image and corporate identity should be broadest in the right way; the reason is companies communicate identities in many different ways for example when people are interested in applying for a job in that business for which this corporate identity image belongs to. If a brand has a strong reputation for treating all its employees in equal way and are a good brand then they will attract new potential staff.

Corporate Identity:

Corporate identity gives the business unique identify (image) to the business. By giving the right and eye catching image, this will help business customer remember the business, which surely make them buy from that business, because of the quality of the product business is providing.


Feedback is important for the business, because it gives business the chance to work on their corporate image. Tesco manager need accurate information on how they and their company are perceived if they are to make any decisions. Feedback is an opportunity for business to work on its weaknesses. Some times wrong feedback is given to the business or to the individual to mislead, him, her or the business.

Different ways a business creates that image:

In my view a business can build their reputation and their image in many ways; I will describe some of those ways in details.

Vision of Tesco:

To provide good quality products at cheap prices

Our mission:

To create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty

Whether we are working in UK or overseas, our vision values remain the same. We always try to make sure we meet our customer’s needs and wants.


Logotype is unique, design sign, designed for a business so that it can be recognised in any part of the world. The logo is an important tool for a business, because customers and other businesses will recognise the business because of its logo. Tesco log is easily recognised by its people. The benefit of business having log is that it will stay in the memory of the customers. Logs are very powerful tool, many business around the world now have logs to make them distinguished from their competitors.


Logos help the business to attract customer attention, let the people know about the company, allow customers to identify their best company. For example the log off Tesco is recognised around the worlds, because Tesco stores are in almost every part of the world, Tesco uses the same log for all its stores. We all have different likes and dislikes; another individual may dislike the logo, which is liked by one individual.


A uniform is a set of distinguishing, clothing worn to identify the wearer as a member of a particular organisation, school, and bank. Tesco staff wears unique clothing which makes them stand out from the crowd meaning from other business.


Packaging is a container or wrapper for a consumer product that help a number of object including protection and descriptions of the ingredients. Packaging is also becoming a useful way of communicating between the business and the customers. Tesco use a number of different packaging as shown below comprise with different colours making it easy for customers to recognise the Tesco product from its competitors.

Packaging can be used to attract customer attention, for example if company packaging is attractive and good, it will help the customer to pick the product as a trusted brand, when the customer is surrounded by the competitor’s products in the market. Packaging can also be used successfully to promote sales. Some people may not like the packaging of the business from they is buying the product, in their opinion the packaging may not be good at.


A strapline is a phrase or an advertisement slogan used by the company to draw attention to the product or to inform the customer we are providing the product or service you are after. The reason for using strapline is that the slogan or the “word” will be associated with the particular business. Every time when the Tesco advertise on the TV, Radio they use different strapline to get people attention for example food advert “Every Little Helps”.

This slogan basically says to its customers even if you have little money on you can shop in Tesco. Tesco starpline have helped them to attract more customers; I can explain this by giving one example like when customer do not have enough money on them, they still can go and buy the products in Tesco. Although Tesco products are cheap compared to its competitors but Tesco products are of good quality.


A livery is a corporate colours scheme used by business on all their delivery vehicles, packaging and promotions. Usually every business has its own livery corporate colours (livery) so that the business can be stand out from other business.

Tesco colour scheme is mostly red and blue. The reason why Tesco always use the combination of red and blue, to show this vehicle or particular branch belong to Tesco. This is another way of corporate communication. Almost every one knows the Livery of Tesco, because all of their vehicles use Livery. Some livery may not be eye catching to grab customer attention.

Livery of Tesco:

Endorsements and affiliations:

Few companies will relate their business with a famous celiberity or presentationalty to get a message across. It is a fact that people are likely to buy products more if the famous celebrity is using the same product in the advert or in the life. For example the Gillet razor, company used David Backhem, famous football player, to prmote their product. However the celebrity has to be chosen carefully so that the advert can put the message across before the advert is disliked by the public. After all the public is the main people who will be using the products or services. Some people may not like the celebrity who is doing the advert for partiular product for that reason customer may not buy the product. Tesco has used Dotty Turnbull, she helped Tesco become Britain’s biggest supermarket chain in 2006.

This logo is about the recruitment opportunities in Tesco. Tesco is the store, which is giving the chance to everyone to work for a Tesco, regardless of an individual religion, ethnicity background, or any thing else, which prevents any one to get a job. Tesco is providing the chance to everyone to work for a Tesco.


Through research on Tesco I came to know that Tesco also sponsors large companies to make other organisations aware of the business. They can create a positive image by doing this. It is important to keep this in mind that in order for sponsorship to be effective; it should be at the same level as Tesco.

After reading on bbc.co.uk / business, I found out that Tesco and British cycling both came together to sponsor the cycling club. Tesco and British cycling club sponsor one of the largest cycling clubs, which allows Tesco and British cycling to get involved with many people from all backgrounds and communities. This sponsorship is part of Tescos ongoing commitment to help the children of UK to get healthier and fit. Such a sponsorship allows Tesco to be publicised in a positive manner.

On-line activity:

All big organisations like Tesco have their website because having website allow the customers to see all the products and services business is providing. Tesco website is

www.tesco.com, by going on to this website customer will be able to see all kind of products, services, and special offers Tesco is providing in particular period without leaving their house. The main advantage of having website is that it can be accessed at any time form any part of the world.

Most of the businesses also use their websites to promote their business such as by giving discount, or vouchers. Tesco has online shopping facility, which makes the life of some customers very easy due to their busy working life. This saves customer’s time. Tesco also have introduced club card point, which makes customers to shop more, the benefit of using card is that more times the customer shop with Tesco, the more points they are likely to collect on their card.

Public Relations:

Tesco use recycling as to get the all the public together, this will also improve the image of Tesco. Tesco recycling which helps the environment and also it helps the Tesco to create positive image. Tesco is devoted to reduce the amount of waste produced and to help to recycle it wherever possible. Tesco recently introduced a program for their customer to recycle polythene paper and other consumable items used by Tesco, contains a proportion of recycled materials. This will also helps the customers to earn points on their club card. This will also draw the customer attention to Tesco.


Tesco uses different kinds of friendly vocabulary that will improve the image of Tesco. Tesco uses friendly and quickly understandable vocabulary in promotion. The reason behind this is to ensure that customers understand what Tesco is saying immediately and at the same time eye catching. Tesco always use the words “Every Little Helps”. The reason for using these words is that Tesco want to distinguish from its competitors. Businesses using special words when they promote the products will also helps the customer to know this product or service this business is providing. For example Sainsbury always use the words on their adverts “Try something new today”. This is to help customers know what Sainsbury’s is providing. Tescos choice of words will get the customers attention when they use the friendly vocabulary in the promotion. This is because they need to attract potential customers. The more people know about the vocabulary of the business, the better it is for the business.

Special Offers

599 items found in this category – choose from the selection below or narrow your search on the left (or use this menu)

* See full list

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Offer Ending on 25 June 2007

* 8.87

* RRP 17.99

* Save 9.12 (51%)

* Author: J.K. Rowling

* Format: Hardback

* ISBN: 9780747591061

* Published: 21 July 2007

* Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC


The above product is a promotional deal that Tesco is giving to the customers. The words which Tesco is using I think are very eye catching, specially the word “Special offers”. It will persuade the customer to buy that product before the 25 June, because buying before this date customer will get the discount off 11.

The word “special offer” gives the image that this is a promotional deal. For example if

they not use the words special offer, customer will think they are paying the full price, where as when they see the word special offer, automatically they will know that will get some at least when they buy the product. The reason Tesco has set the closing date for this offer is that because Tesco want customer to buy the product quickly, if there was a no closing date of the offer, customer will not make the effort to buy the product quickly.

Analyse a successful strategy of creative co-corporate communication

Target audience:

Every advert is created to target the particular audience. As we all know Tesco has many different stores to target different market. Examples of different Tesco stores are Tesco extra, express, and Metro. All of the Tesco stores target different audience; those who use Tesco express may be living very close to these Tesco stores. Tesco extra is a big market, which is providing non-food products such as electronic goods.

Multimedia associations:

This is one of the ways Tesco reach its potential customers through Multimedia combination of images, sounds. Tesco use certain images and colours red, blue and white, this is also Tesco livery. It is well known facts that Tesco products are recognised by all most all of us.

Channel choice:

The communication channels, which the brand is to be advertised, should well meet the aim, purpose of the promotion. Tesco is a well-known company, however if Tesco want to reach large audience, they can use BBC ONE, because this channels is watched by many of the people in the United Kingdom. Therefore it will be beneficial for the business to advertise their products, services on those channels, which are viewed by many people.

Distinctiveness from potential competitors

In business uniqueness is very important. For example if all the businesses are providing the same products then it will be very difficult for customer to differentiate the difference between the two business products.

This is the reason why Tesco put its log on all of its products; this is to ensure that customer will be able to tell the difference between Tesco, products and Tesco competitors’ products Sainsbury, Morrison. They have a strong strap line which is “Every little Helps” to differentiate their business from their competitors. Tesco products are unique and better then its competitors and this is the reason why Tesco is successful.

After doing this question, I came to know that how important creative corporate image is to the business and I know without corporate image business is not likely to succeed.

In my view big organisation like Tesco, must have a creative corporate image because with the corporate image business will not be recognised in the world.

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