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Sociology Reflection

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At first, I’m not that much interested on this subject, but I can’t help but listen because Its an honor to have the one of the most respected teachers in this university, she is Dr. Teresita Lupato, she has been my teacher in psychology when I was on my freshmen year and that learning I had with Dr. Lupato was indeed a great quest. So the excitement quite boosted my interest in learning what they so called “Sociology” These couple of things is what I realized while studying sociology “Sociology gives us an understanding of the world we live in”

By studying sociology, you will fully understand why things are happening. For example in our society, “Why there are rich? Why there are poor?” “Why there are racial discriminations?” by understanding the social patterns of our community you will come to realization why this events or phenomena are happening.

“I’ve learned where my ideas came from, why i react certain ways to situations,”
In theoretical way, I’ve learned the process why people do things they are doing or they have done. This also helped me realized what are the advantages and disadvantages in the context which I act in, and why I adapt some norms or why I reject some. I also learn not to take everything I see and hear for granted. You learn to face and interpret people not with my own emotional judgment, but with an objective, reasonable perspective.

“Studying Relationships”
When studying relationships I discovered how to resolve conflicts with a significant other by not using the “you” phrase because it feels like more of an attack than an explanation. Already I have used that in my life with all different types of conflicts that I have with any type of relationship. I know how to use the three stages that every long term relationship has to
go through in order to maintain a relationship in the future. “Sociology teaches you and challenges you to break myths people cling on to” I finally found some answers on what it seems to be a myth or a mystery. For example the deviances or on the topic on genders. That there are many factors that affects people on what they are today. Those questions I have before have finally been answered. “Culture”

Culture is what we identify ourselves by such as, by the way we act, dress, and what we believe in. Culture is defined as,” a complex collection of values, beliefs, behaviors, and material objects shared by a group passed on from one generation to the next”. Culture is inherited, we as humans adapt to our surroundings in which we are taught to reject anything that poses a threat by being “different” from one culture to the next. This is why there are many countercultures that have evolved and separated from the dominant culture in certain areas who’s cultures are not considered to be the ”norm”. “Nothing is as it seems”

A sociological concept that always requires you to see the bigger picture. This concept can always allow someone to re-evaluate themselves psychologically, emotionally, and socially. “Understanding Others”

By understanding others, you learn true things about yourself that you may have never been conscious of. You realize the magnitude and liberation in being honest with yourself about what you feel, like/dislike, and think.

“Understanding People”
In learning about why people do certain things or have that certain kind responses, you learn to forgive people and see them, not as good, evil, stupid, incompetent people, but human beings acting according to their own ideas and upbringing. Just like a gender confused person, or a emotionally disturbed person. In sociology I learned to understand them and not to judge them quickly. Because sometimes is not their fault.

And the last one that I want to point out on what I have learned in Sociology.. “What you learn in sociology gives you an opportunity to teach
to others so that they can understand and better their own lives. “

This is the most important thing I realized when I am studying sociology. Just what the sociologist have done, sharing their knowledge about our society and how we will become a better person, society wise, we must share our knowledge and apply things that we’ve learned in this subject in order to become a good example to people. In applying this theories and lessons it is enough to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. That is why I would like to thank the sociologist and teachers who have shared their knowledge in order to improve mankind. Especially to Dr. Teresita A. Lupato for taking the opportunity, for the patience, dedication and effort on teaching us to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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