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Do you value your personal belongings more than yourself and your family? We, as human, recognize ourselves and others by what we have and what we wear. We buy everything just to fit in so that we wear and use certain brands of clothing, technology and more. People become too materialistic because of; people more relying on technology this day, materialism affects our society and it also affects our spiritual and moral belief. Firstly, people relying on their technology, most of us using technology 24/7 we don’t realize that we are all wasting our time using it.

We more rely on to our technology because one small device we can communicate and search everything but then because of technology people isolate by a lack of contact with other people. We also have lack of social skills because we lost our ability to read the body language and social cues in other people. Technology changes the way we live because social media is really on our way, what we see on the internet that is new or trend we always want to get it just to fit into everybody. One of the material things that people cannot live without is the cellphone.

Cell phones are the most important to people nowadays because this is how they communicate or connect with their loved ones. In my opinion, people become too materialistic because they become more dependent on the material things instead of what they need in their everyday life. Secondly, materialism affects our society, today’s society people been taught what you need will make you happy. Most of the teenagers affect the material thing because society tells them what they needed is a trendy material so that they can fit in.

Teenagers become attached to the materialistic thing because what really influencing them, for example, is social media. Social media is one of the big influence for teenagers because what they see on the internet, teens what to buy everything just to make them happy. Materialism in teens could lead into self-esteem issue, and any type of bullying because our society pressured teens to buy many things. The quote of Dalai Lama “ We have a largely materialistic lifestyle characterized by a materialist culture.

However, this only provides us with temporary, sensory satisfaction whereas long-term satisfaction is based not on scene, but on the mind. ” In my opinion, the quotes really said a lot because the happiness that we consume to material things is not temporary it’s all in our mind. Finally, materialism affects our spiritual and moral beliefs, people today forget to pray before meal time because instead of praying together, people take pictures of their food first, then post it on their social media so that other people can see it.

Having said that, we don’t respect our food because of the material things that we have. People more often choose to put attention with their stuff rather than to attend a one-hour mass. In this case, our faith in God is weakened. Materialism affects our moral beliefs because people get jealous of what other people have, jealousy can make people become violent to their action. People forget their moral values and often fail the difference between right choice and wrong.

In my opinion, this day people forget their responsibilities to God, we as son and daughter of God we should priorities him rather than to bribe ourselves into something that is not important. In short, people are attached to material things because they believe that it can give them happiness but really it’s not temporary happiness. Some people used material things just to get other people’s attention. They spend more time on their phone instead of going to church, and to socialize with others, also materialism eats us inside.

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