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Snow White and the Seven Bachelors

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Once upon a time, there was a King and Queen who lived far away in a castle. The happy couple was expecting a child, and soon the Queen gave birth to a wonderful little girl whom they named Snow White. Soon after the Queen died, the King married again, to a woman who was extremely beautiful, yet very vain. Every day, the Queen would look into her gold painted mirror and ask “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” The mirror would then swirl into a face and say “You are the fairest Queen of them all.” “Of course I am” Said the vain Queen.

Years passed and Snow White grew up and became very ugly. The Queen could not imagine having an ugly princess for a stepdaughter; she needed Snow White out the house immediately. One day the Queen spoke into the mirror and asked “Mirror, mirror on the wall, what do I do with Snow White she’s growing uglier by the day?” The mirror then quickly replied, “To make your stepdaughter beautiful, you must kill her and bring her back to life.” This made the Queen so angry, she quickly dropped the mirror, and stormed off to find the huntsman to have him take Snow White far into the woods, to kill her, and to bring her heart back. The Queen could not live with a stepdaughter like Snow White. The Queen was so powerful and beautiful; she became disgusted at the look of Snow White. She would do almost anything to get rid of her. The next day, the huntsman invited Snow White into the forest, where she eagerly accepted since she loved being in the woods with the animals. What she did not know was that the huntsman was going after her heart.

While following the huntsman deep into the woods, Snow White was becoming very exhausted and asked to rest for a while. The huntsman agreed and sat with her patiently waiting on the perfect time to kill the princess. He finally realized that he could not go through with it. The princess realized he was holding a dagger in his hand, and without asking the huntsman to explain, she ran off into the woods never looking back.

The huntsman scared for his own life for not killing the girl, found a deer in the woods killed it and took its heart returning it to the Queen where she happily rejoiced, now that Snow White was dead, the Queen changed her plans on resurrecting Snow White so that she would be beautiful. After all, the Queen wanted to keep that title. Meanwhile, in the woods Snow White was lost and it would be getting dark soon. She had no idea where she was, but with the help of her singing animal friends, they led her to a cottage where a prince and seven dwarfs awaited her.

When she arrived, it was a very small, woodsy cottage, covered in moss and flowers. The cottage was set far in the woods away from the city, and nearby you could hear the water rolling through the brooks. The cottage was very dark inside, as Snow White entered the cottage thinking no one was home, she discovered it was occupied with seven dwarfs and a tall handsome prince all sleeping soundly. Exhausted from the long walk, Snow White lay surrounded by the others sound asleep.

The next morning, the prince was the first to awaken, walking into the living room he was shocked to see the princess laying on the couch, unsure of what to do, the prince ran into the bedroom to wake up the dwarfs, the dwarfs quickly awoke to the prince’s voice. “There’s a girl in our cottage and she is sleeping on our couch!” All seven dwarfs quickly ran one behind the other to view the sleeping princess. “Where did she come from?” asked one of the dwarfs. “Why is she so ugly?” cried out another.

The princess opened her eyes to see eight people standing out in front of her, but frightened by all the commotion, the princess screamed and asked “Who are you people?” The prince introduced himself and the others. “I’m the prince; I live here with the dwarves. This is Sleepy, Grumpy, Bashful, Sneezy, Doc, Happy, and Dopey.” Snow White was so shocked at how tiny the dwarfs were. “It’s nice to meet you all, I’m so very sorry for just coming inside your lovely house.” The dwarves and prince all looked at the princess as if cupid had just struck them all in the heart. They were all falling in love with her, but as each person realized their intentions, a battle erupted.

Meanwhile back at the castle, the Queen was doing her usual routine of being vain, and talking to the mirror. Now that Snow White was dead, the Queen would once again be the beautiful. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” The mirror quickly appeared and said “My dear Queen that I adore, you look beautiful, but Snow White’s looks are greatly improving.” The Queen dropped the mirror and it broke into pieces. She was infuriated that the huntsman did not do his job. The Queen decided to let it go, knowing that Snow White would never come back to the castle, and would never measure up to her beauty. Back at the cottage, the prince and dwarves were talking to Snow White about how great of a person she was, but how ugly she appeared to be. Snow White had a big nose with a wart at the tip, and her eyelashes were so long she could kill a fly with them.

None of the men were really interested in her, but going back home for Snow White was impossible. She had to get married to anyone willing to accept her looks. She decided to put her name in a box, and have each dwarf including the prince extract a strip of the paper. Whoever had her name on the paper was to marry Snow White the next day. Next, she had each man line up one by one and put their hand into the box to pull a piece of paper. First it was Sleepy, who was halfway asleep.

He pulled out his piece of paper, but nothing was on the slip. Then it was Grumpy. Angrily, he stomped over to Snow White not very happy about pulling a piece of paper, or marrying anyone. He pulled out his slip of paper, and luckily nothing was on it either. Bashful pulled a slip a paper as well, nothing on the paper he sighed in relief. One after another, each dwarf pulled a piece of paper, no one knowing what each person got. The prince was the last man to take a piece of paper. “Are you sure about this?” he asked to Snow White. “Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” Unsure of her motives, the prince pulled out a piece of paper.

Finally all the pieces of paper were removed. Snow White then told them to open their pieces of paper and to reveal them to her. “Who has my name written on their paper?” No one said anything for a moment. Again, in a louder voice the princess repeated herself. Finally someone said something; it was Dopey who had Snow White’s name on the paper. “Dopey?” she said in a shocked, but uninterested voice. Snow White was not happy about the choice, but it was decided, Dopey would marry her tomorrow. That night the princess wrote a letter to the Queen and King, saying she was getting married to one of the dwarves. Surprised, the Queen held a big wedding for the princess, where everyone came to see the not so pretty Snow White get married.

The wedding was a glorious event, everyone was there dressed up. Flowers were everywhere and Snow White was dressed in a beautiful purple gown, her favorite color. Up at the altar, Dopey patiently waited to be married, but what he didn’t know was that once he married the horrendous Snow White, she would soon take over the kingdom and become Queen, giving her control over the city and the dwarves. Snow White was never ugly in the first place; she was under disguise to persuade the dwarfs and prince to come to the city with her. Snow White was actually an evil princess who would soon have an empire so big the dwarves will have no other choice but to become her servants. Something she and the Queen had planned all along.

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