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Son of Satan

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The titel is called ”Son of Satan” and is a comparison that the is used to describe the young boy in the story. His actions and behaver are brutale and that is because he comes from a violent home where he get’s beaten if he does things he’s not allowed to. Based on his age it is very abnormal for a eleven year old boy to act and speak like he does, he dosen’t want to come out as weak so he dosen’t show emotions and instead of that he smokes, swears and commit violence. He is pure evil and therefore a son of Satan which the title also is a symbolic of. Throughout the story we have a first person narrator and that is of course the maincharactor himself. He is a eleven year old gang leader and the gang consist of him and two twelwe year old boys named Hass and Morgan. Being the groups leader he can’t weakness and as he says it himself weakness is to shown emotions such as compassion to the victims they beat up.

Eventhough he comes out a strong and fearless he is unsecure and has low-selfesteem because he constantly feels in need of being in control and is willing to use violence to mark himself towards others. The text is a retelling which the narrator tells about the incident with Simpson and it all of it happens during a day. Simpson a nerdy ginger looking like boy is the victim to the boys bullying and is accused to having sex with a girl under one of the boyses homes,that is the reason the boys agree on but the real reason is because Simpson is different and one of a kind. He dosen’t talk or interact with the other boys and is a loner. In this stage of age being strange is difficuelt and in Simpsons case is it the real reason why he’s distiny turns out they way it did. The narrator admits that he thinks Simpson is his own person and that’s somethings nice about him. The narrator is placed in a family and friends zone where he seem not to fit it and be himself. He wears a facade when he is with his friends and is in most if the time a emotions rollacoaster where he can’t decide what to do or feel.

The relationship between father and son is not good and violence is everyday life for the narrator, he doesne’t like his father at all and finds him scary by nature. Because of that we can sense that their are not close. In the ouside world the narrator has a reputation and a tough guy image that he cherishes. In the last bit of the story there is a confrontation between the two of them and the narrator plays agressive and refuses to show weakness in front of his father. The father tries to tell his son the consequenzes of what he has done and how serious the situation is, but the son talks back and laughs at him only to provoke and which eventually give him a reason to fight him. The father deals with the issue by calling his own son the son of satan and that he isn’t his, and that shows the lack of responsivility as an adult and it all ends with physical violence again.

The son knows he did something bad and was affraid if Simpson had died but can’t admit that to the public because of his self made image. One of the reasons why the son act as he does is because of the social heritage, eventhough he dosen’t like it he has become like his dad, evil and brutal. The violent enviorment with the gang has also had it’s clear affect on him and it has become a part of his identity. One of the main themes in ”Son of Satan” are bullying, violence and abuse in-heritance. I choose these themes because they are the most obvious ones. These issues are still visibel in todays society and is somethings that hunders of familis are struggeling with. It may not be as dramatic as this case but there are many similarities. The worst part of parenting is when a parent becomes irresponsibel and even worse use violence to teach their children. It does not only ruined their childhood but it’s somethings that remains throughtout their lifes as adults and affects them and how they develop mentaly and emotionly.

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