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Statment of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose
I am a law graduate from the faculty of Law & Sharia, Al-Azhar University at Cairo, Egypt. I am eager to participate in the UC Davis LL.M program for many reasons. First of all it’s a very precious opportunity for me to learn about international and comparative law with some of the best faculty in the world. And it is human nature that always seeks to learn and search for more for a better tomorrow for himself and those who live around him. That’s why I chose to study in one of the successful law schools- to develop my personal skills and my professional career, to help my people and to try to represent my country to recover its lost prestige on the international level. Secondly, after completion of higher studies (LL.M), I want to work either with my country’s legislation committees of parliament or as a professor at one of our universities. Working with legislation or the parliament will help me to participate directly in the improvement of our legal system which is in need of reform in all fields. However, if I have the opportunity to teach, my dream and preference, this will also be a useful way to help reform our legal system, by preparing new students. I can pass on to them my legal knowledge and impart my experiences.

I possess extensive knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence, which I believe can be effectively merged with secular principles. It is my goal to be a part of reconciling the two in a manner that can be presented to our nation, creating a new model of law with which they could be comfortable. In our region (the Middle East- South Asia), we have a lot of shortcomings in every field, most of which can be blamed on the poor legal system. Therefore, it is necessary for us to learn from other nations, how they improved their systems and overcame the flaws of their systems. Further, three decades of war have isolated Afghanistan from the international community and have harmed its long lasting relations with the world communities. To rebuild these relations and draw foreign policies with the international community, Afghanistan is in need of professional people in the field of international law, international relations and professionals in the legal field, and we need to make our laws in a way that can meet the social, political and environmental changes in the world. That would not be possible if I have no idea of the most advanced legal system that the USA has. It would not be only a degree that I will get at your university, but further, an exchange between eastern and western cultures.

I have spent 6 years of my academic life in Egypt, I was raised in Pakistan and I am familiar with South-Asian and Middle-Eastern culture, Islamic studies, the Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages, all of which would be an extra asset for me to get accepted to your university. I believe UC Davis would be an ideal place for me to achieve all of these goals because of the fine faculty and diverse body of students. I can share my knowledge with them and thus we can benefit mutually. This program will teach me about international and comparative law which will help me to achieve my future goals of development of my country and region. I have frequently participated in the Model United Nations and the Model Arab league at the American University at Cairo. These models have helped me to grow my personality and have taught me how to work with different kinds of people. Due to these experiences, I would be able to work with the reputable and knowledgeable faculty and students of UC Davis.

In my academic life, I have won many awards and have placed among the top students of my class. My teachers have always been impressed with my debate skills throughout my entire scholastic career. Currently I am working as a Media Public Outreach Manager with Counterpart International, in support to the electoral process in Afghanistan project. The purpose of this project is to improve the people’s understanding of their state, including its structure and composition (the three powers, their scope of authority, and the duties of each power); the rights and duties of citizens; the role citizens play and the responsibility they carry in advancing their country and enabling progress of the establishment of a democratic state, the recognition of human rights and widespread participation of people, women in particular, in all political process are key objectives. This adds more to my desire to learn about international law and different legal systems in depth. Advantages UC Davis University will get out of my stay at the University 1. Will get familiar with the stance of Islamic Sharia from most sensitive issues regarding Human rights and international relations.

2. Principles on which Islamic law stands dealing with any Human rights issue and dealings with non-Muslims.

3. Exchange for prisoners according to the criminal law and Islamic Sharia.

4. The position of Islam on Human rights and Democracy

5. Will get familiar with Afghan, south Asian, Middle Eastern cultures
Advantages that I will get from my stay at the UC Davis University

6. I will get my LLM degree in Law from a globally recognized university

7. I will get to know about the US legal system and the Bill of Rights

8. I will get to know about US culture

9. I would have the opportunity to do my research making comparison between Sharia law and secular law. Afghan government will benefit from my stay
1. I would be able to work with my country’s legislation committee of parliament

2. After my graduation I would be able to help my county in developing a professional legal system

3. I would perform as a teacher in one of the Afghan universities to impart my legal knowledge and experiences to them. Thank you for your consideration

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