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Supporting the Farmers’ Market

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It is necessary to support various farmers’ markets in general since they have many advantages for the various farmers in particular, for the buyers, and for the surroundings. As characterized, farmers’ markets are bazaars, typically maintained in open public places, where farmers can promote and retail their agricultural products to various people.

Since the farmers’ products are just produced in their farms, they claim that the products they are selling in their spaces are actually fresh which saves their nourishment substances, and always in season. Having their products farmed naturally and organically, their crops are free from toxic chemicals for humans such as weedicides and herbicides which mainly protects the health of their buyers. Consumers can even try a sample of the products that they are likely to purchase from these vendors. The farm animals of the owners which are producing meat products that they sell are also reared on natural grazing lands. Customers can absolutely have a guarantee that what they are procuring are a hundred percent safe from detrimental elements. Nonetheless, cultivating and raising their products naturally do not just benefit the buyers, but the physical environment as well. Directly-administered ranches preserve land and sanitary bodies of water in the concerned areas and make available a dwelling for flora and fauna.

In another aspect such as the prices or costs, wholesale values of their goods are very cheap, over and over again just as close as the price of production. In view of the fact that the particular growers and raisers are the ones who directly put up their products for sale, the final cost of the goods are less compared with the cost of the products going through a middle man (Moggach, 2006). And needless to say, buyers can even bargain with the somewhat flexible wholesaler’s prices. Moreover, people do not have to travel far since these markets are just near the people’s residences, saving the people their opportunity costs and transactional outlays.

These kinds of markets must indeed be sustained since they are not just of great benefit for the ordinary producers themselves, but for the rational consumers who definitely have to be considered and for the natural surrounding’s sake, as well.


Moggach, T. (2006). Farmers’ markets.   Retrieved May 30, 2007, from http://www.thelondonpaper.com/cs/Satellite/london/food/article/1157140114749?packedargs=suffix%3DSubSectionArticle.

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