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Support Individuals in Eating and Drinking

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Describe ways to resolve any difficulties or dilemmas about the choice of food and drink A resident at our care home is diabetic, so some foods are different to others as it has small sugar content. When bringing out puddings after dinner staff usually do diabetics first then everyone elses. However, the individual expressed her feelings and shared that she was fed up of having the diabetic pudding as she felt different to everyone else. Staff explained that she needed this pudding as she has diabetes but the resident didn’t care and wanted the same. So staff had a deep conversation with the resident trying to come up with an idea to make sure she was happy and suggested bringing her pudding out at the same time as everyone else so then she wouldn’t feel different. She was happy with this idea and had her pudding at the same time as others. Line manager was informed.

Describe how and when to seek additional guidance about an individual’s choice of food and drink When I need additional guidance on an indivudla’s choice of food and drink I speak to the other care staff, senior carers or if needs be the manager. For example, a resident has his family to bring in his favourite biscuits for mid-morning tea, however on one occasion he ran out and didn’t like any others that staff offered him. At the care home there is a large variety of biscuits but the individual only likes the ones his family bring. We did not want him missing out and being unhappy, so senior staff and manager was informed and had a meeting on how to stop this issue happening again. We suggested that we could keep emergency biscuits for him in the pantry so if he runs out again, we will have some and he won’t miss out. His family was informed and thought the idea was great.

Identify the level and type of support an individual requires when eating and drinking All service user’ need different support when eating and drinking depending on whether they are able to do it on their own or with assistance. Some residents are able to have an ordinary meal and eat well without any support. Others may need their food to be liquidised because they struggle chewing on solid foods however they are able to eat by themselves. Then other individual’s need full support when eating and drinking because they may not be able to move arms to eat and drink, or because they need encouragement in eating and drinking. When residents need full support it is important to have patience with them eating, and encourage them as much as possible to have as much as they can. If the individual refuses food then pushing fluids is extra important.

Describe factors that help promote an individual’s dignity, comfort and enjoyment while eating and drinking When residents are eating and drinking I make sure the individual is sat upright and in a comfortable position to avoid choking. To promote their dignity I place a napkin on their clothing so if food or drink is spilt it doesn’t go on their clothes and it can just be removed. I also have one spare on the table so I am able to assist them wiping their mouths and fingers when needs be. Promoting enjoyment whilst eating and drinking includes many factors to consider, like making sure they have been toileted before meal times so they feel comfortable when eating and drinking. Also giving the resident choice on where they have their dinner, trying to encourage sitting with others to socialise but giving the choice as they might have days they wish to be on their own. Also the way the meal is presented with bright colours (vegetables), for it to be hot and looks tasty to promote them enjoying the food.

Explain why it is important to be sure that an individual has chosen to finish eating and drinking before clearing away It is very important for individual’s to eat and drink as much as they are able to manage. When clearing away dishes, you cannot just take the plate away when there is food still left. You need to encourage the individual as much as you can for them to eat, however you cannot force them they have rights to not eat. But it is still important to encourage them as much as possible, and push fluids. Not only is it important for them to eat as much as possible but it shows them respect and that they do not have to rush their food, so they can feel relaxed and take their time.

Explain the importance of monitoring food and drink an individual consumes and any difficulties they encounter It is important to monitor the food and drink intake of an individual as it can show whether they are having enough or even too much food or drink, whether it can lead to dehydration or if they have lost or gained weight. It is also important that the individuals are receiving the correct nutrition in their care and they are getting the goodness they need. If due to health issues the individual is struggling to eat, this needs to be recorded and other suggestions need to be put in place to resolve this. For example, if a resident’s suffering tooth ache and they are unable to chew their food to eat. In this case we could liquidise their food whilst they have toothache to enable them on eating.

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