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Social Responsibility of Organizations

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Social Responsibility is the continual commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. It is the economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary expectations that society has of organizations at a given point in time. As a marketing advisor, I would advise the company to consider some of the following issues: 1. The company to support its staff who is also its internal customers in fundraising for activities like further studies and so on. This would encourage the workers to be more committed in their area of wok as well as know that their employer is also concerned with the staff. 2. The organization to fight against HIV/AIDS which one of the Kenya’s nightmare. 3. Promote the other agencies that fighting corruption and terrorism. 4. Identify a rural area around their vicinity that don’t have access to clean water and sanitation and solve their problems by either digging up wells, or even erecting water catchment dams that can hold water after the rainy season is over. 5. Focus on eradication of poverty, hunger and the provision of humanitarian aid, education, gender equality and women empowerment.

6. Conduct sponsorship of sporting events; culture and arts; as well as religious organizations. 7. The company to maintain a high standard of behavior towards employees, consumers and our surrounding societies. This therefore forms the foundation and feeds the passion the firm has for social activities and initiatives that employees are able to give back to the community. 8. The organization to seize using terms of casual laborers and change to permanent or temporary engagement; awarding benefits to temporary workers; increasing attention to health and safety issues; reducing overtime hours; raising housing allowance; and providing workers with contracts. 9. The organization to embrace a policy that supports equal representation of men and women on worker’s committees. 10. Providing gender sensitive hygienic facilities at the company premises and housing, separate toilets and showers for men and women were provided. 11. Ensuring that expectant and nursing mothers perform light duties. Besides this the nursing mothers are allowed to take breast feeding breaks. 12. Companies to increase the duration to maternity leave.

13. Establish health facilities and donate health care supplies, equipment and medicine to public health facilities in poor urban and rural settings. For example, annually, the company to sponsor a medical camp to offer free treatment to prisoners in all government correctional facilities countrywide. 14. Set up billboards for HIV-AIDS awareness campaign and use their marketing specialists to develop and in addition to use the trucks to distribute condoms to community clinics and dispensaries. 15. To erect many streetlights along the major highways leading to Town. The project may be undertaken by inviting businesses to adopt and rehabilitate streetlights. 16. The organization to advocate for corporations to support education, training and capacity building of communities. 17. To support programs that integrates Information Technology (IT) skills with real-life job and business training. This will make people across the country to have a stake claim in their country’s economy. 18. Identify and investments on important component of corporate citizenship, which is viewed as core to business activity. The company to recognize that communities have a wide range of unsatisfied needs and although it cannot tackle all the problems that they face, wish to make its contribution to their efforts.

19. The organizations staff should be encouraged to consider and promote good environmental practices through the review of purchasing processes, reduction in the consumption of resources such as energy, water and the recycling or other waste management initiatives. 20. The organization to plan and plant trees to increase the number of indigenous trees, which would otherwise be dwindling in number, due to widespread deforestation. The aim of the project would be to plant a set number of indigenous trees every year. In order to achieve this goal, each of the employees should be given an objective of planting two trees, every year using company time. 21. The company to be involved in the promotion of sustainable agriculture. This can be achieved through sponsorship as well as technology transfer. 22. In this area, agribusiness firms have been active in establishing demonstration farms and helping farmers produce high quality products using efficient and effective methods. 23. Help build customer attraction, satisfaction and loyalty, at a time when customers are increasingly exercising their right to choose 24. Reduce risks of negative publicity, boycotts and tarnished public image 25. Improve product image, brand name and reputation

26. Increase morale, transparency and trust among company personnel 27. Reduce operating costs through systematic management of resources which may lead to low prices to the consumers. 28. The organization to encourage their suppliers to abide by and apply the same business principles that they themselves uphold, thereby promoting good practice throughout the supply chain which affects other members of the society. 29. Relations with suppliers. This can be done using several incentives, including information and training, as well as audits of the supplier’s practices. Corporate buyers are increasingly requesting that their suppliers provide comprehensive social and environmental information on the products and materials that they purchase. 30. The company to develop its own understanding of how its principles or behaviour relate to external expectations or to external codes or guidelines. The above activities would be of great benefit to the company in the following manner:

i. Build sales
ii. Develop the workforce
iii. Boost innovation and enthusiasm
iv. Enhance trust
v. Attract and retain staff
vi. Increase reputation

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