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Strategic Analysis of CW Williams Health

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CWWC Summary

CWWC or C.W. Williams Health Center is a ray of hope for the people of Mecklenburg country who are still deprived of basic health care and safety services. Since its inception, free of cost services and counseling for the betterment of the society has been the vision and mission of the Center.

In this spree, various strengths and resources of CWWC work in tandem to accomplish the task, while some weaknesses and market forces do obstruct the way of CWWC. However, the former has subsided the latter and CWWC is in an advantageous position with favoritism from its patients.

Historical Overview

The roots of CWWC are traced to 1982 when Dr. Charles Warren Wilson conceptualized the establishment of a center dedicated to the healthcare services offering to under-privileged and underserved population of Mecklenburg country, that often suffer from the disparities in receiving basic health amenities. From pharmacy to counseling and from diagnostics to immunization, CWWC has completed 15 years of its glorious and satisfactory journey.

Situational Summary

The present case is a religious attempt to delve deep into the strategic management of CWWC health center. With a mass appeal and federal backing, the internal and external analysis of the center has been taken up along with a discussion of the forces of competition to analyze the current situation of the center. Insights on marketing and other relevant issues have also been developed to provide a 360 degree overview to the reader.

Internal Analysis OF CWWC

Internal analysis is an estimation of strength of an organization in terms of its resources and capabilities that could enable it to confront the external forces of competition. In case of CWWC, it is substantially equipped with competencies and resources that have accounted for its phenomenal performance in the last few years and increasing satisfaction levels of patients.

Being a community health provider selected by medical department, the financial health of CWWC is already strong with almost negligible debt burden. Moreover, its services and products are priced reasonably that are within the reach of underserved- the prime purpose of CWWC (Stony Brook University Medical Center n.d).

Its tie-up with one of the major pharma giants- Pfizer, gives it that cutting edge required in terms of quality, reliability and responsiveness. High satisfaction rate narrates the success story of the organization.

In terms of a few shortcomings, CWWC might face hindrances from federal laws and grants related to managed care and decision making by the Management. The Board of Directors, being people from the community itself, are not much aware of business acumen and so do not embrace the plans and policies that often.

Service & Product Description of CWWC

CWWC offers a plethora of health care services to the community that is essential and much needed for healthy living and sustenance of people. Apart from services and products like drugs and pharmaceuticals, CWWC is also involved in imparting education to the local people which pertains to general health and safety standards.

Health education acts as a preventive measure for medical disparities arising out of negligence and ignorance. In terms of health services, it ranges from diagnostics to counseling and family planning. Gynecology and immunization also contribute to the lot of services offered. Subspecialty centers and transport services to provide primary care are also a part of the service scape of CWWC.


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