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Summary of Wind power puffery

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In the article Wind Energy puffery written by H. Sterling Burnett , one of the leaders of the National Center for Policy Analysis , Burnett discusses wind energy is not easy to exploit or benefit as environmentalists say . Build it expensive and do not provide a reason good enough to be used . Burnett believes that the benefits are often exaggerated , and its adverse effects are ignored .Burnett agreed with wind energy is not good. Burnett tells us that ” wind farms, wind generator when only a certain range of speed .” He also told us that when the wind blows too hard , the wind turbine is shut down ” in fear of being blown down .” Burnett gave reasons why he does not believe that the wind farm is good and why he said that they should not apply . Due to these weaknesses, many wind turbines were installed in foreign countries where the temperature is more stable and more wind.

The monitoring of offshore wind turbines difficult. However, offshore conditions are harsh, abrasive and corrosive, and it often is not easy to fix a broken turbine fell into the sea. Today, wind energy technology has gotten better, but still need to improve more. It has the potential to replace fossil fuels as energy sources leading. Wind power refers to the energy extracted from wind through the use of windmills and wind turbines. The cost of wind-generated electric power recently has dropped quite a bit. Since 2004, wind power has become the least expensive alternative energy source to fossil fuels. Wind power is also growing quickly and becoming a practical replacement for fossil fuels because it is unlimited, clean, efficient and does not produce any byproduct. The power in the wind is extracted by having it push moving wings which spin a rotor.

The amount of power transferred is a function of the wind speed cubed. Density is also an important factor. The denser the air is, the more energy can be produced. Because wind speed and air density changes to often, the power produced by windmills comes in short bursts. The result of this is that wind energy is not additional output of energy cannot be supplied in response to a larger demand. Wind generators are practical where the average wind speed is greater than 12.5 mph. An ideal location would have a near constant flow of wind throughout the year. Many locations do not have these conditions and therefore cannot use wind energy. Additionally, many wind turbine generators have low temperature operating limits which restrict the application in the northern areas. These are some drawbacks to wind energy.

Because of these drawbacks, many wind turbines have been installed offshore where temperatures are steadier and the wind is unrestricted. Offshore wind turbines are also considered to be less unsightly. However, offshore conditions are harsh, abrasive, and corrosive, and it is often not possible to repair a broken down turbine in open waters.

Wind energy technologies have gotten better, but still need improvement. However, they have the potential to replace fossil fuels as the leading energy source.

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